Holiday go Homework Come

Finally the homework is here. I have weekend homework on Geography, English, Chinese, Math, Art and Lit

Geo - Workbook pg 7, 8, 9, 10
English - Letter writing: Complaint letter
Chinese - News Article Report
Math - Graph, forgot what question
Art - Research on local artists and make 2 tables
Lit - Compose a poem about life

So far the only homework I have done is Geo and Lit. The below is my Lit Poem which took my one and a half hours to write. Please comment.

Life are the colours we seek
The thick woods and forest
With countless shades of green

The flowers in the field under the sun
Painter's palette spilled
Where your desire for any dye is fulfilled

The sparrow's swiftness are like dart's of a giant's game
that go by through the starry night sky
Life are the colours we seek
and in it we discover things we speak.

We have new teachers! Adrain Tan rocks. He is know car, comp, russel peters. Like xiaotian, me and junneng, only proer. Maybe I should be a geo teacher one day. Haha. Xie laoshi sucks. Use 20 min to teach a lesson. Everybody dont even understand. I just cant resist the temptation to suan her la. Everyone must suan her at least once in her lesson.
And I am so bored so as to blog about homework. wtf. So now everyone please go to Keno's blog as there are more interesting posts there or the class board to tag. Wang Jun as the class chairman I order you to hurry up and finish the class blog. Ha. Will post further updates and stuff.

School starts

Happy new year. And it has been raining non stop since the start. Very happy indeed.

Classmates sabo-ed me to be the chairman.

Plus I got my pants in mud today.

What a very dismal start of this year. But I shan't talk about the sad and mundane life I lead.
Lets hear some good news:

Microsoft is releasing a new OS for sale this year - Windows Vista(aka Longhorn)

I got promoted to Lance Coporal in Boys Brigade, yes that happened in December, but who cares

Get a free slimming package by saving 100% of the monthly $70 of income given to me by my parents

Chinese New Year is coming, meaning money is here

Current amount in savings = $480, so I would get to buy a new $1700 computer next New Year

COE of vehicles are still below $10k

So there are more things to be happy of than to be unhappy. Therefore, I shall be happy. Wtf I am talking crap. I borrowed Photoshop CS, The Book of WI-FI, Poor Leo's 2002 Computer almanac and Black Holes. Yeah, its year 2006 and I am reading 2002 stuff. But who knows if there are some useful stuff inside which I could learn. The actual motive behind reading the WIFI book is to understand wireless connections better so as to allow me to hack people's WEP keys(haha kidding). I am a photoshop wannabe and black holes are interesting. Actually majority (or all I forgot) of galaxies in this universe have blackholes at their cores. Scientists have recently detected that our Milky Way has a black hole at its core. They are formed when big stars collide into each other and collapse to form a black hole. It would then suck up all surrounding matter, so the galaxy would become smaller and the black hole would gain mass, become bigger. Eventually all galaxies would become black holes and they would drift about in space and collide to other big holes and form a ultimate mega black hole. That would be the end of the universe and the mega hole would slowly disintegrate and another big bang would occur. Lol I become crazy, lecture on black holes.

Anyway my new year resolutions are to: Don't eat or spend money throughout the year, be hardworking and get into triple science stream. After that I would reward myself by buying me a computer. Good plan of a year. I know this post is very short but Im sorry I have to do piano theory grade 4. Just help me by suggesting when I have saved emough money, I should get a Vista or stick with Xp Pro/Home. The bad thing about Vista is that it needs a lot of hardware resources for it to run optimally, so better hardware equates to bigger cost. Vista rocks because its graphics and everything is so damn cool. You have already used XP so you would know about it. Please tell me your opinion on my tagboard, although I suppose no one would even read this.