9 August

Yesterday was 9 August! Our NDP has ended at long last. To tell you the truth, towards the end of it all, I was sort of hoping this thing to never end. Not sure of why, but it sure seemed nice gathering every week at the old grey Stadium. The fireworks displays were the best of all. We watched it like at least 5 times, through all those practices. And the whole Singapore held a birthday bash for me! I wish. Unusual experience though, performing on my birthday. Its gota be the first time for me.

And I received my first ever presents yesterday!

3-Pack Kinder Bueno and class photo from Fauzi!

Getting presents from people (other than relatives) is a rare treat for me. Im not a girl so we dont go mad and exchange presents for no reason. Anyway, it was a thoughtful gesture from our AI in Guards and Kaiwei probably received the same. Wonder how many other Singaporeans are born on the same day as us, 9 August 1992. Sorry for the lack of updates, but due to the oncoming tests, I shall have to refrain from spending too much time on the comp( my already-deteriorating typing skills is evident to that). Many Thanks for all the birthday wishes/presents! Onward Singapore! and me.