Yo people. I have gotten new photos! Enjoy!

Hey dog come here, we shall play together

Come here lah. very fun one.



Aren't I da fashion

Back of the class

Hmm wonder what is my scrotum's temperature

Ehh, why so cold one??

Sigh, why so cold...depressed nia. Cheryl wont be happy.

Hey Josh cheer up! Why not sing a song!

Ok. Here comes.




Thank you thank you. Amitaba.

Super Hair Stylist

Im going to transform Yueli into Chun Li!


Hee Im Chun Li. Do not underestimate me!

Supersonic attack!!!


Wahaha Im, like, so powerful loh.




Haha ok this time quite lame la, but it is the best I can come up with. If these mini-photoskits fail to amuse you, I am very sorry.

Short update:
I got a freaking 78/100 for Science total for Mid Year! Wahaha. I rock! Zhen Yu who still claims that he is stupid, tops me by 3 marks. Sigh. But cant compare, he prepares for tests 3 weeks in advance. Lots of tests coming up, everyone work hard to get a better average for the class! And another good news, Xiaotian has recovered from his viral attack! No need to pity him any longer! He is back to his normal crap/pervertic/despo old self. I hope you all have enjoyed my pictures, shall try to make better ones in the future!

Sports day

Since I have not been posting for so long, I shall post some pictures. Sorry for the delay. I jsut did not feel like blogging for this week.

This is me. Today went to Junneng' Aunt's Hairdresser shop, Micheal&Cindy at 4th storey of Shaw Towers. Bad hair day? Go there for a haircut today!

Junneng must thank me for advertising loh. It even rhymes.

Are these guys handsome?

No la, this one more handsome.

In the classroom

Confucius say, We must listen to teacher.


Wa sian why so itchy one ah.

Sports day!

Congrats to people who participated in the finals. Kenny, who ran in the relay with other powerhouses like Jason and Kian An. Xiaotian, you must train your leg muscles more. I know you like your chest to bulge la, but you are Skyline GTR BNR-32, if you have no horsepower, you cannot move your heavy body. And Yanling is sick. Her legs are damn long. Her body is so much shorter than her legs. She said her legs are 39 inches long while her body only 18 inches or something. No wonder she and Jeraldine could lead our class to win the girls relay.

Our Sports Day 210 Banner: credits to Vanessa, Amanda and all others who contributed. (I only saw those two doing it, so I only know them)

And how grandly it flies in the wind!

The stands

Oi Zhen Yu!


Whats your problem la, call me for what.

My name is holy. Dont mess with me ok, or I will get you !

With my FANGS! Fssst!

Haha hope you all enjoyed my post. Blogging more later. Bye

Nanhua High School: The Truth Exposed

I googled Nanhua High School after reading Wang Jun's post that he did so and found his and my blogs at the 4th page. So I decided to give it a try. This result from ChannelNewsAsia interested me alot.

See this stupid Howard using the Tablet with Suan Fong and the King beside him? Damn, his face must have been broadcasted throughout Channel 8, U, 5 and NewsAsia.

I have pasted the full article below.

SINGAPORE : It was a packed programme for King Norodom Sihamoni of Cambodia on the second day of his official visit to Singapore.

The king is on a three-day state visit at the invitation of Singapore President S.R. Nathan.

King Sihamoni's morning started in Clementi.

His first stop was at Nan Hua High School, where he was warmly greeted by the principal and students.

The school is 89 years old, and home to more than 1,700 students.

The king was particularly interested in learning more about how the school employs technology in the classroom.

There, Secondary One and Two students use a tablet PC in learning up to seven subjects, and the entire school is also wirelessly connected to the Internet.

The king saw for himself how the students make use of computers in a laboratory session.

In one of the lessons, a student explained to the Cambodian king on how they mix several essential oils to make perfume.

Then it was off to a geography lesson.

The school's teachers explain that using the laptops means lessons are not confined to just textbooks and students can even use resources from the Internet.

Even homework is mostly done using their laptops, which are optional for students at the cost of $2,800.

The only time the students use pen and paper is for their examinations.

Next, it was another lesson for the king - this time in history when he visited the Asian Civilisations Museum.

The king also visited the National Orchid Garden where a new orchid hybrid - the Denbrodium Norodom Sihamoni - was named after him.

The robust and free-flowering hybrid has about 15 to 25 richly coloured flowers per spray.

Its petals are gracefully twisted with slightly wavy margins and its floral parts are violet-purple with white borders.

King Sihamoni wraps up his state visit to Singapore on Friday. - CNA/de

How do we use this technology in the classroom? We don't. The Tablets are stashed away at home. On the (very-rare) occasions when the teacher tells us to bring them to school for lessons, the class would always groan and give excuses like, "Wa lao, so heavy." and "Dont want. Got CCA la" . At least this is what happens in our class. But it should be the same situation in other TPC classes. So when we do not even bring the TPCs, do we use them in our lab lessons? Or other lessons for that matter. The only time period we brought our Tablet PC to school daily was when we first got our Tablet PCs last year. We were so excited about them that we lugged them around in and out of school. But what did we do with them? Listen to music, play turn-based online game Gunbound and spam other students with fake Colligo admin messages. Did we use them properly for lessons? No, we did not.

"Even homework is mostly done using their laptops, which are optional for students at the cost of $2,800. The only time the students use pen and paper is for their examinations." Wow, when did we ever use the TPC to do our homework? I don't think I can remember. It seems like from day one, teachers have been using paper to give us worksheets. The only exception was last year when Mr Chow gave us a simple scanned-in worksheet on Vernier Calipers. Otherwise, I don't think we have ever used it for homework. And after including the cost of insurance, CD-RW/DVD-R drives, locks, screen protectors and other accesories, I don't think the price of the TPC would be only $2,800.

Ok, what I have said is the reality now in Nanhua. But I can see improvements in this Tablet PC programme. Teachers (like Mr Adrian Tan and Mdm Yip) are really urging us to bring the Tablets to school and use it. They are also adjusting their lessons to bring in the usage of Tablets. To prevent students from playing online games or surf undesirable (gaming, porn) websites, the school implemented SonicWall, a firewall that blocks access to websites the Admin specified using keywords for example, game, so www.game.com and www.gamefreakz.blogspot.com (my website! :'( ) could not be accessed. This would discourage students from using the Tablet in inappropriate activities, if students bring the Tablets for lessons in the future. But what is the big problem that makes TPC students so reluctant to bring the Tablets to school? It is the weight. The Tablet PC with the Main and Bay batteries slotted in would weigh around 2.5 kg. That is quite heavy accounting the weight of the textbooks and files we carry daily (yes we do. only crap people like Xiaotian don't) I guess the average weight of your bag should be around 4-5 kg. Would anyone want an additional 2.5kg in your bag? So, you can carry the Tablets using a carrier bag with your arm, but that is for short distances. What about people who do not take parent's cars to school will take either bus or MRT. Yeah, businessmen carry them around like that, but they have cars. For me, bringing the Tablet to school is normally a half hour strain to each arm (I switch between them). Just try going to the gym one day with a bag weighing 5 kg and holding a 2.5kg weight in your arm. Then stand there for around half an hour. After that walk on the treadmill briskly (8km/h). See how you feel if you do it daily. To solve this problem, the school should get lighter laptops from Fujitsu. There are 1.5kg laptops out there in the market. Because of the Tablet function, the Tablet would probably weigh more than other laptops because of the extra components and screen and I think being able to write on the screen is quite useless. Typing is so much more efficient, neater and faster.

So I conclude that it would help this TPC programme alot if the school buys lighter laptops in the future. The other problem should be easier to achieve, that is that the teachers should try and put in the usage of Tablets in their lessons, because currently, the most teachers would do is connect to the overhead projector and beam material on the screen to teach and for us to learn.

Rainy Afternoon

Sorry people for the delay of posts. As I said, I went to the Garden of Remembrance to pay respects to my great-grandmother and great-grandfather's ashes with my father and two sisters. It is quite a nice place actaully, with a Christian theme and there was even an artificial fountain. My mother did not go with us because she went out with her friends. I was practically shouting over the phone explaining our whereabouts; she did not have the house key. So when she reached home, she found that we were all not in. Locked out. Haha. Then we went back to fetch her and all went for dinner at West Mall. Sian. At first we planned to eat at the Food Court, but we could not find any seats. Having no choice, we went to eat fast food. I suggested KFC since the food in Burger King is too expensive. One meal in Burger King would cost around $6 in Burger King, while I advertised to them about the Superstar meals in KFC. They were impressed and we all went there. My father and I ate Fish Ole meals while my sisters one OR Fillet Burger meal each, plus a Oriental Salad for my mom. It totaled up to be around $23. Quite cheap considering Fast Food. I think I am dying. I have been eating fast food for 3 consecetive days.

Anyway after dinner, my sisters went to GForce and bought their handphones (which they have long pestered my father about. I guess that my dad was tired and relented to them) They went home happily. By happily, I mean like winning 4D kind of happily. I took a picture of them as compared to my old N6610i.

My sisters' new handphones. From right, Nokia 6610i, 6111, 7610. Mine, Joy's and Joline's. I am very sad. As you can see, mine is very outdated. My father is sad-er. The two phones burnt a big hole in his pocket. We are having very heavy showers at the Madeira currently as I blog.

Am I dreaming or is Singapore finally snowing?

And my Canon's (super-weak-built-in) flash caused this. Cool?

I shall blog more later. Gona take some pictures of my Initial D card. Becuase my father's (very old) Ixus v2 Canon has no macrozooming, I am going to use my sister's 7610.


Good Friday

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Im going to my . Posting more later after returning from dinnner. Actually it is her ashes at the garden of remembrance, not grave. Return later aft around 8 thanks for your support!

BB Week

Today I went to the Church and asked around for donations. As you might know, BB Week is an annual event for all BB Boys. We are to collect donations over a period of 3-4 weeks. Because I am very slack, I choose to collect donations only on the last week, which is today, two days from the deadline. Haha. But my efforts have not gone wasted. I approached almost everyone in church, whether I knew the person or not. Before the lessons for teens(P6 to Secondary) started, I have already gotten around $70+. After the lessons and a bible study group, I went around again. In all, I raised $178. Then after lunch when I reached home, I asked the neighbours next door to donate and they gave me $5. I topped $13 up myself to make it a grand total of $200!!! Wahaha. I am enthu. I must specially thank a rich family who drives a Bronze BMW 5 (if I'm not mistaken), because they gave me $50! My tactic? "Um, I am currently raising funds for the Boys Brigade, my CCA. We have this annual collection of funds because we are independant from government support and these donations goes to our activities. Can you donate? Any amount is appreciated." Such a simple sentence and I raised $200 in a day. Wonder what will happen if I knock on every apartment in the condomnium. Ah so shiok.

Look at the number of notes. I exchanged the small change with my mother.

I love Yusof Bin Ishak.

Ok I shall now end my short post and start revising for the Biology test tomorrow.

Cool Campaigns

You know those campaigns you see on public transport like MRT, buses and stuff? Like "Jiang Hua Yu Cool!"? There are much cooler campaigns in found in Malaysia. Singapore campaigns totally sucks.

Say No to Porn, Press Alt-F4


iPod silhouettes

Recently, I am into making iPod adverts. So, Apple is already so rich, they do not need more advertising from the amount of exposure we are already getting. I know, but it is fun, and easy to make. Plus, it looks nice. The steps are very simple. You just take any photo, and Magnet Select the person. Copy it and create a new layer in a new document. Then Paste it on the layer. Colour the background layer with your preferred choice. Make the Layer 1 active again, and use the Magic Wand to select the person. Make the forground colour black and press ALT-backspace. This will turn the person black. The only tedious part is
smoothing out the edges of the cutout. Then you can add dumb stuff like iPod slogans. The ones I added were thought out by myself. Quite lame actually. Enjoy the pics. I know the quality isn't very good, but JPEG can only do so much. And as you notice, I am actually using Hello! Picasa. I am being forced into it, as uploading is really very very very tedious. Hello! is smart. I should be using Hello! to upload my pictures in the future, though I will delete the code that puts its logo next to the picture's caption. Hello! sucks. Really.

This is made yesterday. I used the dead pose in the MIB skit.

See the similarity?

iPod ad I made today. It is taken from my sisters' basketball coach.

This is my sisters' basketball coach. No idea what he is doing