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My Worst Day Ever

This day was supposed to be a happy day. Went to Xiaotian's house. I arrived at Boon Lay station at 9.20am and waited for him and Junneng. Xiaotian came at 9.25am and Junneng came at 9.30am. Soon after, bus 199 was turning in the terminal and Xiaotian exclaimed. We chiong and I accidentally hit a guy. And my TPC dropped on the floor. I picked it up and continued running. We made it to the bus in time and boarded it. The bus ride took about 30min and we chatted about mp3 players and electronics and such.

We got down in NTU and waited for the shuttle bus. 20 cents boarding fee. The bus was lousy and its engine should already be sent for repair. You know, the exhaust pipe was spewing out near-to-black smoke?! And the bus actually went backwards on the hill when the driver let go of the brake and the engine whined so loudly when he stepped on the gas. Got down after 10min of ride Xiaotian's condo looked like an ordinary HDB. It was very old. The lift would shake crazily if you jumped slightly. Xiaotian said that the lift had slipped from the 9th storey to the 6th storey and stopped with a bang. Junneng and I decided not to test the lift anymore after that. When we reached his doorstep - Surprise, Suprise!- he had forgotten to take his key with him and we were locked out. Junneng and I scolded him for 2 mins and he took his bike to cycle round NTU to places where his mother frequents. We sat on the floor and played Need for Speed Underground.

Xiaotian came back witht he key 20min later. Luckily his mother was visiting a neighbour. If not, we would be forced to go straight to Sim Lim Square. We went into his house and ate some cup noodles and snacks. I accidentally spilt some h20 thirstquencher over xiaotian's keyboard,He also had some quite realistic looking guns. One pistol and one shotgun. The only fake thing about them was that they were plastic. I urged Xiaotian to do some work on our project so we spent 3 min on it and completed. Apparently there was a site with both english and chinese translations on the story of Chun Wang Chi Han and we just copied all.

Continued on Need for Speed. I can't because mine was too laggy, so I watched Junneng instead. At about 1.00pm( I can't rememebr clearly) we left Xiaotian's house for Sim Lim. Jjoshua was meeting us there. Junneng went back home. Spent about 45min to travel from Boon Lay to Bugis. Then walked to Sim Lim Square and met up with Joshua.

Walked around asking shops whether they sell RAM chips. Most of them sell cameras and phones. I am already sick of them. Finally found on shop on the second storey that sells Kingston 512mb RAM(Processor 333) at $145! I asked him to try on my com to see if its compatible. He opened and told me that I must buy it no matter what, unless it is not compatible. I agreed but regretted later on. My computer RAM is now 760mb! While normal students who upgraded in school are a mere 512mb! hah! They only bought another 256mb chip, while we bought 512mb chips to add on to our already 256mb RAM. We travelled up another storey and people advertising their shops handed leaflets to me. There were about 8 leaflets and they just stuffed one by one to me. I tried to organise them and lost my hold on my TPC, so I told Joshua to help me hold, but he thought I was talking about the leaflets so it was too late and I DROPPED IT!!

We countinued shopping around. Then we went into a shop which is a Fujitsu products distributer and asked about the RAM. The girl there said they sell 512mb RAMs for $115 and asked us why we needed it. Xiaotian and I explained to her that our coms were laggy and produces slow graphics. She asked us if the startup entries were too many, making startup very slow, and we replied that we have used 'msconfig' to minimise startup lagginess already. She then asked us whether we have defragmented our files. The files in our coms gets more and more jumbled up in time, so it takes the com more time to fit all the pieces of a file together if the bits are very dispersed. I told her that I have defragmentised the files and also reformatted the computer. Her jaw dropped open and she was very astonished. We then told her that we are searching for the lowest price for RAM and thanked her for her help.

On the way to other shops, Xiaotian and I discussed about her. She is about 23 to 26 years old. We thought that she is quite chio and Joshua and us all agreed that she was very helpful, friendly etc. and makes a very good shopgirl. Xiaotian bought a LAN cable-splitter. After browsing through, we still thought that the 'Fujitsu shop with chio bu' sells the cheapest RAM and went back there. We went into the shop and told them we wanted to buy the RAMs. I took Xiaotian's PC and overturned it and unscrewed the RAM panel when the Fujitsu chiobu was inside taking out the RAM chips. When she returned with the chips and a screwdriver, she was impressed as we had brought our own screwdriver and removed the panel ourselves and exclaimed 'Wow self-service!' Joshua and Xiaotian bought their RAMs and we sat down outside the shop and played NFSU. I deleted Ares and my Firewall. Ares was taking up 215mb of space!!! My com became very fast and I was very satisfied. When we were playing half-way the Fujitsu shop chiobu came and passed us a cable-splitter. She said that we had left that in the shop. Wow!! So responsible and honest. We were very impressed and thanked her.

Went to Burger King to eat lunch. When Xiaotian and Joshua was queuing for food, I took out my PC and booted it up. Suddenly, I noticed there was a crack next to the fan-holes. There was even a bit missing! I was heartbroken and shocked! How could this happen to me?!(Simple plan untitled) After calming down, I thought back and remembered that it was when I had too many leaflets and lost hold on my tablet and dropped it. I told Joshua and Xiaotian. Joshua was very apologetic. I told him that it was not his fault, but mine and I am the only one to blame. Sigh....I vowed there and then in font of Xiaotian and Joshua that I will never take more than 3 leaflets to hand at once in my life anymore.

Well, there is no point in crying over spilt milk so I shall not brood over this anymore. Xiaotian also gave me advice not to think about it, or I will become even more depressed. He said that even though I had spilt soft drinks over his keyboard earlier on, he did not get angry or fell sad, so I heeded his advice.

If only I had been more careful with my com......

小孩不笨 -- I Not Stupid

Do you know about the program Chiho's dad installed on his TPC? It is a Korean anti-gaming software which blocks all legitimate games. Pirated games are able to slip through its net because they are not recognised by it(See piracy is such a good thing?). I think Chi Ho's dad is sick.
I found out about this after I helped Chiho install Need for Speed Underground on his TPC. He told me he could not play the game, so I tried and saw that the program was blocking it.

I tried to help him through a few basic steps to some more advanced ones. First, I tried to locate the core files of the Korean program. I could only find some chinese crap folder in the Program Files folder. So I went to the WINDOWS folder. There are all the system files in it. You are recommended not to touch these by Windows. I searched for many minutes and finally found out that a certain 'Logickeeper' was the English name of the Korean program's creator and TKagent was its name. I entered and tried to delete the core files to stop it form functioning, but it was fruitless. The files were encrypted. I could not delete nor edit it. I know because I tried to change one file on Notepad. They were rubbish, in ASCII format. I can't even read it. Then I backspaced all the words and typed some crap and saved, but I could not.

I then tried other alternatives. I pressed Ctrl Alt Dlt to open Task Manager to stop the processes of the program, but unfortunately, the program locked Task Manager. I figured that the program would need to run automatically after each startup of Windows, so I went to Run and typed in 'msconfig'. This would open an interface which allows you to change programs which run sutomatically during startup of Windows. The smart program locked that function too. I was fuming then, so I went to the Net and installed a program called 'Quicklaunch'. It behaves the same way as 'msconfig'. I deleted the entry of TKagent and restarted. TO my surprise, TKagent was up and running after the computer rebooted. I deleted the enty of TKagent again and closed 'Quicklaunch'. I opened again and the TKagent icon has appeared there again! I was like 'omgomgomgomgomg......' and told Chiho that if nothing could stop it, he would have to reformat his whole PC and create a new partition. I told him that I would be glad to help Chiho reformat FOC, but he declined and replied that it will be a time-consuming process.

I discussed this matter with Xiaotian and Junneng. After several fruitless attemps on TKagent, Junneng came up with a brainwave: Download a keylogger and ask Chiho's dad to type in the password to change the settings of it. His idea was ingenious, but I have to say it will work only in the short term. I searched Google(in the process we accidentally found out in his Google history that Chiho watched porn) and downloaded 'Elite Keylogger'. We set it to stealth mode and let it record every keystroke made on Chiho's TPC.

The next day(today) Chiho came back beaming. His dad typed in the code and was recorded! Junneng searched the logs and found the password, but apparently he typed in the wrong one. I think his dad changed the password and Junneng typed in the old one. We sighed. It was not until Lunch break did it happen...

We decided to have another go. Xiaotian opened the log files again and searched for the password. We discovered another password beneath the old password! We typed in the password and PING the software settings came out, free for use to change!! We were too happy and whooped in joy: WOOOOOOOOOOOOO for the class to hear. Yue li called us IT pros. We three stood up and high-fived," The professionals! HAHAHAHAHA"

The creators were smart, but we lowly kids were smarter cracked their "invulnerable" software! They can go die already. Muhahaha. After school went to Chiho house to play Need for Speed Underground and then went back home at 4.45pm. Reached home at 5.15
Going to Xiaotian's house tomorrow and Simlim Square.

till I blog again.

Gossip is a Horrifying Thing

I do not think I would be playing Gunz anymore, not until much later. Xiaotian lent me Need for Speed Underground. Wah, that game is 'shiok'. In the game, there are two options which you can choose: Underground and Quick Race. As the name suggests, Underground is the game itself. In the beginning, you have a small choice of cars to choose from. Their performance levels are very low, but that is the main point. You are supposed to use that car to race. By winning races, you unlock Performance Packs, Visual Packs, many decals and vinyls, and most importantly, cars. Nitrous Oxide is a new feature in the Need for Speed series. The previous versions like NFS 3 Hot pursuit does not have any nitrous Boost or whatsoever. All that you can count on was your car, skill and luck. If you do not know what is nitrous boost, it is an injection of nitrous oxide into you car's fuel system. It will then be combusted with the fuel and increases your speed significantly. After unlocking the packs, you must go to the Customize option. There, you are able to buy visual and performance add-ons, or even trade your car in for another one. Your car can be improved by adding on theses Performance Packs and Visual Packs. Visuals improve how your car looks. For example adding side-skirts, bumpers and spoilers. You may think that these are not important, but these parts adds on to your Reputation Gauge. Your reputation must be at a certain level befor you can participate on further races. Buying all these parts need money, and you get these money buy winning races. So in general, it is actually a vicious cycle. Quick Race is where you can choose any car you like, and use it to race immediately on any map you prefer. You do not use any money in this option.

I hope you people out there can share the same interest in cars.

Now, I must ask you a question. Why on Earth does Art and Literature have to exist on this earth. I say we will be perfectly happy without it, if not happier than before. Literature is a waste of time and space. You do not need literatary skills in the future, nor do you need to understand and comprehend poems in you job, unless you want to be a poet, and let me tell you poets rarely make a fortune or become famous. Even if you do, you will most likely be only after you are dead. And Art is plain dumb. The Ministry of Education should let us choose our own choice of subjects of Humanities after the first-half of Sec One, since Humanities are not important subjects. By forcing us, we will be more prone to stress, mental breakdowns, depression and these can eventually lead to death or a fate worse than that(committing suicide/admitting into asylum) In other words, the MOE is indirectly killing us. For those who do not mind taking Literature/Art, you would be less stressed with two subjects off the schedule would you not?

Anyone in 110, Nanhua Secondary: Those who possess an Adobe Photoshop CD please lend one to me; I want to burn it.

I do not know why my post title is so. It just popped out of my mind when i was thinking of a title for this post. I think it was from a drama serial or book. I forgot which, or maybe both. Anyway, it is more or less true.