Top gear

i saw this video link through one of my subscribed email newsletters and thought, what the heck lets just watch this before i sleep. seemed to be mildly interesting. it started with hammond as the show's compere and it was a normal startoff for topgear. then halfway through, i think the bit where the plane and car starts off that i became excited (very). i was like omg what will happen next?? who will win etc. when the video ended i realised i had a crazy smile on my lips. i think im mad. or i underestimated topgear :) man i love brits...enjoy! look at the time i posted


Wah very tired now...just now went to Bukit CSC to bowl with Joshua. It was the best bowling sessions ever since Xiaotian left. We started off striking and sparing like nobody's business but gradually weakened. Its really great without the distraction of other players, and i think that its the best if 2 or 3 people bowl at once. The people next to our lane were the only distraction. They were a group of young adults, maybe 20, and did stupid things with the ball and one guy even fell down on the lane.

Played a 5 game series, Joshua ending with 727 and me with 677, because i didnt have enough stamina. His average per game is 145 while mine 135. At least i won him in his challenge on his last game, i got 140 while he got 131. Really didnt bowl like this for a very long time! Refreshing and very shiok. The people beside us were like 50 60 plus nia. hahaha

EOY Results! I topped English, 2nd for Chem, Topped SS, and topped boys in Bio. WOOOO!

English (compo + compre): 73.7% - A2
Chinese(compo + compre): 61.8% - B4
EMath (p1 +p2): 71.3% - A2
AMath: 47.5% -Fail BAH
Chemistry: 84% - A1
Biology: 77% - A1
Physics: 66% - b3 T.T
Geography: 66% - b3 T.T
Social Studies: 76% - A1

three A1, two A2, two B3, one B4, one FAIL ....
All together average of 69! Very sad i didnt get a 70 average due to my A Math failure :( Maybe next year. BUT if i count my L1R5, it would be 11 points with ave of 73.83! So i consider to have outdone myself very well! Ahh, great bowling, great results


FOLKS! wallet found under chiho's comics. i didnt think such a big thing could hide under such a small thing... right under my nose the whole time. happy now :)


Carefree life is getting alittle boring for this long weekend..i cant imagine how i will spend the whole two months of holiday. I cant find my wallet all of a sudden, though i distinctly remember it being in the house. dont know why i cant find it now! Sian can cry.

JO said that Mr ng said that i got A2 for my emath! cool the results are great, but ill kill JO if he is fibbing. JO said he got 74.4 or something that is ridiculously close to A1. HAH SADed

If only i have some tracking device on my belongings, or i could just brandish a wand and shout ACCIO WALLET then my wallet will come flying back :( I read reader's digest and it said that 68% of the world population honestly gave back mobile phones to their owners when they found them lying around. I hope that if my wallet is really lost a kind soul will give it back to me ><

ah crap

Let the Rain Fall Down

Man, this hilary duff's song is stuck in my head.

EOY is officially OVER! Complete with a super long weekend, from Saturday to Wednesday! wooohooo!

after the whole miserable week of mugging from afternoon to wee hours of morning, i cannot believe that the ordeal is finally over and done with. HAH!

now i am too free that i dont know what to do! no schedule to follow, no goals to accomplish! diedie im wasting away like this :O

i SO killed my A math paper. like 3-4 questions dont know how to do. And i dont know WHY we were given so little time. 2 hours for 12 questions. Hard questions. Past year commonwealth's was easy in comparison lor.

decided to forget math and burn our books so went out with zixin keith vincent jason yonghui jonathanyap that gang. First we wanted to play pool at JEC, zixin's idea. Then the stupid guy at the counter did not let us play cos Zixin ic was under 16 -.-. he gave some gloves to shilei there then we slaughtered him for wasting our time, cos we must then go to SAFRA at bukit merah to play. took mrt and bus then saw that the pool there was practically teeming with people! almost no vacancies, and tables were booked. So we could only play 1 game each, around 30 min.

then since we had nothing to do we moved on to the bowling alley above. had to use a house ball and house shoe, which led to me falling down flat on my first shot. scored pretty pathetic scores, but considering that im out of practice and handicapped without my own equipment, 2 games 116 and 100 was okay i guess.

they had some kind of bowling tournament there so we were likewise chased away after 2 games. sad so we ended having nothing to do and went back home to sleep and play gb.

i played gb yesterday until like 2 am and then read manga (which messr yoon chi ho lent me) till 4am! the manga was drawn by the same artist as Love Hina, so there are some scenes of indecent exposure of girls. really crazy and i woke up at 9am today to watch some taiwan show on vcd that my sisters borrowed. called 恶作剧的清吻 or something.

so now after having lunch i have practically nothing to do.... help

Start of EOY

Whoo hoo! Great start to the EOYs! Blasted chem right through. Hard work pays off i guess. I hope english will get at least a b3, cos i always screw up in my summary...

Rather worried for the rest of the papers (esp heavy content-based subjects ie. Geo and Bio) as I have not really touched them. :(


im dead. ive only finished chem and half of amath. geog is killer!! 200 pages. how to finish.

im worried for my eng compo cos i wrote my first argumentative for exam. chinese was unexpectedly easy though, im quite sure i wont go below fourty. great!

why must nanhua be so cruel to us students by putting two exam papers in one day?! sadistic you know. sigh die liao die liao, some more hand still itching to play, of all things, gunbound. good thing is ever since their stupid update for their lame event, my com has been having blue screen of deaths probably due to some glitch in the graphics rendering. so i will be discouraged to play.

wah...think of eoy really wanna die liao. monday blues tomorrow



Freaking tiring days

WAH I hate CIP!!!!! I did a full 7.5 hours at Junction8, Bishan, and I had to get up so early in the morning, when most of the student population was still sleeping in their nice warm comfy beds. Two weeks in a row, can you believe it?? Last week was Flag Day, the first and the last for me EVER in my LIFE. yes. I had to like walk on the streets, smile, ask politely for MONEY from people holding a tin can in front of them, as if I am a beggar, and smile even more and give thanks when they shake their head. The disgust is so obvious in their faces. I dont think there is anything in this world more demeaning. In the end I collected like less than half can, the contents which would probably amount to less than $10. And that was from 11am to 5pm, 6 hours. From City hall all the way to somerset and orchard. I could only watch peppy girls in almost-nonexistant FBTs and oversized tshirts prance around asking for donations from people, as if giving to these angels is the most beautiful thing on earth. This is why I hate flag day. Cos im not a girl, and men dont flock to me like lost sheep

So I had to choose this sunday as my CIP project, instead of saturday, which was another flag day. But the job this time round was great. My job was to give out balloons and flyers with jason to little kids and their parents, informing them about the charity fiesta at level 3. Those kids of age 2-4 are super adorable, with their small hands reaching out to grasp the balloon's stick. Then saying thank you! with a super big grin. Wah these people can really melt your heart, so thats why the hours were so worth it. Oh yea i had to walk around with a balloon bent into a shape of a dog on my head.

reached home at around 8 after having dinner with jeremy, Jyap and Charmaine. Yoshinoya is not worth it really. A small bowl of rice, some beef and soup costs $5.80! Ridiculous! But the beef was indeed tender and it tasted great. Crapped some funny stuff to each other in the restaurant and mrt until everyone went off.

Then today was ugh. Some Drug awareness program. So we learnt that drugs are bad, and we were told to tell others that too. Hmm...really nice. I so didnt know that before this? Its such amazing and useful information! Omg, i must really thank Boys Brigade for making me attend this super informative course that will help us greatly in our life's journey! Especially since our holiday is only one week long, and we have our EOYs round the corner. Great timing! I really dont know how our officers work such wonders. Mainly for the course we just sat there and listened to a long lecture, then after that broke into groups to create skits. The skits were funny, but that was the only good part today :\

Shall do some chemistry or math hw today or i wouldnt have enough time for revision due to and equally enthralling geography project about coastal protection and real estate, and chinese remedial tomorrow.

Bye, to watch tv and have dinner!

Mr Jay Chou

Today i am going to pay homage to jay chou, by dedicating this entire post to him. Have you all watched Secret? Ive not, but Ive seen the piano battle scenes on youtube.

watch here

They (yu hao and Jay) are simply phenomenal! Especially for the third song. So currently im learning all of the battle songs. cant believe that ive recognized his talent only after so many years. his singing isnt the best to say the least, but his piano is awesome! i was like O.O omgwtfbbqkaninacheebyecrazyasshole stunned literally for some time after finishing the video, then proceeding to replay after snapping out. ive watched the piano battle scene for around 10 times now.

here is the link to the score sheets of all music regarding Secret, even those pieces outside the battle scene

ive roughly learnt battle 2 (yuhao version first, cos jay's is a little gay) , which is the improvised chopin waltz. everyone should go try!

this movie was self directed by him and he even acted in it. i wonder how o.O

Things that make you smile

Went to piano today. My piano teacher has a super cute little daughter around 3 years old, just learnt how to walk and talk. Haha she has a knack for being at the doorstep at 8pm when i arrive, and she will stare at me with her soulful eyes, mouth halfopen, neck craned as if saying why are you so tall?

and she always says buhbye! buhbye! when i leave, like 8 - 10 times. with her beaming and hand waving. just a year ago she was scooting around the house on her knees, and now she can walk! heh it seems nice to watch someone grow.

then when i was on the way home, i cut across through the market area, those places with only one narrow strip of floor in between shops, so that the two way people traffic always congest it. a dog owner was standing at a convenience store looking at something, with his dog next to him. dont know what breed, but it has lots of nice gray fur and some half-covered his eyes. and it was licking every passerby's leg! lol so when i passed by it it licked mine too. cant help but smile at then :)

physics was a disappointment, expected an A, but only got b3. missed a2 by 0.5 marks! omg....31/45

maths sucked, barely passing am and failing horribly for em. entirely below expectations! (for a math)

english was heartbreaking as well, but chinese was great. 35/55, giving me a b4. lol chinese o.o

ok im off the play gb. the other boys are waiting for me

Things that can make you smile

Went to piano today. My piano teacher has a super cute little daughter around 3 years old, just learnt how to walk and talk. Haha she has a knack for being at the doorstep at 8pm when i arrive, and she will stare at me with her soulful eyes, mouth halfopen, neck craned as if saying why are you so tall?

and she always says buhbye! buhbye! when i leave, like 8 - 10 times. with her beaming and hand waving. just a year ago she was scooting around the house on her knees, and now she can walk! heh it seems nice to watch someone grow.

then when i was on the way home, i cut across through the market area, those places with only one narrow strip of floor in between shops, so that the two way people traffic always congest it. a dog owner was standing at a convenience store looking at something, with his dog next to him. dont know what breed, but it has lots of nice gray fur and some half-covered his eyes. and it was licking every passerby's leg! lol so when i passed by it it licked mine too. cant help but smile at then :)

physics was a disappointment, expected an A, but only got b3. missed a2 by 0.5 marks! omg....31/45

maths sucked, barely passing am and failing horribly for em. entirely below expectations! (for a math)

english was heartbreaking as well, but chinese was great. 35/55, giving me a b4. lol chinese o.o

ok im off the play gb. the other boys are waiting for me


exams are finally over! 9 freaking papers in a week! woo!

quite disappointed with my eng though, i only scored 18/30, and ms elaine chng thinks my summary contains phrases which are not conventional. like how i summarised " lawyers will discard information that will distract the jury"
into "able to zone straight into the crux". so next time i shall use simpler eng. she justified it by saying that she had never heard of such a phrase before....i wonder whats the 'language' section in the summary about??

but im relatively confident for the other papers, probably will do better than prev exam.
so for now I can finally take a well deserved break! pool, guitar, bowling whatever....yesss

Xiaotian's left

After watching trains pass me by today, I realised that life is just like an MRT train, rushing past the world around it, stopping only at the stations where people board and alight, just like the friends we meet and let go. But ever so often we grow attached enough to alight at one station to be with that person for a moment or two, though I know in the end we'll still have to board the tireless, ever-rushing train. To move on, off to another destination, where new endeavors and friends await. Moving on...always moving on....until the very last stop

Xiaotian has finally gone for glad we enjoyed our last few days with each other to the fullest, only the two of us. pool, bowling, studio jamming....good food like pizza hut and crystal jade.

i have taken you for granted, that you are always 5 mrt stops and one bus away, but now i have come to realise that it is indeed very easy to lose someone. you are the only person who have ever gotten this close to me and vice versa, spending almost every single moment together, being almost inseparable. i doubt ill be able to find another friend whom i can share so many things with together and learn so much from.

i just hope now that you can live a great life there in HK, and dont forget me and the people youve met in the 5 years in SG.

farewell, and see you someday. if we ever get to do so, promise me you will shout fker the next time we meet in person.

The Best Years of Our Lives - Evan Taubenfeld

This song truly captures my feelings and its lyrics are so beautiful that I decided to post it up... Enjoy

download here

Oh Oh oo Oh Oh oo...
Oh Oh oo Oh Oh oo...
Oh Oh oo Oh Oh oo...

We had the best years of our lives,
But you and I would never be the same,
September took me by surpise,
And I was left to watch the seasons change,

Oh Oh oo Oh Oh oo...
Oh Oh oo Oh Oh oo...
Oh Oh oo Oh Oh oo...

It's been so quiet since you've gone,
And everyday feels more like a year,
Sometimes I wish I could move on,
The memories would all just disappear.

So many things I should'ah,
Said when I had the chance,
So many times we took it all for granted.

I'd never thought this could ever end,
I'd never thought I'd lose my bestfriend,
Everything is different now,
Can we stop the world from turning.

I'd never thought I'd have to let you go,
I'd never thought I'd ever feel this low,
I wish I could go back,
And we stop the world from turning.

Oh Oh oo Oh Oh oo...
Oh Oh oo Oh Oh oo...

Looking back on better days,
When we were young,
We thought we knew so much.
And now it seems so far away,
Of wondering if I was good enough.

So many things I should\'ah,
Said when I had the chance,
So many times we took it all for granted.

I'd never we would ever end,
I'd never thought I'd lose my bestfriend,
Everything is different now,
Can we stop the world from turning.

I'd never thought I'd have to let you go,
I'd never thought I'd ever feel this low,
I wish I could go back,
And we stop the world from turning.

Gone are the days,
When we swore we'd never break,
And now I'm left here alone.

Oh Oh oo Oh Oh oo...
Oh Oh oo Oh Oh oo...
Oh Oh oo Oh Oh oo...
Oh Oh ooo...

I\'d never thought we would ever end,
I'd never thought I'd lose my bestfriend,
Everything is different now,
Can we stop the world from turning.

I'd never thought this could ever end,
I'd never thought I'd lose my bestfriend,
Everything is different now,
Can we stop the world from turning.

I'd never thought I'd have to let you go,
I'd never thought I'd ever feel this low,
I wish I could go back,
And we stop the world from turning.

Oh Oh oo Oh Oh oo...
Oh Oh oo Oh Oh oo...
Oh Oh ooo...

Hiatus - be back shortly after

Going away for the next week or so. Nanhua seems to like giving us all the papers in one shot: we have 9 exams for the whole of next week! super kanjiong... so since the school is so super charged, i have no choice but to abandon this blog until i clear my hurdles

all the best for those who are also mugging!

happy national day to you, and birthday to me

goodbye my dear xiaotian. we only have two more days together


WOW ive spent an entire night scouring youtube for eric clapton's music. That guy is a guitar legend! His discography is 4gb worth of songs, styles from classic rock to blues. been playing ever since 1965.

start listening to real songs! classic rock and blues is the music!

NEWT exams

You scored as Outstanding, Looks like you know your stuff pretty well! Keep up the good work!











Exceeds Expectations


N.E.W.T. Exam (Harry Potter)
created with

LOL im outstanding..can be hermione liao


heavy as stone

Sad and alone

All the times we had
Like a tide that comes
And goes

Tried to pull you back
But twas in vain
You still packed
Up, vanished into the rain

see the smile
hear the laughter?

Whats left is only the whispering wind
In my ear
Whats left is only a ghost
Whats left is only drear

Goodbye, friend
Time waits for no man

28 days


Went bowling yesterday...Xiaotian's wrist has recovered and he instantly bowled an AMAZING game of 203, beating his previous best of 202. Damnit, his 3 weeks of sucky bowling must = one game of superb score which defeated joshua and i crushingly. My best game in 4 was 144 points only...quite sad. BUT ive found a line which suited my style! I found out I was starting off too right on the board, so I shall bowl better next session.

Got my guitar and amp last sunday and these are the pictures!! BC Rich Mockingbird bronze series electric guitar, and Vox AD15VT valvetronix amplifier. Taken by my Canon ixus v2, which is at least slightly better than my crap phone.


Charmaine gave me seemingly very pissed off answers to my half-joke of a post "Daydreaming" so im writing this post to answer her, also in a more serious tone

I am unconcerned with hell being enjoyable or not, now or later, because thats not the point. "Daydreaming" actually questions God's will. For why did he create man? Why did he create sinners, or in other words, souls that are destined to perish eternally? What is hell? To the best of my knowledge, He created man out of love, to give his love and make it known. That should be true in a sense. Then comes the question of sinners. Sinners exist because of Adam and Eve's folly in the garden of eden, by accepting the fruit that enabled them to differentiate between good and evil. That was the first sin. And also because of Satan's presence and hold over this physical world. All this can be found in the Bible.

So what about sinners, why do i bring them up? Because Sin separates man from God, and then God created Jesus Christs his son to bring salvation and offer a road to him, if only we believed and have faith in his existence. In other words, sinners or non-believers are sent to hell. Now that is a tad bit extreme, because considering the fact that you have a limited life span therefore have limited sin (you cant sin eternally in like 80 years), how can anyone deserve to have eternal punishment. This can be justified by saying God is perfect and therefore imperfect things cannot stay with him, but it still does not do justice entirely to sinners, since they cannot possibly sin infinitely. Then comes the non-believers. My church or every church in the whole world teach that even if a person with super-morals and live life like monks will not achieve salvation because of them not believing in God. This is unfair in a sense too, since there are lesser believers than non-believers, they tend to stick in their own camps. For example there would be much lesser christians than non-christians in countries like Iran, because of their environment. Your religion will in most cases take after your parents or relatives or close ones, in other words your environment, so people are going to hell just because they dont believe in Christ. Also, the amount of sin you commit is dependable on your environment and your genes too. Genetics and improved DNA understanding have uncovered links between genes and traits such as violence. So if you were an abused child in a troubled and stormy childhood, with genes that make you more violent and rash than normal, and you grow up to become a mass murderer, does that make you worthy of going to hell? Because some people have defined going against God as purposefully doing acts of sin and unholiness without remorse (eg murder, sex crimes, adultery). What if the reason for that was your genes and environment? Mass murderers would not be mass murderers if they had good environments like you and me. Even genes alone would not provoke such extreme lifestyles. At this point the only possible rebukes I can think of is that God's definition of justice is not definable by man, because we have limited understanding, so maybe in God's terms of justice the sins people commit and the disbelief in Christ will warrant them a permanent stay in hell. I have to say that in my opinion that is unfair.

So whats all those roundabout talk about? Its all down to God's will, about why he wanted to create man, sinners in man, the souls that will go to hell. The Bible says he is all-loving and all-seeing, knowing, forever living ---- omnipotent. Why does he create souls he already knows will perish in hell? Because of his omnipotence, he easily knows before even creating them, that they would encounter the unique environments in the physical world and eventually lead them into hell. Why does he allow this to happen, even though he knows what will happen and he loves us? At this point, Satan is not even a factor, so we cannot simply say that he allows sin to propagate on Earth. He can make the decision whether or not to make them. And why he created man in the first place?

Sometimes I really want the Bible to be more detailed and also contain all of the answers to the questions man have for God, though I know its purpose in the first place was to lead the first few christians, that is few thousand years ago in bible terms, into Christ, and not all of the things we thirst for knowing. Just imagine instead of "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. ", it would be "at 10^-43 seconds the big bang explosion of very hot and dense matter expanded exponentially at an indescribable rate. Then quarks formed and after the universe cooled due to its even expansion quarks started forming neutrons protons and electrons, then the first element - hydrogen - formed, later on giving rise to heavy metals " on.

And to charmaine, I do not know why she referred to hell as being dark. If it was a king's (one of them in the bible i forgot.) son's wedding banquet, where he threw some people out into the dark and closed the gates as the metaphor for hell being dark, I can equally say that the darkness could be a place in heaven where God places Christians that do not do the acts deemed right by God. Anyway we cannot deem hell as dark or any of the properties I have stated before, because of our limited knowledge of Christianity. We do not truly or fully understand God, and therefore we do not fully understand hell. Maybe darkness is a property of hell? But the bible also states fire as a metaphor for hell, so as our understanding of fire is a chemical reaction (combustion) producing heat and light, I naturally assumed hell to have some form of light. It would be sad though if no one could see each other there. That aside, I know I have said heaven as being boring. I also know that since heaven is perfect, no one would be bored. The reason for my contradicting statement is that since everyone would have a perfect environment that exudes happiness/joy/calm/vitality etcetc, then the perfectness of the environment would in itself be its own failing. Because a perfect environment would cease to be perfect due to the imperfect beings inside, that is the souls of man. Perhaps our form and intelligence and therefore behavior would change once we reach heaven/hell, but if we retain the same behavioral patterns, the perfectness of heaven would cease to be. Unless God makes us perfect, but he have never done so, because that would have taken away free will, which he gave to us, we will be "bored". The bored joke is only made because of the imperfectness of heaven in my eyes, IF the circumstances are what I have described.

That being said, given his omnipotence, he could also make people with nature that perfectly harmonises with his standard, so that everyone goes to heaven, AND at the same time still maintain free will, AND still remain happy in heaven. My logic is that since he gives us free will, and assuming that he wants us to continue having it, we will eventually be bored in heaven, given our retained behavior in our souls. Here you can say that he is omnipotent and can make our souls have free will, retain the same behaviour and still not be bored because of his omnipotence, then of course I wont have anything to say. But like I said, its just a joke...why take it so seriously!

We are imperfect due to how he created us, for the reason of free will, which can actually be circumvented if he tries. Imagine us being perfect. Still with free will. Well I guess he has his reasons

I truly believe in the Bible, and therefore God and Jesus Christ, and have accepted Him as my saviour, but surely a Christian is entitled to his own questions and pondering? :) I will never know the answers to these questions until I ask him myself...


Went bowling today morning with XT and Joshua. Largely satisfied with my scores today. My highest game was a 160+ and the other three were at least 128 above. Ended with a total score of 561 for 4 games, average score per game is 140.25, woohoo
Xiaotian had a wrist sprain ever since last week's session, so he didnt bowl very well...Joshua was his usual self, incorporating crazy-stupid blends of actions and taunts.

Like "Look Im definitely going to spare this shot", then proceeds to wipe his ball sagely and walk with flair to the line. Too bad his ball went into the drain directly after he released the ball.

After eating Meltz at kfc (ive at least eaten 7 times now) we went to City hall to look at guitars. Wasnt very eventful, but along the way on the MRT we saw a SUPERFAT woman. Seriously Ive never seen anyone so fat in my whole life. Her lower leg can be the size of my thigh. Worse still her face isnt kindly looking like the girl in 200 pounds beauty. It was sort of contorted with little points of black for eyes in her pudgy, semi-solid flesh of a face and her mouth was a thin line shaped into a grimace. Imagine our horror, at the sight of such a being who could sit on 1.8m tall people and crush them.

Anyway after looking at guitars we went home to do pending homework...sigh


Have you ever woken up from bed on a weekend and lay there unmoving, not wanting to spoil your comfortable position? Or have you ever started gazing out of your window into the far distance on a golden late afternoon, bored with your homework? It is these times that I begin daydreaming. Thinking through, I daydream of pretty funny stuff when I was young, and hopelessly unrealistic ones in the present.

When I was a child, I thought about heaven and hell, whether I would perish in the fiery depths or go live in the fluffy white clouds with God after my death. I was terrified at the thought of going to hell. Then when I grew a little older I thought about it again (also recently). Everyone is going to live (in hell or heaven) eternally, that is forever or infinite time. Going to hell isnt that bad, I thought. Think, if you went there (which has eternal flame that burns you), wont you eventually get used to it? Seriously, because you wont ever "die" again, so you would just keep burning and burning. Wont people adapt to the temperatures and then start sitting around and playing poker or something. Or sinful stuff since hell is full of those people....hey, no AIDS in hell man.

Then heaven is another thing. Imagine you go to a place wonderfully perfect and joyful that there is not a single blemish of non-goodness. For ever.
I mean, it would be nice at the start, but FOREVER and ETERNAL is a very very long time indeed, so wouldn't anyone start getting bored along the way? And you cant go down to hell to join those people having fun there too. But saying that, the people in hell would also sooner or later become bored. We all have human nature in us = we get bored easily. Sian ah. First words you say when chores are given to you.

So what about God. He is omni-potent, the Alpha and Omega (beginning and the end), the eternal being..........
He existed without a start, and is forever, such that the human mind has no capacity to comprehend. To us, everything is simply cause and effect. You jump down the building, you die. No sane person ever said I have always been jumping down buildings, with no starting and no end. Because it simply does not make sense.
Anyway back to God. He has existed far longer than anyone could ever imagine, so I imagine he is pretty bored up there. Ok he has his herald of angels, white kingdom, he could do anything he wanted....but for eternal life that is still boring. So I think he created man out of boredom. That is the only logical reason I could come up with. Standard answers in church say that our purpose in life is to spread God's word to others. Ok this is all very well, since God wants more people in heaven, but it still doesn't explain why he wanted to create us in the first place. I say he is bored. You see, one day he created the universe in the big bang and the many colourful things in it. But that isnt enough. He created sentient beings that he could watch and amuse himself with. He can witness from beginning to the end of man how they lived and constantly upgraded himself, and also be a small part in every person in the form of their conscience. Isn't this familiar? The Sims??
Then I also thought, since he has omni-potency (infinite power) he SHOULD be able to know what would happen in the world and what man would do even before he created it. So I guess it also defeats the purpose of creating us.

Sigh, what a boring life we would have and God has....wonder what he could do to amuse himself, but also knowing fully well that He would still be bored eventually. Eternity, such a lonely word.
Anyway we are doomed one way another, so just live life as extravagantly as possible!

Now all this is simply my daydreaming! It is in fact all rubbish. Dont take it seriously


As I am typing now, the rest of my family is sitting on the couch with their eyes glued to their tv watching crocodile hunter. Amidst all of the shrieks, whoops, suppressed screams followed by sighs of relief that the bad croc/poisonous spider/scorpion/any deadly creature you can name, did not eat up the person/sting/bite/kill him. Sooner or later there will be hysterical laughter and they will start writing memorials to Steve irwin. I am glad im in my sanctuary that protects me from the horrors of the wild, though technically they are just pixels on the tv screen.

Book Recommendation! : A man named dave by Dave pelzer
This book is super bewitching that it kept me totally glued to it for one whole day such that i finished it in one day. 400 pages. Its about a child who was abused by his mother, because the mother was emotionally unstable and was a victim of abuse herself. This is the third book of a series that depict his life (the author's); its all true. This is about his adult life, about his being unable to emotionally accept the woman he loved and totally trust her, eventually leading to divorce, and how he met another amazing woman whom he was totally blown over by, because of her virtues, attitude, understanding of his situation, and her constant encouragement.
This book is as touching as Chinese Cinderella! For those who like to read about people's lives and cry for them, well this is the perfect book! My sister's friend (my sister borrowed the book from her friend, then i borrowed from my sister) actually cried when reading the book, or so my sister claimed.

Of course if you dont like emotion-laden tear-jerkers, there is always Eoin Colfer and artemis fowl waiting for you :)

Hacker Google

heh check this out: Google for h4xx0rz (hackers)


Just came back from BB leadership training camp, which timeslot was extremely convenient to be on the first day of holidays. Imagine something like your friend saying "Hey what have you been doing in the holidays? Ive watched a movie, hanged out with friends, played granado espada.... "

And you reply "Camp." He would be like "..HUH??"

Really its pathetic but glad that its over at last. Its the first camp that is combined with the Girls brigade, though we had different activities. First day straight after school we were whisked away in those yellow buses to Sembawang BB/GB campsite. The sleeping quarters suck totally. The walls were like made of hollow wood so we could punch them and the paint would sort of crumble. Cracks everywhere. Beds were ok, only no bolster, because I like hugging bolsters to sleep at night. Ventilation came in the form of two small KOK ceiling fans that (fortunately) were able to oscillate, and also slitted glass panes like those in school. Allocation: ten boys to one room roughly the size of one-third of a classroom.

After some sian drill and dinner and bath time (we showered in the girl's toilets first cos the GB didnt come until 9pm) we went night cycling at 12am on 21 speed bikes. We covered around 50 km in 3 hours, going across 5 mrt stations and some places i didnt even knew existed in Singapore which looked like some malaysia backstreet. THEN we got chased by stray dogs! Once I cycled past a black dog and then it kept barking at our pack and gave chase, which eventually gave up after awhile. Another time was when we were going back to the camp site and some dogs from the coffeehouses gave chase for no reason. We pedaled like crazy for that one to lose it, and luckily it gave up cos we would have started cycling uphill. Made it back to camp at around 330am then showered and slept.

Second day was pretty much uneventful but we had a night campfire organised together with the GB and BB. We had an icebreaker game that needed two persons to be trees and another to be a squirrel and when the MC shouts something like HUNTER! or FIRE! squirrels had to find other trees or the tree had to find other squirrels. Obviously it wasnt successful cos the boys would group with other guys and girls would group with other girls and there werent enough squirrels to go around. Those left without squirrels (only BB boys) were called up by Mr Ng and we were cursed to meet him after the campfire in FULL UNIFORM. wtf. anyway after that no one really sang the campfire songs with heart (only the officers were singing) and we cant see or hear anything for the skits other than the one that gb and bb performed together. dek guan suxiang and jemimah were the main characters. dek guan was acting a boy who had low grades and joined bb. He insulted the officers there, but the GB people helped pull up his grades by tutoring him as they were one big family. And eventually he liked bb and gb. They were acting hilariously retarded cos the girls were super twit-ish and dek guan was like an idiot. Pity Li wei was sick so he couldnt act.

After the campfire we fell-in in the basketball court in full u for Mr Ng. He told us we didnt cooperate with the GB and made them look stupid and feel like failures, but despite that they even pleaded with him not to punish us, all while we were in push up positions. Following his speech we did 11 push ups. Not very heavy punishment but after that ordeal many people in my bunk (i was the room IC) were all livid and cursing and threatening never to go camps anymore.

For me I sort of envied the girls. They are really united in GB and they have fun. So unlike us, because we go to camp for training instead of relaxing. When parading I hear their laughter and screams coming from their bunks all the time. When I walk around the corridors I see them in groups practicing for skits and other nice stuff. I guess that though their drill totally sucks they sure utilise their time much better than us. What is discipline? What for having discipline? I rather be labeled slack and have thrice as much fun as we are having currently. Isn't bonding more important than the so-called discipline we gain after having those drills and strict regimes (though NCC is much stricter, so I pity them)? Girls have aircon rooms and fun camp schedules. Boys have fan rooms and crazy surprises like fire drills when officers wake boys up in midnight and shout fire, and then later say some one is missing so we have to run around at 2am in the morning. I dont mean that I dont like the discrimination, cos im fine with it. My point is they are allowed to enjoy themselves, and more importantly they really KNOW how to. Like as if they need to care about being 'tough' and 'man' and do stupid things to show that.

Sometimes I really do wish I was born a girl.


argh Im SUPER depressed now, cos my results like totally sucked and I really feel as if I have failed myself. I am pathetic.

A math: 28/80 O.O
E math: 52/80 okay..
Chem: 48.5/100 omg
Physics: 51/100 OMG
Biology: 80/100 finally one A
English: 68/100 also happy
Chinese: 57/100 very happy! cos its CHINESE (oh the horror)
Geography: 71/100 not bad but under expectations
SS: 32/50 not bad also under expectations

damnit i know there are some out there with worse results than me and i just sound like some arrogant person but I really had better expectations. Guess i didnt study much this time round thus the results. And many have already heard me whining more than once and maybe i seem moody (or moodier than normal) as observed by amanda.

ah nevermind...

ive been watching this really silly anime called ouran high school recently and it cracks me up. though it gets less funny as you progress down the episodes, cos they consist of mostly the same jokes. it has no plot at all, only jokes so I wouldnt exactly call it a nice anime, but at least it makes me laugh

chiho if you are reading this and smirking to yourself at my stupidity behind that tablet(if you can call it one, its more like some metal jumbled together) please LEND me .Hack volume 2! or ill punch you cos i said please already

! havent updated yesterday's stuff due to me slitting my wrists out of depression in the toilet lol of course actually blasting nice music

Yesterday we had the very BEST assembly ever in whole history of Nanhua high. we had a group of 5 singaporeans to sing chinese songs on stage, and though i do not especially like chinese songs or their vocals (the black guy sucks totally) it 100% beats sitting there and enriching ourselves of the EAGLES award through EXCITING powerpoint slides. isnt listening to strained voices trying to pull off songs much better than listening to ms yo's drone??

no actually on second thought she is much better. i mean, she has that perfect hour glass figure and sweet melodious voice, the chinese pop band simply cant compare!

i like the pianist! she(looks like he) improvised on the melody (albeit with some mistouching) nicely and well. if only there were guitarists there too.

ok thats it i think, cos i didnt really care about things happening around me lately. glad that xt is back; now i have someone to annoy

to sheryl and judith: NO i am not moody (or esp. quiet) because i miss XT!

Spidey 3

Day two of my long weekend: Went to watch spiderman 3 today with 310 boys at JEC! Sad thing is i lost 10 bucks there. May the person who took it die of a horrible death! People who went:


Stupid keith didnt tell me they were going to play soccer after the movie so I wore JEANS and a long-sleeved shirt! But anyway I didnt join them after all because Joshua begged me (sms-ed) to go bowling with him. The movie was ok, it is what i expect from a regular superhero movie: powerful bad guys owned by good guys. It lacks the material to really captivate moviegoers and it isn't the kind of movie that will be remembered down the years. I liked the Sandman, because he really is invincible and can shapeshift, almost like terminator. In reality, scientists will never say "oh the silicon mass has changed" and still go ahead with the experiment or whatever. Venom is weak (scared of reverbs) and the green goblin is technologically advanced (cool!). Spiderman is still the old nerd who can shoot webs.Peter cried in this movie though, which is the first for me. I dont think the movie is rushed or anything like that, unlike what some people said. Overall, superb CGI graphics, such as the cute little symbiote (little blob of Venom Parker's lecturer took for experimentation), sandman and the crane scene. Ill give this movie 6.5/10. To know my standard, day after tomorrow is a 7.5 and AI an 8.

Right after the movie we had some time to burn so we went to zoneX in JEC. I topped up 2 bucks in my tapZ and wanted to pit my rusty initial d skills against the regulars there. Mind you, I have been out of service for half a year due to bowling! Initially I wanted to trash a noob Ive been observing (and laughing at), but when I sat down infront of the console, he switched places with another guy! Presumably better (or PRO).

What came afterwards was surprising. I chose the ci4 cheng4 map(or akagi, for ID fans out there :D ) to test waters, since it is a little technical and requires intermediate skill, and I lost to him barely. Haha, this guy is noob. regular vs rusty pro, i thought

Then since i lost I got to choose maps again, so I chose my best map tu2 ban3 (Tsuchisaka), HAHA and i trashed him TOTALLY! Was 200m in front of him when i finished.

Then he challenged me again in (probably his best map), Irohazaka - I dont know the chinese pronunciation cos its all a bunch of swirly jap. Dang and he is using Mitsu Evo IV, which is good on that map, and Im using GC8V (subaru imprezza wrx). Sian and I got pwN3d! he was 200m ahead of me when he finished. -.- if only i had more money....though Im still satisfied, given my skills have deteriorated, I still have the ability t trash noobs and not-so-noob noobs. AND if only XT was there, he would have trashed him (Iro is his best map too) So sad...

But Im glad now, cos I managed to find my Fender pick! It was almost like excavating through a thousand-year-old historical ruins (my desk)! Lots of dust and rubbish and candy/biscuit wrappers that helped me stay awake through the night(!). All the books that were so essential and important to me during the mugging period of midyears suddenly turned from gold to trash.

And it was worse than THIS during the exam period!

ok bye now ive got to go watch hai3 tun2 wan1 (dolphin bay) on channel u


wahahahahahah exams are finally OVER! the long week of gruelling torture has ended!

i fear for my a maths though, i think ill fail it again. other papers hopefully will score above 60...

but now with tons of time on my hands i cannot seem to find anything to do other than playing guitar and then super smash bros after my fingers hurt too much.

my favourite smash bros character: kirby. it can suck people in and steal powers, turn into rock and also float

went to xt's house today to play as duet for songs like hotel california and stairway to heaven. it was rather fun but i had to leave at 3 cos his plane to hk is at 5. sian as i type he is in a cathay pacific business class plane, albeit one experiencing technical difficulties (haha). his plane is still grounded now, time is 6pm.

tomorrow i shall go out (first time as group of 310 classmates) with keith JO kenny jason and other boys to watch spiderman 3. though ive heard it sucks and such other spirit-dampening comments on the movie i will still go ahead and splash my 8 dollars (!!) worth to catch the friendly neighbourhood building-leaping, web-slinging, red-turning-black vigilante.

and im so heartbroken! my psp is suffering now with a bricked firmware!! after flashing a new custom firmware for my psp, i action go try and replace default theme files with a mac theme' ended up with my psp unable to super sad, cos i have to do mind-boggling dull and stupid stuff tonight like recovery booting and reflashing of the firmware to save my dead psp. if not it will remain as it is, as useful as a brick :(

hope i will have fun tomorrow, and im glad elaine chng said i did ok for english! hahaha finally a load of my mind! xt called mr ng and he said he is (evil) giving back papers on tues. wtf we know he is a super workmaniac but he dont have to show off his marking abilities now right! cant he spend the long weekend on something meaningful??? like adding a turbocharger to his beat up sunny or test out how long it will take for him to reach terminal velocity by jumping off the madeira (kidding!) or something

hope everyone has a great time before we get back the papers!


I have finally found what Ive been looking for after so long! an acoustic reenactment of Led Zepplin's famous 8 min long classic rock masterpiece. The original song was done with flute, one bass, one lead, and one accompaniment guitar and percussions. This song is like 36 years old?

Avril, avril

How much can a singer change in two years?

In the case of Avril Lavigne, a lot. Her first album, Let Go (the one and only original music album I own), has a lot of pop rock personality, coupled with a little emo-ness. I kind of like that.. Her second album under my skin was also nice, some songs with a quieter feel. She herself is quite talented as well, possessing the ability to play the guitar and piano. On top of that she has a better than nice (not Mariah Carey or Celion Dion fantastically powerhouse, but still wonderful nevertheless) voice.

That voice is totally wasted on her new album!! zomg black-dressing-bad-girl just turned into pink-pop princess-in-miniskirt! She sounds like all the other female pop singers now (ala hilary duff, britney spears, tata young etc) crapping about bubbly love/stealing boyfriends/nice hair/bitches. argh

Seriously, strictly speaking the only decent songs that retains her original unique style that sets her apart from the other girls are Innocence, Runaway and When You're Gone

Don't get me started on Girlfriend or Best damn thing..

*Hey hey, you you
I don't like your girlfriend/i could be your girlfriend/think you need a new one*



Canadian rocker Avril Lavigne will surprise fans with her upcoming album The Best Damn Thing, and admits her new lightweight songs are "very easy" and "not serious". The 22-year-old deliberately wrote a collection of disposable pop songs for 'The Best Damn Thing', which is released later this month.

The Complicated singer says, "My last record (Under My Skin) was kind of like a diary, all the things I was going through, and the lyrics were very personal and serious.

"This record is the opposite lyrically. It's not serious.

"There are a couple of songs that are about where I'm at with that kind of stuff, but it makes this record very light and very easy - easy to perform, easy to listen to."


i sure hope she disposes of them soon, and that her albums get better like last time


Sad Saturday

5 more days to MIDYEARS! wah siao liao..

and until now I haven't touched any books for revision, so I don't know what will happen to me. Im still playing guitar as I think of things to blog. Still, its inevitable that I will do my long-due math today..sian

all the best for midyears!

nicest propaganda ever!


the world suddenly seems so lost

when the eyes stopped seeing
the ears stopped hearing
and the people ceased to feel

cant anyone deal
away the pain
or have the ugly monster slain?

i know no one will
because no one cares
just stares

emo sia :D

chemistry sucks. who the hell invented relative mass and stoichiometry?! oh yeah that russian guy. i would kill him if he was alive today!

i wish these things would happen in MRTs of Singapore

Ok fine

IM UPDATING! what with the jumble of bad weather air pollution and global warming, im suffering while blogging here.

Its nearing the mid year examinations now, the first one I am taking in the premises of nanhua high school and everyone (almost) are already preparing for exams. Im still slacking with a pile of graphs not done for mr ng's e math.. he is going to kill me when he comes back from South Africa.
i kind of miss the last two years when we can really laze for three quarts of the year and then study like some crazy machine for the end of year examinations

it just started raining, and i mean raining as in pouring where you can only see things around 10 meters away, because any further becomes a white impermeable layer. the sun is still turned on. what did i say about horrible weather. its kind of pretty though, because I can see the mass of droplets plummeting towards earth at terminal velocity

Im in deep shit now, because ever since the end of the first common test, my study habits have taken a turn for the worse. Really, I am almost a pig. Eat and sleep and eat. And then maybe some Smash Bros. Then sleep. Ms Chng though she was blabbering and procrastinating about all those stupid issues of our class and behaviour, she hit the nail right on my head; I should really get on with the revising and stop lazing about. Oh yeah, today's physics test was really chicken! I didnt do any serious revising, only looked through the formulas., and it turned out to be SO simple. I expect at the very very least a 21/30.

Ok shall do my piano theory now. Ill try to post at high frequencies! like as if anyone reads this stuff anyway..

Whoopee! A 1000bhp nissan skyline! with an insane intercooler

Snow Patrol Chasing Cars

This crappy emo song has been topping the charts for quite some time now, and I have just gotten a copy (dont ask me how) onto my computer. After listening to it my impression on it worsened greatly. Not only the lyrics suck, the song is super, I mean, SUPER ultramegaultimatedownrightchickenfeedeasy to play on guitar/piano whatever instrument you care to name. Worse song of the century... ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae g#e g#e g#e g#e g#e g#e g#e g#e etc..... wtf


English: 19/30 (63.3%)
E Math: 27/35 (77.1%)
A Math: 13/35 (37.1%)
Chemistry: 27/50 (54%)
Physics: 24/45 (53.3%)
Chinese: 39/70 (55.7%)
Biology: 78/100 (78%)
Combined humanities - 81.6% (Geog 11/15, SS 9/10)

Total average: 62.5

sadsadsad but at least ive gotten a b4, so it isnt too bad. and anyway its only a 15% of the total year score, so who cares. wangjun will only get 10/15 and my 62.5 will in the end be 9/15.

one mark diff -.-

anyway after bb training today went with Joshua to meet up with Xiaotian. We took MRT to City Hall and along the way we saw this really interesting toddler. His mother was like playing games with him

"Where are we going?"






he shouted with a grin

"do you want SWEETS?"


he is quite adorable, as he has that constant pout on his face and that curious look in his eyes. I think im going mad because im being like a girl now. Joshua did this to me

Xiaotian and Joshua bought their (expensive) earpieces after about 45 min of going around Simlim. Xiaotian got an EX Sony in ear monitor earpiece ($80), and Joshua got a pretty headphone: Audio technica ATH-ES5 SV with aluminium housing ($98). I've tested both earpieces and both has got very good quality for a below-$100 pricing, though Joshua's ES5 could do with more bass.

Now I shall make a tedious trip to westmall to return my overdue library books or they might kill my cashcard

Sign off


WAHAHAHA Ive finally bought my headphones! After a gruelling week of intense research and internal debate, Ive chosen the Koss Portapro! And bought it yesterday!

Isnt it beautiful? Retro design with just the right amount of simplicity and sophistication. Its not looks only though with this headphone. The sound reproduction is truely awesome! Bass is punchy, not covering the mid tones and treble highs, furthermore its an open-type headphone, meaning sound will not reveberate throughout the internal driver but escape to the surrounding (lesser noise cancellation, but more precise tones). Of course it costs a hefty $90, but I DONT MIND! Really, you guys who havent done so should really stop using the cheap phones that came with your music player and hear some decent music, the way it was meant to be heard.

Also, it can fold neatly into the size of your palm/mouse. True portaprobility! And a free pouch came with the box, made of synthetic leather.

Hope you people out there can also buy better soundgear and hear the difference! Once you do, you are never going back. >:)

To Kenoriga: Owning headphones 100% beat owning kitties. Headphones dont have electric poop.

March holidays

It is the march holidays! but actually it doesnt feel like one. i have social studies, math, chemistry, chinese homework all piled up, along with two other projects and CCA.

even so, ill still try to enjoy myself. I shall get the slingbag that I have been wanting so long to buy, if i manage to find it. Then ill buy myself a headphone. Also, I must go bowling at least once.

It is a good start of the march holidays; I had a great dinner just now outside with my family. Ate at a nonya restaurant in beauty world which serves damn delicious home dishes. Its called kalalalulu peramakan i think. something like that. ithink its catchphrase is 'dont eat dont regret ah'! Definitely singaporean-style.

Happy holidays to all people out there!

Common test

Wah...after the initial ecstacy of finally finishing the common tests and ending all of that mugging, I am feeling sad once again. My common tests results are by large disappointing.

Currently I have gotten back my papers for maths, two of my sciences and english. I failed A maths terribly, scoring only 13/35

English: 19/30 (63.3%)
E Math: 27/35 (77.1%)
A Math: 13/35 (37.1%)
Chemistry: 27/50 (54%)
Physics: 24/45 (53.3%)

After averaging my (pathetic) results: 56.9%

OMG this is the worst average I have ever gotten in my 2 years in Nanhua! Im feeling super pathetic and sad now, though bowling has helped me lift up my spirits temporarily just now.


Below is my continuation (second chapter) of the story(havent named it) I had written last year. If you haven't read it, or want to read it again, here is the link

Please give your comments, and dear Mr Yoon chiho from class 312 the multi coloured hair anime-manga addict, I have finally posted my story ok!


Central Base

Information Control Tower

A digitized voice emanated from the in-built organic woofers of Ren Junior, indicating that the last section of the probe was completed. Corporal Ren stirred irritably from his uncomfortable position and rubbed sleep away from his eyes. The fluid-cooled swivel chair did not do any good to his back, which ached like a stubborn bruise. He continued his post-waking up rituals for a few seconds and then became immediately alert to the gently pulsating statistics on the plasma screen, vying for his attention.

“Oh my God, this is insane!” his mouth let out a whispered gasp as his analytical brain processed the data.

He typed some quick commands and his proton-dye printer came to life to undergo its task. A few seconds later, a stack of fresh printouts lay at the printer tray. Though terabytes of information is easily transmitted in this modern age, he still preferred to use carbon paper instead of its more advanced digital counterparts. It retained all the qualities of its wood-pulp paper ancestor, but can be entirely broken down into individual carbon strands and reconstructed to make new carbon paper easily. Ren grabbed them roughly and ran off in the direction of Lieutenant Nice’s office.

Nice was admiring his own reflection on his polished table top when Ren barged in wildly clutching a stack of paper as if it was gold. Nice jumped and his forehead impacted rather loudly against the table.

“Damnit Nice, look at these printouts! If these are accurate, which they should be given the fact that I am the one who patented and implemented the system, the S151-12 beings are welding an uncategorized electromagnetic force that isn’t part of the spectrum. And simply render all the past laws of physics seriously flawed!” Ren exclaimed and stared into Nice’s sky-blue eyes with his blood-shot ones.

“Hey quit gazing at me as if I’m your mummy, and how times must I say not to use my first name!” Nice roared, still piffed about getting caught red-handed in his embarrassing moment of vanity.

Ren ignored him, placing the printouts on his table. Nice picked them up, and glared at Ren for his impudence before leafing through them. His eyes bulged more prominently than usual as he read the statistics. By the time he was finished, you could expect from his expression there was a time bomb under him waiting to go off.

“Keep all of the instruments tracking similar energy traces just in case. The instruments that you ‘patented and implemented’” Nice sneered. “Send these to General Headquarters and the Defence Ministry. Heh, whatever happened to phantom images and hardware failure?”


Mountain peak KmpQ-752319,

Northern Hemisphere

(Nadicnish is translated into English for your reference)

“Gandalf would be happy to know the success of our mission and very soon would the Netherreals be able to enjoy the true land of Gaia without any hindrances” Molork’s fingers tingled with excitement at those thoughts. The twelve Neths formed an ellipse at the mountain’s peak at the northern hemisphere, the peak where earth’s magnetic forces were the strongest. As they bathed in the sun’s heat and earth’s attractive forces, they felt truly at one with Nature. After several silent moments with clasped hands, the Neths started glowing and vibrating with increasing agitation, until they turned into a band of pure white light and unleashed gigantic bolts of blue beams into the surroundings.

The Neths felt completely refreshed, with the essence of Gaia melded together with their souls inside them.

Haru, a member with long flowing hair, is the warrior of the group and has techniques of the sword as graceful as his fluid silver mane. “I hope every one here possesses equal will and fighting spirit to overcome these obstacles laid in front of us. Our enemies aren’t simple.”

“Pifle. They are as dense and weak as newborn babies. We will take them down easily. I do wonder why our forefathers did not do this earlier.” Balidnor snorted, eyeing a spark of blue crawling lazily along his forearm.

“No, never should we underestimate. We have already seen the might and power this advanced city has alone. Remember, we are fighting for the whole earth.” Loki cautioned.

“Enough said. Let us return from where we came, and bring our brothers into the coveted land that once belonged to us.” Molork silenced the Neths.

Once again, they joined hands in a pentagram. “Vish, Ree, Zu” the Neths said as one and disappeared in a blinding flash, leaving only an intricate scorch mark to tell of the tale twelve beings who were once there.


to be continued....

Vista: n00b

The long awaited Vista has finally arrived, with much hype Windows created. What with a breakthrough of interface (Aero) or improved security which even comes with a two-way traffic firewall. Wow. It seems as though Windows has finally woken up and released something that looks and performs as stunningly as its competitors.

See those leaflets in Harvey Norman and Courts? Pure propaganda. And you have got to pay like $400+ to get one of those "Home Premium" packs that "deliver more productivity and entertainment". Yeah right. The Aero even has a cool flip 3d navigation that allows you to leaf through open windows in 3d-real time. totally out of this world.. As if Linux didn't already have a 3d navigation that allows you to toggle between desktops.

Ok enough being cynical. Window Vista's interface is a real development over XP's blue and green. Its more-often-annoying-than-useful security such as antispyware and firewalls arent nearly as good or established third-party ones like NOD32 or ZoneAlarm.
It is a resource monster. If you have 1gb ram on your set and have Vista (trial, whatever) installed on it the CPU usage skips from 40% to 100% everytime you open a document or execute a program. Note, 40% is like when its idling there doing nothing.

Vista has cool wallpapers that make a huge impact when potential buyers leaf through Vista brochures and see them. Personally, The only things I like other than the facelift is the Instant search function for files and the Bitlocker software. The search function should be much more efficient than the current one in XP, which takes from a few seconds to a few minutes just to finish a search completely. The Bitlocker encrypts files to protect data though freeware of this kind is available anywhere on the net from softpedia to, it is indeed useful to have complete integration with the OS itself.

Also, the drastic improvement of startup time in Vista is much appreciated. It typically starts up in around less than 10 secs to the login page and will load the startup progs in the background as you start working. This is a very major change, as previous versions of MS (95, 98, ME, 2000, XP) all startup like just under the time needed for you to eat some cereal or make a short phone call.

All in all, I would very much like to own (not buy) a Vista Ultimate in the near future of 2-3 years when the OS has settled into the industry and when more patches/features/software/exploits/better and cheaper hardware are available for it.

An OEM with Home Basic(totally sucks, really) would be around $1500. Buy a Vista today!

Windows Vista's competitors
Linux with Beryl
Link 2
End of short post

MRT Crapiness

Today's just another bleak, wet and dismal day. Landslides are still occurring all over Singapore. I was taking the MRT to Dover when at Jurong East the announcement blared, saying there will not be any train service to Clementi onwards. wtfknn. Just when I was thinking "hm so many landslides now, scarly mrt get accident today" too. Sometimes I really am psychic. The poor child who jumped onto the MRT tracks lost a leg, I think. I heard it from Daniel. Seriously, we are having more than our fair shares of track accidents this year. Due to that child(and many other victims)I dont know to what extent it had disrupted life in Singapore. Hundreds of people did not manage to get to their destination on time. Taxi queues were crazily long. I bet all of them were cursing the cause of the accident. Really, can't people be more well-behaved and STAND BEHIND THE YELLOW LINE!

JT picked us (me and chiho. i met up with him)up at the main road near IMM in his nissan sylphy. He drives faster than the normal singaporean, though I would have liked it better if he drove faster. Had swimmming training at his house then went up to his apartment and watched some soccer. It was a match between Thailand and Vietnam. The Thais loved to out a lot, and the Vietnamese liked to push people down. It was almost comedy. Then had lunch with the other bb boys at some ghim moh hawker center. Also bought a RamLY burger in the Pasar Malam there. Mr Ng cut some slack for us this weekend and gave us only 4 questions to do. Song bo.


Finally! I am finally able to blog. Was extremely busy throughout the last two weeks. Mr Ng crazy, gave us so much A maths and E maths that we have almost finished 1 whole A4 exercise book. And we have already learnt up to logarithms, when most of you are still at indices. He is like a bulldozer, drill us till we literally almost died. I have been staying up till midnight almost every day, plus I still got CCA and piano.

And we have a chemistry test and we need to hand in a bio wb, chem wb, physics ws and dont know how many chem exercises to do, with all this due on monday. Schedule packed fully on saturday: morning Boys brigade, afternoon go officer house because of recent webmaster position, night CIP.

On sunday: group project.

So this leaves me with afternoon to finish all my hw + stdy test + do theory + play piano.

Im dying.