Ah shit i screwed up very sad :( must start mugging everyday



Cern has created a particle collider, more powerful than any one humans have created before, and this collider is called the Large Hadron Collider. Its job is to collide protons by accelerating them at 99.9999% the speed of light, in hopes of forming smaller sub-elementary particles. Scientists want to test their current theories on sub-atomic particles, and to see if the existence of Higg's Boson, God's particle is true, and if string theory is valid, by observing if gravitons can pass from our universes' brane to others.


And it can create black holes! Scientists think that the black holes will be smaller than atoms, and be only a few thousands of atoms' mass, so it would convert its own mass into energy and radiate all its energy (mostly thermal) faster than it would receive energy by e=mc^2, thus disintegrating into nothing. But some scientists think they would be stable and start eating atoms and more massive objects until Earth gets sucked in. I read about this 2 years ago, and I thought, wow, this thing is happening in MY generation, just like how the internet phenomenon occured in our parents'. If the 27km collider makes black holes that eats the earth ill see it! wooo

Cool way to die man, i wont mind :p Its like hey look whats that black spot thereeeeeeeeeeee nooooooooo----- *

Its either this or the Mayan Calender's right. We will all die by 2012 anyway!

And i thought we were supposed to have died in 2000, but the doomsday theory apparently failed then. Well, looks like some people keep trying :/

In any case my O levels are in no way getting disturbed by black holes or ancient mayans, so better get cracking.