Wah very tired now...just now went to Bukit CSC to bowl with Joshua. It was the best bowling sessions ever since Xiaotian left. We started off striking and sparing like nobody's business but gradually weakened. Its really great without the distraction of other players, and i think that its the best if 2 or 3 people bowl at once. The people next to our lane were the only distraction. They were a group of young adults, maybe 20, and did stupid things with the ball and one guy even fell down on the lane.

Played a 5 game series, Joshua ending with 727 and me with 677, because i didnt have enough stamina. His average per game is 145 while mine 135. At least i won him in his challenge on his last game, i got 140 while he got 131. Really didnt bowl like this for a very long time! Refreshing and very shiok. The people beside us were like 50 60 plus nia. hahaha

EOY Results! I topped English, 2nd for Chem, Topped SS, and topped boys in Bio. WOOOO!

English (compo + compre): 73.7% - A2
Chinese(compo + compre): 61.8% - B4
EMath (p1 +p2): 71.3% - A2
AMath: 47.5% -Fail BAH
Chemistry: 84% - A1
Biology: 77% - A1
Physics: 66% - b3 T.T
Geography: 66% - b3 T.T
Social Studies: 76% - A1

three A1, two A2, two B3, one B4, one FAIL ....
All together average of 69! Very sad i didnt get a 70 average due to my A Math failure :( Maybe next year. BUT if i count my L1R5, it would be 11 points with ave of 73.83! So i consider to have outdone myself very well! Ahh, great bowling, great results


FOLKS! wallet found under chiho's comics. i didnt think such a big thing could hide under such a small thing... right under my nose the whole time. happy now :)


Carefree life is getting alittle boring for this long weekend..i cant imagine how i will spend the whole two months of holiday. I cant find my wallet all of a sudden, though i distinctly remember it being in the house. dont know why i cant find it now! Sian can cry.

JO said that Mr ng said that i got A2 for my emath! cool the results are great, but ill kill JO if he is fibbing. JO said he got 74.4 or something that is ridiculously close to A1. HAH SADed

If only i have some tracking device on my belongings, or i could just brandish a wand and shout ACCIO WALLET then my wallet will come flying back :( I read reader's digest and it said that 68% of the world population honestly gave back mobile phones to their owners when they found them lying around. I hope that if my wallet is really lost a kind soul will give it back to me ><

ah crap

Let the Rain Fall Down

Man, this hilary duff's song is stuck in my head.

EOY is officially OVER! Complete with a super long weekend, from Saturday to Wednesday! wooohooo!

after the whole miserable week of mugging from afternoon to wee hours of morning, i cannot believe that the ordeal is finally over and done with. HAH!

now i am too free that i dont know what to do! no schedule to follow, no goals to accomplish! diedie im wasting away like this :O

i SO killed my A math paper. like 3-4 questions dont know how to do. And i dont know WHY we were given so little time. 2 hours for 12 questions. Hard questions. Past year commonwealth's was easy in comparison lor.

decided to forget math and burn our books so went out with zixin keith vincent jason yonghui jonathanyap that gang. First we wanted to play pool at JEC, zixin's idea. Then the stupid guy at the counter did not let us play cos Zixin ic was under 16 -.-. he gave some gloves to shilei there then we slaughtered him for wasting our time, cos we must then go to SAFRA at bukit merah to play. took mrt and bus then saw that the pool there was practically teeming with people! almost no vacancies, and tables were booked. So we could only play 1 game each, around 30 min.

then since we had nothing to do we moved on to the bowling alley above. had to use a house ball and house shoe, which led to me falling down flat on my first shot. scored pretty pathetic scores, but considering that im out of practice and handicapped without my own equipment, 2 games 116 and 100 was okay i guess.

they had some kind of bowling tournament there so we were likewise chased away after 2 games. sad so we ended having nothing to do and went back home to sleep and play gb.

i played gb yesterday until like 2 am and then read manga (which messr yoon chi ho lent me) till 4am! the manga was drawn by the same artist as Love Hina, so there are some scenes of indecent exposure of girls. really crazy and i woke up at 9am today to watch some taiwan show on vcd that my sisters borrowed. called 恶作剧的清吻 or something.

so now after having lunch i have practically nothing to do.... help