Fresh start for a New Year

New host, new look, new feel. I chose wordpress over blogger for its clean and user-friendly interface and, more importantly, the great themes the Wordpress community possess for its users. I totally do not wish nor do I have the time to make a new template, as I have to learn xml in order to do so. However wordpress has no support for tagboards, so Im stuck here till I find a way around it :/

Its the start of the year 2009, and its the time where most 16 year olds are stuck waiting for their O level results. Im no different. Not sure how mine will turn out, but lets just hope for the best for all of us :) Also hopefully the chalet would be a success and that the mood wont be spoilt. Its getting more mundane these days. Im wearing out my thumbs on DJMax and Topgear season 2 isnt getting more interesting :/

12 Jan marks the end of our childhood. It is time for us teens to grow up and start looking forwards, and think about what kind of futures we want, and what kinds of paths we should take in order to walk towards our ideal futures. I wish everyone a great year ahead. May we discover what we really want in life and strive towards that dream, so that we make the best out of our lives.