Oh darn it! I dropped my 6610i in the toilet bowl yesterday! Damnit! When I retrieved it from the toilet bowl, it was emitting visible radioactive particles and looked as if it was going to blow up and create a nuclear disaster.

Nah, the screen blanked out. I quickly opened up the casing and removed the separate parts: battery, sim card, keypad, casing and wiped them dry with my uniform then dumped them all in my bag. I took out my nano and walked home as if nothing happened. When I reached home, the parts were relatively dry, and the screen's backlight started flickering like a beacon. The phone would automatically switch itself on for a few seconds and then off, if a powersource is present. So I just left them to dry on my table and went to sleep. I woke up for dinner and then went to sleep after that.

This morning, my handphone has miraculously recovered all of its functions, except receiving signals. The antenna probably shorted out. I have already checked my SIM card if it was working on my sister's phone. Now I hope that the antenna would work again, so I can trade off the phone for a cheaper Dopod. So unlucky. But its good anough if you think about it. Have you ever seen a phone which was dropped into the toilet and still could do everything normally, except calling?

Spot the difference

The o2 xPhone IIm

The Dopod 585

Spot any difference? Taiwanese and Chiense are really the best pirates on Earth.

The Dopod

It has already been 21 months since I bought my old Nokia 6610i. And now, it is time to change! I have finally found a perfect candidate for my new phone, the Dopod 585.

This little beauty comes in white, is futuristic, plays MP3, MIDI, WAV, WMA, AVI, MPEG4, WMV, has a 1.3 mp camera and can do almost anything your PC can with its integrated memory(90mb mini-SD, upgradable to 1GB) and Windows Mobile operating system. The O2 wanabe is worth a mind-boggling $138, subscribable to any M1 plan! SO I would just subscribe to the Suntalk 150, which gives 150min outgoing , 500 sms. And M1 gives students and NS-men an extra bonus, which is an extra 500 sms and you can have absolutely 100%-no-catch-pure free calls to other M1 subscribers. This plan charges you only $13 a month. That means this phone with its plan would cost you only $18.75 a month. Damn cool! Furthermore, my Nokia 6610i can fetch about $100 trade-in, so the whole thing would cost me only $14.5 a month! I decided not to buy the caller ID, which would cost an additional $5 a month. Shiok. Can't wait for this. Wahah. New Phone!!

But since I am switching from Singtel to M1, my phone number would change. Would notify you all for the changes. Probably going to buy next month or August. Shiok!!

June Holidays Poem

Its the end of school, hip hip hip hooray
Sounds of laugher fill the air, its all fun and play

The teacher gives us work to do, but no one cares
Not now, not today

But its the end of school, what can you expect
The mood of enjoyment is back

As the clock struck two, the gates open
Freedom rushing to meet us so sudden

Vanishing all the burden
This does not happen very often

Holiday season is here
No restrain,
For us to hold it dear

Boys whoop, girls giggle
As we packed out in a trickle

Its the end of school, hip hip hip hooray
And its definitely not hearsay

June Holidays

Wahahahaahaha! Today marks the end of the term! June holidays are finally here! It was pouring when school ended, but due to some mysterious influence, we (xiaotian, chiho and me) ran madly in the rain from Nanhua to the MRT. I was like, "WOOOOO END OF SCHOOL" with arms spread out like wings and running.

Like this.

Xiaotian ran very fast, but got a serious stitch and had difficulty walking. When we reached San Hu Cafe which reopened recently, we saw other 210nors (jemimah, yanling, cheryl, joshua i think) . They were hiding in the shelter, but after seeing us walking in the rain as if it was nothing, they followed. We were all really drenched right through. A very interesting way of celebrating.

Good news! I am ranked no. 12 in class in terms of overall Mid year marks. I am thankful that failing Chinese does not affect my overall fail/pass, unlike english, which pushes you right to the back if you fail. My overall is (a tad disappointing) 68.5! That means that if I did not have any calculation errors, my Literature is a Stunning 68.5! WTH!

Sorry for not posting anymore funny captions. I dont have anymore pictures, and I dont think I have any ideas anymore.

>Good morning sir. We would like to ask for your opinion in having the topic Sex in Biology

Oh ahloh. I am Chihi ah. You can also call me Hoho. veli nice day you know.

In my opinion, the topics covered in Sex in Biology is simply too simple. And there isnt any graphical content at all!

For example in masturbation, they should show us how to do it. Like this.

So I really disapprove of the current syllabus. The things I know are so much more advanced.


Sorry for the utter lack of updates. I had no time preparing for the numerous tests this week. We had NAPFA and geog. From the way I performed, I should probably get Silver. Hopefully. I was Bronze last year.

Mid-year Results (so far)

Bio : 77/100
Math: 66/100
History: 77/100
Art&Design: 70/100
Chinese: 43/100

My marks are all quite good except for Chinese, which pulled my average down horribly. I dont know what Chia Lek Ki is doing. She tells us that the way she gives our marks is by percentage: Class test 1 & 2: 55%
Class Compositions: 35%
Book reports:20%
Shi Yong Wen: 20%

Cool , a 130 percentage? And where does our Common Test marks come in? Unless she is telling us that we did our common test for nothing last term and could have failed it without affecting our Midyear Marks?? This is exactly what was written on the board. I got 43 because I did not hand in the class compos/shi yong wens, and in the end it caused me to fail.

Sigh so now I am stuck with a 66+ average. That is very very very very low. By the way, we do not have Midyear exams, so normally teachers just take 50% from the first common test and 25% each from two class tests. Which is not what Chia chia do at all. Why in the hell do they take what crap marks from book reports, class compositions? Arent they supposed to be class exercises for us to practice? In the end the common tests marks are thrown away and those crap stuff are being given to us. WTH. When she asked us to go up one by one to sign for certifying that our marks are counted correctly, she does not let us see the marks for the individual components. Instead she shows us only the total score and tells us "Ok one la. I tabulate for you. You just sign." ?! So we just didnt sign. Maybe then she cant key in the marks to finalize.

Hope that very wonderful teacher gets fired at the end of the year. Even if her marking scheme was correct, her work attitude sucks. Totally. She comes to class without fail everyday. But always late for at least 10 mins. Very diligent. Just have to see if I can survive getting triple science with her around.

Note: All things I have written here are true, so probably I would not be able to be sued. Sorry for any grammatical errors made, as I just wrote this "in one breath" and published.