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Cut my hair today. My head has lost weight.

The EOY Holidays

Sorry that I have not been posting again. Once again, the "holidays" have arrived. The teachers (a certain one whom I do not care to mention his/her name)took advantage of the fact that they will be teaching us again in the coming year, by giving us loads of homework. I accept the fact that we are already in secondary school, and we are suposed to have more homework. Okay, so holidays got homework. But December holidays? Supposedly, we are to enjoy the end of the year, the celebration of Christmas and the coming of the new year. And they spoil everything by giving us this kind of ****. It is like, Oh Yeah, EOY hols! Christmas! Presents! Then suddenly the whole load of work pile up. We are NOT even supposed to get homework for this holiday. If it is June or whatever, it is understandable. Wang Jun has kindly defined the term Holiday in his (very) previous posts.

And to top is all off, today I wasted the WHOLE beautiful Saturday by going to school for open house today. And word is that we are to stay there from 8am to 5pm. What kind of crap is this. And what do we do? Appointed to stand in the sun and wave to cars coming in to Nanhua, driving P Sixes in. Wa lao! In full Boys brigade uniform, under the ten o clock sun, go stand at the slope of the driveway. See how you feel like for 10 mins. Chiho, Joshua, Keith, others and iIhad to stand for 1 plus hour. Cool huh. Meaningful activity? And then I really did not want to stand anymore, so we(Chiho and I were standing together) went to the table where Daniel was on ''duty". he was sitting there and chatting with other Boys Brigade boys while we were dying. We went and sat next to him. Soon, we were trying to recite out advertisements(eg: Jessica Alba! Isn't she your favourite star? or Put the lime in the coke you nut. or Wang wang pao pao guo dong zhen de hui shen qi!) Well, you get the idea. Then we began slacking around. Some sec 2s tell us to go back on duty, but we also did not care much. They were also slacking around. At around 12.30 we ate lunch(provided by the Japanese Stall, free, for everyone hosting Open house). I also got all my badges except Community and Drill badge. These two things are the only memorable events today.

After lunch, further slacking. Joshua and I started walking around and around the school. At 3.45, we falled in and were given instructions to clear the hall and bring the tables and chairs back to canteen. Wa lao! Not even we use, we need to go clear up. No CIP too. Sigh. I really regretted coming. Wei Jie talked a lot of crap as usual and kana pump by Mr Edmund Ng. Then he stayed in pumping position and he was instructed to tell us a story. He told us about 3 little Pigs.(Forgot the names the pigs were given. but it was very funny) The first pig got some cash, so bought a straw HDB to live in. The second pig got credit card, so went and bought a stick condo to live in. The third one got a cheque, so he went and bought a brick bungalow to live in. Then there came a wolf called Sasha(I have no idea why a wolf was given a puppy's name). He wanted the straw HDB, so the first pig was very scared and ran to the second pigs stick condo. Sasha then thought the straw HDB was too weak, so he wanted the stick condo for himself. So the first and second pig ran to the third pig's brick bungalow. The wolf later wanted the brick bungalow because the stick house got termites. But the brick bungalow was too strong, so he climbed up the roof and went down the chimney. Just right, the third pig put a toilet bowl under the chimney and just did his business. So he flushed and just then, Sasha fell into the toilet bowl and got flushed away and drowned.

We kept laughing uncontrollably. Mr Ng then wanted him to add some romance into the story, so Weijie said the wolf's daughter went to the brick bungalow and begged the third pig to give him a proper burial. If he did so, she would marry him. And they married and lived happily ever after. Then some guy asked how they made love. Mr Ng told him to come out and down 20. he did 20 in a very short time. I guess he normally also crapped alot so got used to punishment.

Anyway, we went home at 4.30. I and a guy(forgot name)walked together to MRT. We had nothing much to say to each other. I liked comp, he like soccer. But we still discussed about holiday, results, likes, dislikes whatever.

Altogether, it was a lousy day. I think spending the whole day playing computer would be even better. And I have not said my reason for not posting for so long. I had been editing the Windows theme. Now my desktop looks like a Mac OS X. I even downloaded a Mac Dock. But I am done with it now. And my speaker plug spoiled. It became bent. I think I pulled too forcefully last time. Now I sometimes hear static at songs more to the rock side. Especially the cymbals. So my combo is broken. I used one Harmon Kardon speaker and combined it with a sub from ''e'' speaker and the bass woofer. Sian. Really bad holiday. Xiaotian is now at China. Also cannot contact him. Oh and he want the beach photo from whoever have it, pls send to him.

Photoshop CS2

I have been messing around with Photoshop for 2 days, and this is my progress so far. I just got the font site from Jemimah, and just imputed the .ttr font files into the Windows Fonts folder, so I have not used them in my designs yet. These are my 7 designs, from the latest created to the earliest. Click on the images to enlarge. Give comments and tag. Cheers.

7th, the last but not least. Something pink is obviously for girls, and it is also one of my best three designs. Posted by Picasa

Not so bad. 6th Piece, Ancient. Posted by Picasa

This is my Fifth Design. Also another one of my best. Graffiti.  Posted by Picasa

Fourth Design, one of my best. Machine. Posted by Picasa

Third Piece, PinkBlue Crap. This is my worst design among all.  Posted by Picasa

Second Piece

This is my second piece, Girlish. In an attempt to create girl graphics. Posted by Picasa

This is my First Piece Posted by Picasa

Outing here and there

Hey sorry for not posting for so long. I was busy installing Internet Explorer 7 Beta 1 on my HP Pavilion and going class outing, so I was too preoccupied. Yesterday, I went to East Coast Park for the class outing. Majority of the people going agreed to meet at Jurong East at 8.10, so I do not need to get up too early. I went off at 7.55 and reached there just on time. Kenny, Kaiwei, Wang jun and Xiaotian were waiting for me. Jie min and some people were late, so the girls wanted to wait an extra train for them. Since we have a schedule, the boys, except Kaiwei and Kenny, did not wait and immediately boarded the train.

When we all reached Bedok, we found out that Xiaotian actually did not know how ot go to East Coast Park, and he caused us to take taxis. But luckily he helped me pay. We all agreed to meet at Mcdonalds. After waiting for some to finish their breakfast, we all went and did whatever we want there. I argued with Xiaotian about roller-blading and cycling. I wanted him to cycle with me because rollerblading cannot keep up with bikes and I wanted to chat with him during cycling, so it would be better. But he did not listen and wanted to rollerblade. He said that cycling on flat ground is not challenging at all, and thought that he could blade as fast as me cycling. In the end I cycled while he bladed. So stupid. I rented a silver 16-gear $5 bike for 1 hour, and as they were having a promotion, I got one hour free, so in total, I had two hours of owning the bike.What I said came true: He did not blade as fast as me. To make cycling more interesting, I rode around freehand(did not keep any hands on the handlebars), but in the end my butt damn pain because the seat was very hard. The bike was extremely lousy and there were many problems. The gears were very rough and would 'jerk' whenever I shifted gear of stepped too hard for acceleration. The hind brakes were not working, but that is okay. The front gear is much more important than the backgear. If the front gear was not working, then by braking with the backgear, the bike would skid 180 degrees. Although it would look cool, but it would be less efficient at stopping.

We rode around the Park, stopping freqently as Xiaotian could not catch up with me and would get tired very easily. He is quite good at roller-blading. I did not know how to stop. And that stupid Limin extra la, don't even know how to roller-blade still purposely want to blade. In the end, she had to hold onto other girls to blade. So sickening, depriving others of having fun there.

Another issue I want to bring up is the usage of the Class-fund. By right, we are supposed to use the class fund to pay for this outing. It turned out that Mr Chow forbidded it because not the WHOLE class went, so our rental fees could not be subsidised, forget about covering them using the class fund. It is quite unfair. We paid 9 months of class fund for what? Doing class activites. If some people could not be present, well, that is just too bad for them. Whereas we, the majority of the class, is present, so at least somethings should be subsidised. Absent people cannot come it is their problem. If I were to be absent, it would be my problem too. Anyway, it is just thanks to that stupid Limin that we cannot go class chalet. SO extra. We did not even discuss the idea with her, or agree and she went to book a chalet by herself. Wth. Just because her birthday and she wanted to celebrate in the chalet? I mean, how selfish can she get? It is like the chalet is the class' and we all tried hard to pay for it and she just went on without anyone's knowing and booked a chalet at her preferred date. Wa lao. Then now we all cannot go and she happy lah. Crap. Now I come back to the outing. Mr Chow said that only if everyone in the class is present, then we can use class fund.The fund is reserved for future activities. Oh so since it is that way, we already have a fund reserved, then next year's class fund we do not need to pay right? Until the RESERVED fund is used up on FUTURE activites, only then we start paying right? So now do anyone think it is fair? I propose that eveyone do not contribute class fund, since it cannot be used and makes everyone unhappy. There is no need to celebrate birthdays. ANyway, until now the care rep have not celebrated Kaiwei and my birthdays, both which falls on 9 August. They only remember 3 girls'birthdays in August, but ours are forgotten. That means the class fund which I contributed to the whole year has not benifitted me at all. Then I should not pay class fund. At least there should be a choice of giving.

Then is started raining so we stayed under a shelter. Few minutes later the rained stopped(weird). Xiaotian and I went to the shelter that Junneng, Kaiwei, Kenny were. They were playing soccer earlier. We sat down beside Junneng. The others were playing soccer(I think). I then spotted two girls on the beach stripping off their clothes and into their bikinis, so I shouted to Xiaotian, "Hey look your favourites". Xiaotian was very attracted to them and we all began teasing him. Junneng even took some photos. Soon, I do not know who, suggested to play beach soccer to look at the two girls. I declined and offered to look after their belongings, lest get stolen. See I so well-behaved. Kaiwei and Wang jun stayed with me but went off later to buy drinks. Later on the girls came and we explained to them all about those girls and Xiaotian liking them, so they went down to the beach and asked them to take photos with them for a class photo. Amazingly, one of them agreed. I was laughing like hell, teasing Xiaotian. He really looked damn shy about them.

Then after East Coast the boys damn sian so we all went to West Mall. Joshua, Xiaotian and I went to arcade and played Sega Rally. My skills have improved, beating Xiaotian in two maps and losing to him in two maps. We utterly trashed Joshua. Haha. We then went to Koufu and ate lunch. Junneng and I ate XiaoWanMian while Kaiwei horfun, Wangjun wanton mee, Kenny forgot, Joshua chicken rice and Xiaotian deer meat rice. Soon after, we parted, and Xiaotian and I went to Jurong Point to window shop(again).

We looked around and compared some 2.1 and 5.1 speakers. When we were in Courts, Xiaotian said that he have a dream of puting a big plasma screen in his room that can serve as his computer screen. This guy is crazy. The cheapest brand(Aiko, never heard of) of good resolution costs around 2k plus. In the end we went home after browsing through other shops.

There is a new Need for Speed in town. Most Wanted.

To the Movies

My father came back for dinner and presented me three movie tickets his company gave to me! But these are not just any other ordinary movie tickets. They are tickets which allow access for you at anytime, any Eng Wah Cinema, any movie, so long as it is within tomorrow, when the ticket expires. I am planning to watch Legend of Zorro 2005, but quite a little dissatisfied with the Board Of Censors.

You must admit that clasifying Doom and Tom Yum Goong under NC16 is a tad too unreasonable, no? They are barring people below the age of 16 from these two movies! What the #$%@?! Okay, I agree Doom is a little too frightening, but not violent(shooting big bad monsters, with big bad machine guns. The Marines vs evil aliens?)? And especially Tom Yum Goong. It is obviously like the previously screened Kungfu Hustle. The plot is just about this guy and some bad guys stole his two elephants, so it ended up for him hunting them down. What is so violent about that? And after watching the trailer, it is in my opinion, cool(his kung fu), instead of violent. That means Shanghai Knights is violent, Jackie Chan is violent omigosh-im-so-scared! I-will-be-influenced-by-these-violent-scenes! Ahh! They really should make something like NB13 or something(not-below 13). Seriously. By the way Tom yum Goong is in Thai, so much of a pity.

So unfair lah, can't get to watch all the nice movies. Since Tom Yum Goong and Doom is unviewable, then Zorro is the next best candidate. And 3rd is not good enough for me. Now I am to watch with my sisters together, while (my parents) go shopping. Sigh, and my sisters want to watch Just Like Heaven. Hmm advertisement is not bad, but I would think of it as a better choice if I watch the DVD than go to a cinema. Movies like Harry Potter, Flightplan, Transporter 2, Armageddon, The Day After Tomorrow, those are the real stuff, not for mushy love stories. Better to be on disc to watch in your free time. And don't you talk to me about Sky high okay. It is stupid. PG, would you believe it? A kids show? Talk about sensitivity. Sheesh.

But the good news is that Xiaotian might be coming with me to watch Tom Yum Goong, ditching my sisters to themselves. Hope my parents agree.

Internet Connection Status:

I am now placing my wireless receiver on my outer window ledge. This is to steal my "neighbours"wireless connections and bandwidth, since many failed attempts at connecting with my father's Linksys wireless. SO I can receive other neighbours tens of metres away, while my dad's only 5 metres away. What shit is linksys doing man. The SSID of the connection Im using now is called Belkin. I suppose it is a good brand. And before you say it, what im doing is NOT immoral! I am just helping my neighbours to use up their unlimited bandwidth and connection. Haha. Anyway blame them for not encrypting their WEP connections. Ok bye it is quite late liao. I will call my parents to ask about the Xiaotian plan.

Ngee Ann City

Yesterday I woke up at 8am. I finally had a dream. It was very weird. I was in a wooden elevator and suddenly the door opened. A large number of people kept coming in. Even until the elevator was full, people still kept coming in and the elevator alerted us that it was overloaded. But apparently nobody cared and kept squeezing in. I was pushed into one corner and squashed. Then the lift rope broke and the elevator went down the shaft, and I woke up. I washed up and then ate breakfast before calling Xiaotian to wake him. He always sleeps so late and wakes up so late. We discussed about the time to meet at Jurong East to go to Orchard, as we were going to Ngee Ann City to fix his Fujitsu T4010. One of the service centres was located there and it was the nearest. The second nearest was Henderson Road.

When I reached Jurong East at 10.20am, I was shocked at Xiaotian's taste of clothes. I wore an OP Tee and long jeans(typical la) while he wore a shirt which seemed too small and tight for him, and a formal black pants with belt. He said that this is to expose his sexy body shape. I said that he looked more like someone going for a wedding or a computer repair man(he was carrying an IBM laptop carrying case) with no money to buy new shirts that fitted him.

We planned to take the green line there and change train, but when we reached Clementi, we decided to take the red line as we thought it would be nearer. And we rode back to Jurong East and changed to red line again. It took us about 1 hr to reach Orchard. After walking around in Wisma Atria, we could not find any access to Ngee Ann City, so we went back underground to the MRT and took elevator up to the main road and from there we walked to Ngee Ann City, which was just right beside Wisma Atria.

Taking the lift to the 5th level, we walked around for 10 minutes to find the Fujitsu repair shop(#05-06), but to no avail. By the way, you should take the lifts instead of the escalators. They are extremely high-class, not unlike hotel lifts. When we became tired of walking around in circles, we checked the level plan of the 5th Storey and saw the Fujitsu Shop right beside Best Denki.

The shop was very spacious and futuristic. Lined alongside the walls were laptops on display, and our T4010 was also there. Xiaotian took a ticket with the number 008 and we sat down on the couches there in front of the 'stalls' where the person attending to you would sit and you sit opposite. Soon after, it was Xiaotian's turn, as there was only one customer apart from us. He took out his PC and warranty form and gave to the person attending to us. She was quite young, around her mid to late twenties and she had quite heavy makeup and dyed her hair brown, with a thin highlight strip in blue. She looked not bad and Xiaotian thought she was very pretty and had a sweet voice. I agreed with him that her voice was pleasant. The problem with Xiaotian's comp was that when it started up and showed the Fujitsu logo, it would hang and started beeping continuously. And on rare occasions it would startup to the login area, but the keyboard would auto-type the password so rapidly that he could not backspace or login. The girl said that the computer would need at least one day to be ready. I think that worse come to worse, a new harddisc would be needed, so it would probably cost around $150+ or so, including GST, and all those crap.

After Xiaotian gave her his contact number and left the computer with her, we went to Best Denki and looked around. He wanted to see the Video Camcorders on sale because he wanted to buy one. Crazy guy, already in debt of about $1500 with his parents for buying the computer and 5.1 speakers, now still want to buy 1k plus video cam. We also browsed around the desktops, and saw the water-cooled computer again. Very cool. Xiaotian asked the person at the video cam desk some information about cams and he recommended two JVC Hard-disc video cams, currently the only harddisc video cams on the market. It is good as there isn't a need to buy storage media such as Cds, DVDs or Cassette tapes to store the video recorded. The bad points of DVD is that after using the 4GB of space, it would take 5 mins to finalize the disc, so you cannot record continuously, like for example, in a lecture. In the JVC video cam's case it would be stored in a 20GB or 30GB harddisc, depending on your budget. The two cams even come with built-in LED lights for darker conditions. Xiaotian thanked the guy and said he would wait for more manufacturers to make Harddisc Video cams so the prices will drop, as there will be more competition. The price for the video cams are about $1600 and $1800 respectively, where normal DVD video cams are priced around $1200. On the way out, we spotted some Fujitsu desktops. The design is horrible and extremely old-fashioned. All plastic and cheap-looking. People who buy Fujitsu desktops are idiots. I suggest Fujitsu to concetrate on fully manufacturing laptops. They are just wasting their money. They suck in desktops, while their laptops are in the top 3 brands in the world.

We then went to Seoul Garden to eat lunch. $10+ for both of us students plus Ginseng Chicken soup and GST amounts to about $28.95. Wondering why such a miser like me decided to spend so much on lunch? Xiaotian was sponsoring me so I only paid $5 for the meal. Haha. When we were going to take some meat to eat, a man told Xiaotian to go and take a new spoon for him. Orignal words: "Hey Waiter, get me a spoon." Hahahahaha! All because of his clothes. Stupid sia. Come to think of it, he really looked like a waiter. After eating till half-full solely on meat, we started making soup. We put in meat, vegetables, mushroom, yong tao fu etc. and it turned out not bad, but not as nice as last time's. It was a pity as we were too full to finish the soup.

Then it was time to go Jurong Point for arcade. Xiaotian did not want to take MRT, as he thinks that buses have more powerful air-con systems. He claimed that he knew the bus-stop for taking 174 to Jurong Point but in the end we walked one whole round and ended up at the same place we started. But we took the other bus-stop with 174 which goes to OutramPark and took MRT. What is the difference of taking MRT from the start. Stupid. And we wasted 45 min from walking around and waiting for bus.

When we reached Jurong Point, we went to the arcade and played Daytona. Xiaotian played a 18-wheeler game first, as there were no vacant seats. After gaming over for thrice, we played Daytona, and I won him for the first time. Haha. Although his skill deproved after playing the 18-wheeler, I think my gearing skills have improved.

We then went to Courts and look around because very sian and soon after, we went home, as it was becoming late. We chatted for a while and the MRT before parting.

This post is so damn long. First time lol. The reason I blogged today is that I played GunZ yesterday to level up. Today when I become 15 I will buy Walcom Warrior 77 for $2800. K bye I am going to return books for library. 4 days overdue, and it is raining soon. But I might play GunZ first. Bye


Two miracles happened today. Xiaotian with my persuasion decided to update his blog. After updating, he edited his template codes. He added links and a tag-board. And he became so obsessed that he went to to search for a skin. He made a very good choice: a Porche skin. You readers should go visit( Lol i am helping him advertise.

Junneng also approched me to help him make a Warcraft 3 skin, but I wanted him to pay me $10, so he went to find Wang jun. Wa lao, such a miser. He know very well im in a debt of $54.90 with Xiaotian because I lost his Battlefield 2 CD and he can't be more generous.

Two people who have never blogged for half a year, have went back to blogging! So two miracles(diao -.-'' i know).
Sigh, GunZ level 13.5, and I bought a Zaurus A x2 pistol. Not bad la, but I can't help wanting a Breaker. Kind of regretting.

Now starting to update Friends list.

Your Post Title Here

Hm what did I do today so far. Woke up at 8, ate at nine. Oh ya, and I also did my homework. You must be wondering why I suddenly became so guai-1. Aiya I am just acting la, because I want to show my parents that I am well-behaved, am a matured young person already, so that they do not need to worry after me etc etc etc. But thats not the real reason haha. The real reason ah, is to let me go out to Ngee Ann City tomorrow with XT. He said that his Fujitsu comps at home all system crashed liao. He claims that there is a Fujitsu Service Centre there. If he is mistaken I will bash him up. Ngee Ann City is not a short distance away from my house you know. Like from Bukit Gombak Station all the way to Orchard. But never mind, he is sponsoring me lunch in Burger King :)

Just played GunZ. I leveled up again to 13, and bought my Military Sword and Walcom s5 x2 submachine gun. Played clan war(i belong to the x-slayer-x) with my classmates and I trashed Kaiwei and Kian Ann. I only killed Wang Jun once. Later on I 1v1 Kaiwei in Town and I trashed him again. I also won him with sword when he switched. His excuse is that he was using a touch-pad. That means that he is using his laptop and lost his mouse. Unlikely story, but nevermind, I got plenty of Exp points from him.

He quitted and I Zhen yu invited me to play with him. Wa siao me a lvl 13 play with him? Lvl20 is no joke. His rocket launcher did not help to calm me down either. We started playing swords and i won him 5 times he won me 10 times. Totally trashed. Then I switched to guns and used my new Walcom and trashed him. Haha. He called me a pro man. I feel so honoured. I trashed him so many times that he went out and refused to play with me. Lol.

After he quitted I also did not feel like playing anymore, so I alt+f4 and went to the kitchen and told my mom that I have finished a Math worksheet. Not only did she not praise me but scolded me instead! She said that I am in secondary school already, should know how to think for myself, and told me off. She said my chinese is poor and should spend more time on it instead of calling and playing com whole day. Wa kao! I spent so much time(20min) on math worksheet and so little time on comp(1hr) she still scolded me! It is so unfair. Do you know that if I decide to do homework is considered a very lucky thing for them? It is a extremely rare occurence.

Ok bye I go eat spaghetti liao


Sunday school boring today. We were discussing about Wu Hua Guo Shu(tree that bears no fruit or flowers), and it represents Israel. The teacher said that when Israel makes a comeback(it was defeated by 4 surrounding countries, check the map), then the second coming of Jesus is near. I don't know anything at all, but thought that it would be better for Wu Hua Guo Shu to represent us people. If we accept Jesus as our Saviour and become Christians, then we should repent and do things in the name of the Lord and not stay the same way as before(eg. stealing etc), so that we 'bear fruit'. Aiya very weird la, but anyway enough talk on Christianity.

After Church, some church friends came to my house for bible study, so their kids also came. We ate lunch at hawker centre near my house. Solomon(11 yr old kid, XT knows him very well) played GunZ on my HP Pavilion 723d. Problem is when I try to use my laptop to vs GunZ with him, we would lag, but when we play on separate matches with other people, then nothing would happen. XT said that the GunZ server recognise our IP address, and since they are same(both PCs use the same wireless connection), then we would lag. I thought it made sense. So I forced him to play my account; my eyes would get tired if play too long. So we took turns playing MY account. Haha. He demonstrated to me butterflying, and I showed him my superior gun skills. By the way, he is level 9, and only yesterday I was 2 levels lower than him, but higher than him 1 level today. We fooled around in some gladiator matches and after a very long time, I gained a level to 11. I bought Winter Gloves for extra Armour Points. So far my avatar and weapons are
: Leather Coat, ?? Pants, Climbing Boots, Winter Gloves, Renard SMG, Renard X2 SMG, Rusty Sword, Grenade(3 clips). AP 67 HP 100 WT 97/100.

Since became lvl 11, life became considerably much easier. I am the lowest among the Veteran Channels(11-20), so I wil always kill people hgiher than me, therefore gaining high exp points. I will normally get an 420 or 500+. Cool man. After 30min, my 0% EXP became 54% EXP in Mansion. I also played in a scary map, which XT later told me was Ruins. I have never played it before. It is only meant for people lvl 11 and above, so I have never used it. There, I killed about 3 and died 5 times, while Mansion I killed about 15. I was planning to continue to level up, but wireless kana disconnected, so I got discouraged. Now I am waiting to get lvl 13, to buy Walcom S5, a SMG. It is better than my Renard(duh).

Ok bye I going to sleep my mother is scolding me.


This has been a week. I have not enjoyed myself like this in ages. On Wednesday, I went to a restaurant in Copthorne Hotel to eat with my relatives. My uncle treated us as it was his birthday and so-and-so organization he subscribed for gave him a $100 voucher. Cool huh. It was a 6-course dinner, complete with desserts. Sad, that they dont sell fried icecream there. When we were going home on the car, my mother suddenly suggested to go to IMM to shop. We all agreed after few minutes of argument of watching TV. Our arrival was around 9 then. IMM closes at 10, so we had an hour. I went to Best Denki(as per normal) to look at the PCs and Laptops there. There was this cool looking PC with silver casing and grooves and was water-cooled. Wow. But the price was not wow at all; it cost $4000+. Crazy ah. I can make a top range PC with $1500. With $4000, I can make 2. But it is Windows XP MediaCentre edition lah. so can't blame them.

On thursday, I went to my parent's friend's house for popiah. Uncle Ding-fu(that is my father's friend) ordered 2 pizzas from Canadian Pizza and got 2 free. SO shiok. There were also two big packs of Ruffles Chips. By the way, their family surname is Tay. After I ate my fill, I played NFS Underground 2 on PS2 with my friend, Zhe-min(that is Ding-fu's son), the older brother of Zhe-wei. I was not used to racing with a controller, so I banged quite a few times. I normally lost to him by around 1 or 2 seconds. We moved on to playing Dragon-ball Z with Wesley(small kid of 10, I think. He is another of my parent's friend's son who came) I trashed him with Goku and Vegeta, but the Tay bros trashed me. We played the PS2 until dinner, when we ate the remaining pizza. We then went home.

I started playing GunZ again. 3 days of hardwork turns me into lvl 10 today. Wahaha. But now duno what avatar to buy with 2k bounty. Pls help