so if u had read yesterday's post, you would have known today some of us had to sit outside the class room. i think we do not deserve this punishment, even though we did not do duty. she said that she punished us because we did not do. but they are so many girls who had not done their duty for the past weeks, and even months! and she just had to pop in yesterday and punish those who did not do on that day. dang her. and anyway, she does not even contribute to the class cleaniness or decoration whatsoever. she jus comes into class, boss here and there, fuss here and there, not happy then punish. we get D grade get punished. we get A grade no reward. so what gives her the right to leave us back after school for cleaning the class and punishing those who did not do duty?

so why and who are we working for? if she says for ourselves and the class, then i would say that we are perfectly happy with a dirty class.

but it is she who is grading us and punishing us. that means we are only working for her. we do all the work and get nothing. we do not work we get punishment. and i do not want that.

She also says that those classes who play Tablet pcs during school are none of her business. but it is a school rule, and if the classes play TPC, so shall we. i think it is very unfair as they can play, while we could not, and they still would not get punished. i would only be satisfied if the TPC gaming is banned during school curriculum FOR ALL TPC CLASSES.
so if she claims to be impartial and fair, she has to fulfil all these.

after so much talk do u agree with my statements? well you should.

The Tyrant

miss wong is so idiotic. she is unfair and also biased against boys. firstly, yesterday. lunch lin lao shi let us off late for lunch. then she gave some of us spelling retest. aft the retest, it is already 12.20pm. some boys ran down to play soccer, while i did my corrections. aft i did the corrections, it is already 12.30pm. i handed in to lin lao shi and then she marked and gave me back to file in the CHI folder.

it is my turn to do duty that day. but i had no time to do, as lunch was already over. my duty was to arrange the tables and chairs. then Miss wong came into class and told those who did not do duty to stand up. i had no choice but to do so. she said all the responsibilites of us cos it is our class then told us to move our tables and chairs outside classroom tomorrow, and sit there. it is completely not my fault! so i went outside and told her everything. not only she did not listen, she jus said " you could have done your duty before i came into class" how could i? almost everyone was already sitting down at their seats! idiotic.

then today, after flag-raising ceremony, she walked and checked our queue. we were supposed to sit in index number order. all the boys did, but the girls did not. and she did not even care or scold them. when the boys did not, she would scold them and told them to move to their places. what kind of treatment is this? and this is not the first time. it had happened several times. miss wong is totally biased against boys.

based on theses evidences, i have concluded that miss wong is biased and unfair, as you can see. so no one could ever accuse me of slandering miss wong with groundless accusations.

The World is Unfair

dang it. today was a bad day(again). i seem to have more than my fair share of bad days.

i started the day by revising chemistry test. i forgot to bring home the file and had to study then. so unlucky. then i revised chinese spelling during geography lesson. i forgot to study at home. talk about bad memory. then eng lesson we had spelling. it was very easy. i expected to get 10/10 again. lin lao shi was supposed to come at recess to test us. but she did not. that shortie, cannot be trusted. so in the end, recess is dedicated to revising chinese spelling. li min and i tested each other. i turned out to rememeber lots of words. very good.

then chemistry test was quite hard. then literature i did not do finish the worksheet! i did not know that there were two sides! dang. ms wong asked does who copied; did not do; did not finish; lost; did not bring the worksheet to meet her aft sch. aft assembly.

assembly: yue li and some girls did not want to go to the front of the queue. the girls are supposed to. but they jus dun want to. then yue li dun listen argue with junneng. then yang yi come and side yue li. then other councillors come and ask them to move then they move. talk about stubborn. last week also like tt, yue li should be sitting in fron while jie min behind, but yue li decided not to. idiotic.

aft sch: miss wong told us to copy" i will not forget to bring and do my work at all times." on all the lines on a piece of foolscap. wang jun and chiho both very pissed off at xiaotian, cos he copied but did not get caught. then jia xin also. i was not angry with xiaotian, cos if i were in his shoes, i would not have owned up too :P. aft i copied finish, i handed it in to miss wong and went back to class to play some songs. then xiaotian and i went back home.

i think yue li should set a good example for the class to follow. she should do what she is supposed to. and if this is considered a negative comment, nobody should say" If you so smart, you be chairman la" to me. anyone who says this is very irresponsible. imagine this scenario: a pissed of customer is unhappy with a product as it was defective. she called the producer, but the producer said" If you are not happy, you so smart come and make product la!"

given the above scenario, do u think what i have typed is true? and do not come asking me to be chairman. i am a lazy person.


todays topic is a pupil in Nanhua sec, 110. He is short and wear specs, and likes soccer. i guess most of u all out there noe who he is. he is zhen yu.

he is a noob in GB. sort of. i am a noob too. but i win and lose fairly. well, every morning, we sit down and play GB. he always run to the stronger team (team with wang jun) and refuses to 1v1 anyone pro-er than him. that is unlike me. i have lost to wang jun 10-3 before. he trashed me. but zhen yu does not even dare to play, unless he has a backer.

i am often irritated by his behavior. he also lets wangjun take over his com to play his acc too. that means virtually my team is fighting wangjun who gets two turns everytime. naturally we lose. i cannot stand zhen yu's behavior. he is severly cheapskate. a guy who earns easy money.

ok enough talk about him.

we had PE today. we did shuttle runs. when the whistle went, i ran to the other end and when i turned, junneng's body was infront of me. i and chiho beside me crashed into him and then ran another lap.
then when i turned, i and chi ho crashed into juneng again. seriously, how could this guy have such a fat body. he must be running in a curve. after i completed, i had a bleeding finger. some flesh was cut right off. i duno how it happened.

then 2nd time i ran, it was quite good. i threw my weight to the front, so i was almost falling over. this gave me moe momentum. then i reached the line, turned back and ran, i lost my balance as i had too much weight in the front, and fell foward in the end. so idiotic. i even lost to junneng because of tt. i had a graze on the knee and elbow then, plus my bleeding finger.

3rd time. i ran like crazy and followed all the PE teacher's advice. i clocked 15 secs. not bad for a guy like me.

aft recess, we had physics and eng. we learnt clauses in eng. i got the hang of it at the end of the lesson. sianz ah.

aft sch, xiaotian and i boarded MRT together. i went home and ate lunch then went to west mall to return my library books, and borrowed 2 books about crytography and malicious virus codes. i secretely bought a new set of ear phones. it is a philips $11.90 earphone, complete with a wind-up case. its sensitivity is 106 decibels. not bad. by the way, for brainless people, the lower the decibals, the more sensitive it is. there is a cool looking sony for $21. sensitivity is 100 dec. so i thought the philips one was more worth it and bought it. i fiddled with the wind-up case fro 10min in the library. i have nvr used those kind of wind-up cases.

so this is my day today. seeya



im so sad. my piano skill detiorated. my sightreading sux. and i got 2 F9s. but i got 2 A1s too. two extremes. sigh. duno whether to be happy or not. but i guess im sad already. im such a bad student. im a disppointment to my parents. sighhhh..........

feel like quitting piano. too depressing. i am feeling so blue. this is the scenario which best suits Welcome to my life.

at least, miss wong did not come to class today. tts very good. then relief teacher came and let us go online. i did not and played need for speed 3 hot pursuit. i won 7 class A cars, including lamborghini diablo SV and ferarri(ferarri sux man) i used el nino, a concept car, top speed 200 MPH. very good. and i normally drive the rotor to 7 rounds per sec. very cool. xiaotian dun dare to play with me. he scared that the teacher will scold him. ha. so cowardly.

xiaotian played with girls. keno, chi ho and kian ann played too. i jus watched. they sat in a circle and dared each othe to do dumb things. xiaotian ended up hugging cheryl and hann qian kissed him on his hand. then xiaotian knelt down, holding a bunch of flowers and said "I love you" to cheryl. lol.

ah still has its good points when it looks the worst....

Sufferings was a bad day. yue li was very idiotic at recess today. i was scanning my comp for spywares and she said it was not constuctive work, and I must close my PC. i did not. if i made it standby mode immediately, it would damage the PC's software. yue li obviously did not noe tt and jus kept telling me to shut down my PC. so i asked for 1 min to close all programs and to switch to standby mode safely. but she would not listen, and kept forcing the lid of my PC down. so i resisted and pushed up. in the end she gave up and burst into tears. typical.

aft all tt, i thought she would complain to ms wong, but she did not. i was actually prepared to argue with miss wong if she brings me out to scold me, as i was scanning my comp, which was not playing, and was trying to shut down the comp safely.

got lots of homework. dont noe how to finish all of them with art. i hate art. i wana drop it. i would like art more if mr rambutan switched with mr chng.

BB parade. so sianz. we practiced the commands and learnt how to march here and there. i stamped till my left foot became sore. and after BB drill we did not even get to play a match in soccer. all we did was do soccer drills. then we sang the vesper, falled out and went home. worse still, it began to rain when i was walking to clementi MRT station. idiotic. and i did not have an umbrella. so i had no choice and walked to the station, ignoring the rain. i hoped my PC won't get short-circuited. when i reached home, i ached from head to toe. i had to carry the PC bag, plus the plastic bag which contains all my BB things and my school bag.

showered in cold water. and now im typing out this post. gota go eat my dinner. and support me by tagging my board. Simple plan rox.


hey ppl. im finally tagging agian, aft sorting out some template stuff. now my simple plan template is finally working perfectly. i might make other templates, like FIR or Sly or wadeva. When i am in a good mood. The perfection of my template is thnx to wang wang. he helped my imput the body background . i tried once but the whole thing corrupt. duno how he do one. probably the positioning. o sht. now the music got prob see ya.


YESS!!!!! IM so happy!!! i have ceated a simple plan template!!! not too bad for me. either than me, nobody in the class except keno can do this. i have been dreaming of this day since i first started to make my own blog. kk i go eat dinner. later will write more

Cold and the Damp

The day's saturday. so sianz. today is the deadline for finishing my mother's chinese assesment. damn. played GB. im improving on nak. drawed with xiaotian 4-4. trashed a stranger battle axe using nak. then went to hawker centre eat chicken rice, drank milk tea. came up then rained. washed school shoes, and made my clothes all wet. now duno wat to write......

my blog template very dull right? can give some ideas? like wat BG colour and such.

Sports Day

Its another normal day. Well, not quite. today is Sports Day, the day which competitive ppl like yanling sweat it out with others on the track. And also which ppl like me jus sit there and watch. Or play. Which type of ppl are better off? i think my type. we sit in the shade, chatting, drinking, eating, playing simple games. Some even go to the extent of listening to Mp3s. We get entertainment from watching the competetion, and maybe cheer a little.

Ok, maybe i sound mean, but this is my view. Im a lazy person. Now, lets go back a few hours before the Sports Day begun.

Went to sch. home econs. recess. came back. end of recess. this is the interesting part. miss wong popped a head into the classroom and asked xiaotian, junneng, jason, chi ho and me to go out with her. we shuffled out of the classroom and sat down on some benches outside. i wondered what was going to happen. she came straight to the point. " why do you all call weiche names?"

then she interrogated us one by one. by the way, if u didnt noe, weiche is a student who had unpleasant looks whom junneng called Saibu. she was not pleased on how we tease her. ( we used to shout SAIBU ALERT! when she was nearby) We argued that we treated her like that because of her attitude. she would be very arrogant. she would only listen to girls, but nvr boys. she would be very rude. she would jump to conclusions without finding out the truth. So we argues until Miss wong was very exasperated. heh could not outfight us. so we came to an agreement that we should call her by her proper name and treat her as an equal for 1 month. if she dosnt, we will revert back and she would be allocated to sit in a corner of the class.

so we went back to the class very satisfied, or at least me. we also wasted 45 mins of Project Work period! yeah. shiok. this is called killing two birds with one stone.

okok back to the Sports day.

aft sch. xiaotian agreed to treat five ppl to lunch at KFC. he is a generous guy, unlike me. we agreed on treating xiaotian, junneng, jason and cherxu. then in the end junneng went to mdm katijah tay's to do duno wat crap. probably about chemistry file. so we waited for half an hour. i sian liao so we started off without junneng and kiann an came instead. then i called him on mobile. he said he will reach us in 15 mins time. 3 bus 96 came and gone. aft 6 mins i cant tahan any longer at the bus stop, so i called him tell him we are going. aft we reach KFC for about 3 mins, junneng, joshua and chiho came. he scolded me for not waiting. aiya is he so slow wad. he told me he waited for taxi instead of taking 96. OMG! three 96 passed and he waited for taxi. lamer? so we ate a meal of chicken. nice. family meal. 10pc chicken i think. then we walked to clementi stadium.
wa races begin! nice. our class girls pro. at first yihua 3rd last, then got overtook and became 2nd last in the first 400m. then nxt round jeraldine is like an update of system. she is about 40% faster than yihua. aft 400m again, the baton is passed to yanling. WOW! the super scorching broadband internet gateway. she chiong like crazy and became 2nd or 1st. pro. she was running like hell. and she got a medal. nice. made of pewter.
then the teachers also run in another race. wa our com lab techer pro man. he was the fastest among the teachers. he sprinted the whole relay without stopping at full speed. got one teacher ran halfway and fell down. so sad. lin lao shi was a sorry sight. she ran but i think got too much air resistance (lol) Mr Tan the rambutan came last. he said he went last because he didnt want to give his class pressure, later they upset. yea right. he also say when he was last he used his internal power (nei gong) and hit the teacher, so the teacher fell down. lame? but then joke la. quite funny then anyway. boys arm wrestled the whole time. think some girls cried cos we nvr cheer. but our class won anyway.
sky became overcast. we had CIP to do. damn. 30 mins. we were supposed to walk around to pick litter. but xiaotian and i jus walked 1 round around the track talking. lol. aft that we went home. kaiwei and I took 188. saw jieying, weiche and jeraldine on the bus. it was very crowded. when i alighted, i saw the idiotic sec 2 councellor alight with me. was my eyes playing tricks? im not sure.. but whoever she was, she did glare at me though.

this is the end of the summay of this day. thank you for your kind attention. have a nice day.