Update! Average for mid-year + end of year = 69.9
Class position : 13/39

Though this score is rather disappointing, but it has already met my expectations, so I should be satisfied. The only thing that im pissed off about now is mr ZHU XIAO TIAN!!!

He got a freaking 70.0!!!! WTH, TYCO shit la! 0.9 marks higher than me then 10 place in class. Special stream! I really have nothing to say to that guy. Tell me, how can such a dumb guy be so tyco?! May he burn in the hell of Special stream students. Wahahahaha.

Making a new blog template for this site. Black is getting kind of boring dont you think? It is time for a change!

Wireless adapter

Wireless adapter

Went to Jurong Point with XT to check out the prices of a Linksys wireless adapter (not PCI adapter hor). All thanks to my mother. She flung open my window and the wireless adapter thats taped on my window ledge dislodged and flew down 27 storeys. It still works, though the receiving isn't all that good without an antennae.

Only PCI network cards in PK com and Cyberactive but lucked out at Harvey Norman. There wasnt any stock the last time we went there before the exams. Bloddy $79 for one crap wireless adapter! Sian. Anyone knows whether the signal receiving parameters are stronger for PCI cards or external adapters??


This message is long due:

EOYs are over!

I haven't been blogging cause of EOYs but now followed suit after Wang Jun and Chi Ho has done so. This exam really doesn't only mean that its the final one of the year. It marks the final paper, final time some of us will be in the same class, final time we can enjoy ourselves without serious consequences. That's why the thing of utmost importance now is to enjoy ourselves! Really, starting from next year, it would not be wise to slack anymore due to the preparation of O levels and also the advanced syllabus we are going to study. Sec one and sec two really has been enjoyable, but it is inevitable that some of us will have to part in sec three. Actually I kind of feel a little regretful, of not really trying harder. Do you think that everyone's paths in life would be different from their current one they are walking on, if they had done differently in the past. Our lives have already been determined ever since the day we left P4. The environment that you are in affects you, and that is why those that goes into EM3 are seldom likely to succeed. The paths that we are to walk on have already been paved half-way at this current education level. Future milestones are left with only JC and University. If we had worked that bit harder in P6, we might not have even met each other in Nanhua. If you went for that extra mile and put in a little more effort, who knows, you might be the President's Scholar 4 years later? Everything in this world revolves around cause and effect. The present always has a past, the consequences always come from an action. Likewise, the things we do when we are in Primary school actually runs down a long chain. The phrase: The future is in your hands, really is not overstated. That is why so many people who understand this concept are striving so hard to find the motivation to do the best they can. But, you think, surely all this is rather out-of-reach? Hard goal to strive for? Simply talk? Actually, there is already a perfect real-life living example of the outcome of this concept in front of you: Lim Zhen Yu.

It is really not easy to acheive what he has already done this year. Remember the time when Limzapz was only a small average quiet person who gets average marks? The person who was extremely upset because of his EOY english last year? This very same person has gotten 8th in level in the Midyear and still going on. Now you question the difficult goal which does not seem so difficult anymore. What, you only have to put in more effort? Easy lah. No shit. Now ask yourself, how many times have you made a mental note to allocate 30 min or 1 hour just to study a particular subject on a day? And then how many times have you pushed it back to the next day ? It is because that is unimportant at the moment. Rather, you would spend your time pia-ing Maple, CS, Dota, Kongkong. Even the most mundane of things you would do such as surfing the net for songs or chatting online would preside over the chore of doing your revision of the paper that is one month away. YOU know that the best time is to start already, but even so you would tell yourself that you would simply allocate a bigger timeslot tomorrow to compensate, and so on. This has happened to me many times. It is actually not a question of will, but rather, one that lies on the motivation. Now, for example, your parents agree to give you $10 weekly, or give you allow you to go out with your friends more frequently, if you study half an hour daily. Would you chat your time away and watch TV? Or would you study? I know I would choose the latter. Everyone just needs that right motivation. Because of this, I have decided to reward myself if I worked harder next year. Self-appreciation and rewarding is very important. You would be surprised at how you would feel. Under normal circumstances, I would feel bad, or even guilty, for splurging and indulging myself, but in this case, I would argue that the spending is self-reward and then actually feel good spending. All the matters is the right motivation.

And also, why am I sharing all these to help everyone? Of course it is for the benefit of everyone, but it is also for myself. If the standard of the people around me increase, it is natural for me to strive and keep up with their pace. Competition between peers pressurizes everyone to strive. Always remember the success case of Lim Zhen Yu, but it would help if you did not proclaim to be a loser so much in front of everyone.

Problems that I am facing now

Inability to read off Sandisk Memory Stick Pro Duo 2GB on my laptop's in-built smart card reader slot. Computer detected the card, but the removable drive icon dont appear on My Computer. Buying an external MS-USB converter cardreader did not help. Worse still, it informed me that my card had an I/O error. That means it would be caused by either a software problem or hardware problem. Software is out of the question as I have already reformatted my computer and also reinstalled the drivers for PCMCIA drives. The faulty hardware would either lie on my card reader or memory card. The memory card is fully functioning so the card reader would probably be the faulty one. But, if this was the case, why an external reader could not help? The input/output problem could be caused by a incompatibility with the cardreader due to the storage space of my MS. Maybe 2gb is too huge? Assistance from anyone accepted.

And finally a trashy poem

Man, Im dead
The exams are over
Still I did enjoy myself never
People said

its already Time for joy and celebration
but I still get that sinking feeling
that really is heart-wrenching
Whenever I start straying to recreation

because of the truth that will only gripe
till the day my misgivings assuage
when the confusion the results cage
and the time is ripe

Man, Im dead
I can never enjoy a day
until the results bade
my worrysome brain away