Im racing against time.

And losing.

Sports Day Finals

410 absolutely owned in Sports Day! The girls and guys clinched many medals, and Kenny got the individual champ. I suppose if there was a champion class trophy, it would have been ours! I finally got the medal I have been training like hell for. Even though it was a bronze, it still represented the hard work all of us have put in. It was sad that Sheryl's dad didnt get to be in our Runner's photo, since he was the guy who gave so much to us.

And the 410 412 girls conspired against me to give a flying kiss to my sister! -.-

My parents were very glad when my sister and I showed them our fruits of labour :)

The competition is over, so now its time for us all to sit down and turn into muggers! All the best for mid years and o levels! Haha yes indeed 410 is pretty damn awesome, and may that awesomeness likewise shine through in our academic results !