Family Outing

Yesterday my dad brought my whole family for an outing. Firstly, he brought me and my mom to a malay stall downstairs for breakfast, as my sisters were in basketball training. Then when my sisters came home, we changed. I wore OP shirt and jeans as usual. We went to Ngee Ann City's Kinokuniya, while my mother shopped at other shops(probably shoes, bags and clothes). I browsed through computer books and a Javascript book atracted me. I sat down there and started reading it. I thought it was very useful, and it thought a lot on logical expresions that needs you to verify your user and pass:

Note I will not put < > in certain parts so as to disallow any errors in viewing

script language="Javascript" type="text/javascript"

var userID
var password
userID = prompt('Enter user ID'), ' ')
password = prompt('Enter password', ' ')
if (userID == 'ScubaBob' && password == 'diving')
alert ('Valid Login')
else if (userID == 'ScubaBob')
alert('Invalid password')
alert('Invalid User ID')

As you can see, this string of javascript will produce a pop-up asking you to type in your userId and password, in this case, Scubabob and diving. And you can see, the 'if...else...if..else' is used here. Statement in the first part compares if what you typed as password and userID matches Scubabob or diving. If the pass is wrong, Invalid password will be shown. Likewise, if the userID is wrong, Invalid User will be shown.

This is one of the basic scripts in the book. There are many more. But if using this method to block access from others to your web, I fear that people might just switch off Javascript and access your source code to find out the password and user. The only way to counter this is to make your source code locate another source code, which is the real one, and use it, so people would only see the link to the real source instead of the whole chunk of code. I read that it would need to be uploaded on your web server, which I do not have so I cannot do. And your real code must be saved in a .js file before uploading to be linked. So I think I can forget about doing it.

After this, we went to pay at the counter and my sister(Joy) bought 4 joke books and my dad bought a Coffee book. I bought the Javascript book(Javascript Demystified). Because Kinokuniya was having a sale: Located in newspapers are Kinokuniya coupons and each can allow 2 books to get a 20% discount. And we had 3 coupons so 6 books just right. Mine was 30 bucks at first but after discount it cost $24 only. Not bad. My mother came into Kinokuniya with a newly bought red leather handbag. She said it costed $180+. O-M-G. With $180 I can easily buy a top 2.1 speaker!! Sigh, women, never spend money wisely..

After Kinokuniya, we went to eat downstairs. My dad wanted to try a stall called Central Chinese restaurant. It is located beside a Ramen restaurant. I tell you, never ever go that restaurant! The food are damnit expensive. I bought a plate of fried rice(XO sauce seafood fried rice) and it costed $7.50. Worst still, the standard is the same as my house's hawker centre! My sisters ate fried spaghetti, mom ate noodles and my dad also ate fried rice. The receipt printed $39.15

At this time it is about 4+. We started arguing about which place to go next. My dad suggested East Coast park, but my mother wanted to shop around longer. In the end, we still went to East Coast Park lol, because my sisters and I did not want to shop.

Reaching East Coast Park, we went to the beach and walked around. My dad and mom sat down and chatted to each other while my sister(Joy) read her joke book and my the other sister(Joline) went to the beach and started writing her name with a stick. I got interested and joined her and wrote my name with a Copyright sign, followed by a SOS HELP sign. Soon we grew tired and started making footprints on the sand. There were also some chickens running around on grassy patches and I chased them here and there. I even wanted to cover them with a basin I found, but they would run away when I approached. Then my sisters began walking near the edge of the shore. You know, when the tide splashes out and back, they stood and walked on the wet spot. I went there and made a sort of shield of sand to protect my feet from getting wet. Initially it absorbed some waves, but suddenly, a extra large wave came and hit all of use near our ankles. my jeans were wet and my shoes were soaked. Damn! For dinner, we ate at Long beach seafood restarant, next to threee other seafood restaurants. One of them was called NO SIGNBOARD Restaurant. What kind of restaurant was called that. And the people inside were all wearing black. Maybe they thought it would attract younger crowds. But no, the old boards(lao zhao pai) which is Longbeach, had much better business. The NO Signboard practically was empty.

My mother ordered a 5-dish dinner, consisted of a fish, pot of vegetable, steamed prawns, fried tofu and fried squid. I ate 1 2/3 bowls of rice and drank 8 cups of tea plus a can of Scheweppes tonic water which contains Quinine, whatever that is.

After our delicious meal, we went home. My dad asked if we wanted to go anywhere else(8pm at that time), and my mother suggested Parkway, but my sister(Joy) refused, so we went home and watched Wu chu cai hong.

Didn't get to dismantle my Win98, so i am going to do it today.. Wahahaha.


I made a video today because I was too bored. Filmed myself mod-ing my lighter.



Okay! I am finally blogging. Sorry people again, I have been tied up. Joshua lent me his Need for Speed Most wanted CDs for me to burn. Because failing few times at the start, I spent quite a lot of time. Note of caution: For those who are IT-knowledge-challenged(like Yihua), I suggest that you skip the below two paragraphs as it might blow your neurons off.

Firstly, I am going to explain to you how the game works. there are a total of 4 CDs in the box. 1st CD, you insert and install. After that the installation will prompt you for 2nd, 3rd and so on. The installation will run till 100% and ask for CD 1 again. Then it would play the CD to run the game. Without this CD 1, the game would not play, showing you an alert: Please insert the correct CD-ROM, select OK and restart the application.

So I begun working on burning CD 1. At first, I dragged all the files from the CD to burn an ISO image of the CD, which I normally do for burning CDs. After copying and burning, I mounted the image onto a virtual drive and tried to play the game. It shocked me by showing the error message. EDIT: In the end I suceeded in burning. *I have deleted the part showing the burning process as Junneng kindly told me that it would equip people with knowledge of burning NFS MW. So if anyone wants to burn one, please go and search on the web. And if Junneng himself wants to refer to my page to burn NFS MW, well he can only blame his big mouth for telling me to delete. ha.

Then yesterday I was dragged to my mother friend's house. It was at Hougang! We(me and my sisters) took the MRT from Gombak to Hougang and it was like more han 1 hr. Siao. but I listened my iPod Nano the whole way, so it was at least tolerable. It was a condo, and she lived at the top storey(17) with a penthouse balcony(the house had two storeys). But the best thing is taht I was able to eat like siao there. She orderd 4 pizzas and cooked a dish called 'Baked Rice' I think. It was fried rice with crust ontop, similar to that of a lasagna's. And the fried rice even had mushrooms and a campbell Mushroom soup taste in it. It was so damn nice. And their house have a big plasma TV! I guessed it was 25 inch. Plus Starhub cable tv! Wah siao lo! But i pity their sound system. Two little Bose speakers accompanied by a DVD player. That is pathetic. But its not too bad. And their desktop is a HP Pavilion with 3.2 ghZ processor and 512mb RAM, 256mb VRAM video card!!!! Wargh, if I got that, I could play NFS MW at the highest graphics setting! My VRAM is a pathetic pathetic 64mb. Sigh. The view was nice, and we saw parachuters jumping off a plane and floating down to earth from there. I think they were in a training of some sort. The landscape was also not bad, many trees and all that. Much better than The Madeira's. We watched Cartoon Network for some time. Later on, we went down because some people wanted to swim(not only i came. My mom's other friend also came). The swimming pool was so much better than mine! Kids Pool was like so big already, with some things you can seat on and shoot people with water. The adult pool is olympic sized. Wow! The people(me and my sisters) who did not swim went and bought some snacks and drinks from a Minimart. So damn nice la! We went back up and watched Kungfu Soccer. Then we packed up and went home. My mom's friend gave us a lift to Bishan Junction 8. The car is a blue Picnic. Okay la. Even though not powerful, but useful for driving loads of passengers. The Bishan MRT sucks. It was underground and there isn't any aircon! So it was very stuffy. We took the train back to Gombak and my mom went off at Woodlands to go Causeway Point. It was about 8.30 at that time. We reached home at 8.50. We watched Wu Chu Cai Hong while eating dinner. My mom came home at about 10.30. I chatted with my ex-classmates(Trina and Huijun) to about 11.45 and I slept at 12 after reading a chapter of Protecting your Digital Privacy(10. The Least You Should Do to Guard your Privacy when Online). I find that 650 paged book wasted too much paper. I flipped through most of the stuff without reading because eitehr I already knew that, or it was about law. And what is the use of reading about Law of Privacy when you want to find out how to protect it. That is so damn stupid. Only chapter 10 and 18(Can you really be Anonymous?) are interesting. And that is like about 50 pages out of the whole book. After mulling over its message, I still did not know how to encrypt my disc to prevent hackers from ruining my privacy as the book did not state how. Wow very informative.

Anyway, that is about all my life on Wednesday and Friday. Not bad for morning's work.