Avril, avril

How much can a singer change in two years?

In the case of Avril Lavigne, a lot. Her first album, Let Go (the one and only original music album I own), has a lot of pop rock personality, coupled with a little emo-ness. I kind of like that.. Her second album under my skin was also nice, some songs with a quieter feel. She herself is quite talented as well, possessing the ability to play the guitar and piano. On top of that she has a better than nice (not Mariah Carey or Celion Dion fantastically powerhouse, but still wonderful nevertheless) voice.

That voice is totally wasted on her new album!! zomg black-dressing-bad-girl just turned into pink-pop princess-in-miniskirt! She sounds like all the other female pop singers now (ala hilary duff, britney spears, tata young etc) crapping about bubbly love/stealing boyfriends/nice hair/bitches. argh

Seriously, strictly speaking the only decent songs that retains her original unique style that sets her apart from the other girls are Innocence, Runaway and When You're Gone

Don't get me started on Girlfriend or Best damn thing..

*Hey hey, you you
I don't like your girlfriend/i could be your girlfriend/think you need a new one*



Canadian rocker Avril Lavigne will surprise fans with her upcoming album The Best Damn Thing, and admits her new lightweight songs are "very easy" and "not serious". The 22-year-old deliberately wrote a collection of disposable pop songs for 'The Best Damn Thing', which is released later this month.

The Complicated singer says, "My last record (Under My Skin) was kind of like a diary, all the things I was going through, and the lyrics were very personal and serious.

"This record is the opposite lyrically. It's not serious.

"There are a couple of songs that are about where I'm at with that kind of stuff, but it makes this record very light and very easy - easy to perform, easy to listen to."


i sure hope she disposes of them soon, and that her albums get better like last time


Sad Saturday

5 more days to MIDYEARS! wah siao liao..

and until now I haven't touched any books for revision, so I don't know what will happen to me. Im still playing guitar as I think of things to blog. Still, its inevitable that I will do my long-due math today..sian

all the best for midyears!

nicest propaganda ever!


the world suddenly seems so lost

when the eyes stopped seeing
the ears stopped hearing
and the people ceased to feel

cant anyone deal
away the pain
or have the ugly monster slain?

i know no one will
because no one cares
just stares

emo sia :D

chemistry sucks. who the hell invented relative mass and stoichiometry?! oh yeah that russian guy. i would kill him if he was alive today!

i wish these things would happen in MRTs of Singapore

Ok fine

IM UPDATING! what with the jumble of bad weather air pollution and global warming, im suffering while blogging here.

Its nearing the mid year examinations now, the first one I am taking in the premises of nanhua high school and everyone (almost) are already preparing for exams. Im still slacking with a pile of graphs not done for mr ng's e math.. he is going to kill me when he comes back from South Africa.
i kind of miss the last two years when we can really laze for three quarts of the year and then study like some crazy machine for the end of year examinations

it just started raining, and i mean raining as in pouring where you can only see things around 10 meters away, because any further becomes a white impermeable layer. the sun is still turned on. what did i say about horrible weather. its kind of pretty though, because I can see the mass of droplets plummeting towards earth at terminal velocity

Im in deep shit now, because ever since the end of the first common test, my study habits have taken a turn for the worse. Really, I am almost a pig. Eat and sleep and eat. And then maybe some Smash Bros. Then sleep. Ms Chng though she was blabbering and procrastinating about all those stupid issues of our class and behaviour, she hit the nail right on my head; I should really get on with the revising and stop lazing about. Oh yeah, today's physics test was really chicken! I didnt do any serious revising, only looked through the formulas., and it turned out to be SO simple. I expect at the very very least a 21/30.

Ok shall do my piano theory now. Ill try to post at high frequencies! like as if anyone reads this stuff anyway..

Whoopee! A 1000bhp nissan skyline! with an insane intercooler

Snow Patrol Chasing Cars

This crappy emo song has been topping the charts for quite some time now, and I have just gotten a copy (dont ask me how) onto my computer. After listening to it my impression on it worsened greatly. Not only the lyrics suck, the song is super, I mean, SUPER ultramegaultimatedownrightchickenfeedeasy to play on guitar/piano whatever instrument you care to name. Worse song of the century... ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae g#e g#e g#e g#e g#e g#e g#e g#e etc..... wtf