continuing on my story next week at the very least, cos i have no mood to. i lost my wallet during the evening of the second day of duty in BB Sharity Gift Box. Damn the needy! Thanks to them I lost my wallet(indirectly). This really sucks, cos it is worth 600+ in total. My initial d cards....T-T


Had a wonderful dinner at a hawker centre at redhill. Ate two bowls of rice, mixed vegetables, fried tofu, satay and sting ray with chng tng as dessert. Very satisfying.

Now polishing my bb uniform brass components. Don't know why all uniform groups are supplied with oxidizing materials for uniform parts.

I shall continue writing my science fiction story(havent named it yet) after the two day boys brigade sharity giftbox.


February 20, Year A.D. 2513.

All was still, except for a slight disturbance in the night air. The wind now came at queer bursts of current, rather than a smooth and gradual increase, as if anticipating something. Then, a pentagram of white light crackled open in the sky, like a huge mouth of a mystical beast. A dozen hazy figures emerged through, silhouettes at first, but gradually solidifying as they made contact. They succumbed to the reel of gravity for a second, dropping to certain death. But with a second flash, they disappeared as suddenly as their arrival. All was still once more, with only the slightly quivering grass to tell of their existence.


A proximity sensor beeped red. The dozing guard on night shift jerked awake, knocking over a thermos of coffee onto himself. Swearing, he ran well-practiced eyes over the ancient plasma-crystal screens and sent an immediate report over to the central base. Then he punched a button on the touch-screen and sighed, waiting for the automatic micro-fibrecleaner to activate. The cleaner would search for signatures of dirt and fresh dyes and automatically erase them. His uniform would be spotless in under a minute, though it was still much more inferior as compared to the latest ionizing- dye cleaners. He sighed again, wondering when the federal government would increase the budget on public sector bases. All the technology here is so last century. Then, seeing that there were no more updates from the equipment, he folded himself into his liquid gel-padded chair and settled down to sleep again.


Central Base

Information Control Tower

"Sir, here is another S151-12. 2 second materialization and dematerialization, 12 beings. 3.15 am" Corporal Ren handed the folder over. Lieutenant Nice spat his mouthful of tonic water onto the hard metal-tiled floor, "What? Another one? This is the third one in two weeks! I don't care what the upper ranks say about phantom images and hardware failure. Trace the dematerialization pattern. Use a deep probe. Then report back to me."

"Right away, sir"

Corporal Ren returned to his workstation to start on the task. S151 was the serial number for the public sector base and 12 the coordinates for the place of the inexplicable materializations. He rubbed his tiredness out of his temples. Tracing the leftover ions with a deep probe would mean pulling out surveillance footage from the satellites and sensors input in that area. That would take up the whole night - at the very least. The sensors would already cost him 5 hours, having to run through all kinds of sensors that detect any radiation of the electromagnetic spectrum. He fired up Ren Junior, smiling fondly at the familiar hum. He patted it. His workstation was one of a kind, fully custom-engineered by himself, right down to the motherboard's nano-circuitry. No processing hardware on the planet could beat Ren Junior - of course processing hardware not including the NSA's. They have that 3 million tegaflop beast for cracking stupid email encryptions.

Once the workstation completely booted up, he tapped open the keyboard software to project a hologram of the board. As he began to download data from S151, his fingers worked into a blur on the shimmering golden keys. Ren stifled a yawn. It was going to be a long night.


It was year 2513. Technology had progressed significantly since the start of the 21st century. Vaccines for most diseases had been developed. The ozone layer and environment were healing gradually, a result of the scrapping of all fossil fuel and nuclear powered technology. Instead, hydrogen was the main source of power of electricity, with solar, wind and hydro for the secondary power grid, should the main grid fail. Devices and machines used hydrogen fuel cells that were as widespread and easily bought as alkaline batteries back in the 2000s. Hovercrafts not unlike the past's vehicles zipped effortlessly on enormous magnetic superhighways, the main mode of land transport, while aviation had evolved into fuel-less flight, powered by superior wing designs and vacuum-lift, with vacuum in rigid cells and helium as a lifting gas backup. All waste produced would be minimized and contained properly for incineration in the sun, transported by small saucer-shaped spacecraft propelled by superheating molecules below the wingblades along their diameters.

Spacecraft were powered by antimatter, the counterpart of every subatomic particle. When antimatter and matter collide, they produce large amounts of energy, much more than chemical reactions would ever provide. The gamma radiation by-product is harmless when contained properly and also does not leave any nuclear residue.


Molork glanced down at the early morning cityscape and marveled at the sight. Back at his home all he ever saw were huts and grasslands. The information his brain was receiving from his eyes was unbelievable. Glittering buildings punctured the sky everywhere, with large black roads snaking in between. People in boxes that flew, large metal birds that did not make any sound. He signaled to the other eleven hovering behind him and they started on their gradual descent. Currently, the Netherreals were invisible to everyone, and if one were to stare directly at them, all they would notice would be a slight shimmer of air.

"Galarsh crai romplu tomhs." Molork summoned from within him the sparks of nature and absorbed the surrounding chemical potential energy. This was why the Netherreals do not need to consume. They could simply absorb pure energy from their surroundings.

Molork and the other eleven Neths were the surveillance party of their attacking force. Their task was to know what kind of enemy they were going against. What Molork had seen so far did not weaken his confidence in claiming this land as their new home. "Zu!" Molork signaled again, and shortly after, they disappeared into thin air, leaving only a lingering smell of sulphur.


to be continued....

Heads up, everyone!

Finally after a week of planning, designing and working on codes, my new blogskin is UP! Please give your comments on the tagboard, whether they are on the coding or design. I have designed the codes in CSS very sloppily, so some people might not be able to view my website properly. This is best viewed in Mozilla Firefox, 1024-768 and above. The image files are also rather big, so people with slow broadband connections or dial-up might take very long to load. Please try to refrain from giving the half-moon tech design on the top left corner names. To date it has already been called spanner, circle, whats that, extra etc. This blog template is still in beta testing stage, so please bear with some of the more obvious imperfections. They will soon be corrected.

Thanks to all the people who have given comments during the development period of this template! Monsieurs kenoriga, lasercombo, arthasidol92, laughoutfreakingloud, Misses rebeccaloh, junjun321, jocechan92 and of course, my sisters.

I shall now rest.


Nothing much happened in these few days. But after one month into the holidays, I have finally drawn out a holiday schedule(talk about work efficiency).

First things first, I must complete my new blog template, and also the other templates requested by my sisters. Besides that I have decided that I am to go to the gym daily. On the educational side, I would try to read the o level textbooks and also do research on energy.

Thought up a vague plot for a short story depicting a battle in the future, and I might decide to pen it down and develop it. So expect many things within these twenty days to come. (:

xGamesterz Orb

New template

I have scrapped the previous 6j header and came up with a new template. This one is mixed with a simple mech and a grunge style with brushes. Mostly uncompleted. And the picture is compressed, so the diagonal pattern in the background cannot be seen. I am taking this as practice for the new blogskin for my blog. Please click to enlarge


6j template

This is the newer piece with added machinery parts as a border to give a more rigid feel. Please comment on whether the border should be more opaque or a transparent render is good enough. Current opacity: 65% Thanks for comments on improvement


Another Photoshop showcase

If you are interested, go to I gained quite a lot of my PS knowledge from their tutorials, though I have already exhausted their (14 pages?) supply of tutorials. Enjoy!
Spent quite a number of hours on this mech design I made exclusively for PSP. Res 480X272, perfect fit. I had to create a whole lot of shapes with the polygon tools etc and then style them. I can say this piece is my current best, though it doesnt look much.
Mech psp design

This piece is real easy. I just decided to do something abstract for my sister's blogskin so I zoom-blurred a render of clouds and used my old ps design made by brushes to blend in. Chose red this time as the dominant hue as I have been using blue too much. Spent about 30mins.
Sister 6j web

Photoshop is FUN!

Was playing around with Photoshop today and spent quite a few hours on these three designs. Please have a look!

Sleek Tech Web Design
This one is my first, a header for a website complete with navigation bar. Spent a lot of time on the Polygon Tool and Layer Styles.

Faux Design
This is an abstract faux-3D studio design. Relatively simple.

Energy Ball
In my opinion, this energy ball is the best piece and also the last that I have completed today at 12.54am. Also relatively easy to make, thanks to the very handy Colour Balance Adjustment layer. I tried to mimic as closely as possible to the turquoise of Jue Dui Superstar. Hope you all have enjoyed these. Feel free to save these pictures, but please do not remove the xgamesterz logo. There will be more to come, and eventually, my new template. Good night, or rather, Good Morning.

Vivo City Not So Vivo

2 days ago I went to the much-talked about Vivo City. I can say that I was utterly disappointed in the selection of shops and overall design and quality. The only shop suitable for me there is Best Denki, though Esprit might be a contender. The architects had probably designed the mall to resemble a ship, evident from the curvatures and floor-to-ceiling windows all over the place, though I'd say the interior was too plain with only a small number of neon light structures on the ceiling and ground. The workmanship isn't too good either. Rough edges can be spotted if you look closely at ceiling lights. Floor tiles appear too cheap and old-fashioned, and the designers gave a flimsy coverup by ordering sparkly tiles. Not my idea of a mall designed with a modernistic approach. Maybe some black/white marble tiling and wall features? I'd say the shops look much better than the mall itself, especially those high-class ones that I know I will never step into. The Promenade seems to be closer to my expectations, with a unique snowman statue and small stretch of ornamental pools.
Obviously, I had spent the greatest amount of time in Best, playing the new thin PS2s on display. Nintendo DS is real cheap-and-plastic-looking, lightweight but does not give a sense of quality.

Dinner was the best, as we ate in Food Republic. It is the coolest(and largest) food court I have ever been to. The theme is fantastic, one that depicted the olden Singapore times in the 1960s. Food was a tad too expensive; my beef horfun cost$5 when I could have gotten a even tastier plate at hawker centres for $2.50. But that is expected from high rentals. Overall Vivo City for me = 6/10
For girls probably 10/10. The adolescent females in this current age all seem to display extraordinary muscle strength and stamina in legs.

Will post pictures as soon as my sister gives the camera back.

Illegal, schmegal

I am fed up with the recent news on a 17-year old guy in Singapore charged for using an unprotected wireless access point without prior authorization from the owner. I suppose the person who owns the access point has nothing better to do other than to sue people for using his wireless point, when he did not even encrypt or place any protection on his access point in the first place. Article:
Btw: this article described that war-driving is another web term for piggy backing, which is incorrect. War-driving means driving a vehicle around a neighborhood to find wireless APs to use. Piggybacking is taking advantage of an unprotected wireless AP. Slightly different.

Piggybacking on an unsecured wireless network is actually rather hard to justify on a legal front. In the owner's perspective, so long as other people are using his wireless without his permission automatically equates to illegal, and therefore he shall sue the person because he has nothing better to do. This judgement is not wrong, but it can be disputed.

First of all, merely using the wireless access point on a technical viewpoint is not wrong, as the technology is merely behaving the way it should: broadcasting a radio signal created from a packet and then being received by a network card or wireless adapter. This can only be deemed illegal if the person in question is doing illegal acts on the network(eg. watching child porn, trading body parts or accessing the owner's computer)

Lets say that I am the person using open wireless points without "authorization". Ethically speaking, the owner would argue with a common metaphor: Accessing my access point can be likened to entering your neighbour's house when the door is open. Also ethically speaking, I can counter-sue by arguing that the electromagnetic waves broadcasted from the wireless router were trespassing on MY property (house) and therefore I have all the rights to use the waves to access internet. According to the metaphor, I can enter my neighbour's house if his house is in my house and his door is open. In addition, the prolonged exposure to electromagnetic waves might also adversely affect my health so I am also risking my own health by using the owner's wireless. I was not hunting down the owner's wireless, I only switched my computer on and found that the owner's network invaded my house so I had to do something about it.

Also technically, the fact the access point being open alone is already enough for me to claim that my access is authorized, as my access was not stopped by any encryption or protection means (WEP, WPA, PUK etc.). This point can be further illustrated by this equation:

Access stopped = unauthorized entity
Authorized entity = Access given

And also because the router was setup in "open" authentication, if I had established a connection, it means my adapter had requested permission to use the access point, and the access point had given it authorization.

In addition, the definition of cracking is:

Cracking a wireless network means defeating the encryption so that you can establish a connection without being invited.

In other words, if the encryption is not present, you are invited(technically) to establish a connection. Simple as that.

Have I proven my point?

Even so, users should be aware of the possible dangers in using open APs. Since you are on the same platform(network) as the owner, it would not be too hard for him to access your harddisk by spreading trojans that create backdoors or keyloggers that log your passwords and credentials when users travel across the net. Likewise the user can also perform the same acts against the owner and in addition, slow down connection speeds by hogging up their bandwidth when streaming data (eg. downloading video).

To obtain strongest possible signal strength from access points, one must take note to place the adapter on higher elevation and not near metals or against walls. The best barriers that radio waves can travel through are glass. Try not to stay between solid concrete walls. Of course you can also modify a small satalite dish to take in radio signals to be decrypted by your network card, but that is practically not feasible. In case you are interested, they can be purchased from Simlim or eBay. If your neighbours are all stingy enough to place encryption on their wireless routers, some default passwords can be tried on default SSIDs such as linksys, belkin, motorola, netgear. Try admin, 1234 or guest. For a complete list:

Though I am not entirely sure this is legal, I definitely do not indulge in these evil ways.

Moz is cool!

Mozilla firefox is cool! I know this is late but I just got around tinkering with Firefox 2.0 and its open source add-ons. The previous 1.5 that I used to use was good enough already but this new(actually rather old) release is totally superb! With added security, smoother GUI and browsing features, this browser really blows IE away to the next dimension in cyberspace. Currently using a iTunes-inspired theme and Greasemonkey script together with Videodownloader. Watch this vid as Firefox pwns IE Netscape and safari
and also viruses spyware and popups
Haha retarded stuff.

I have been downloading scanlations from the net within these two days. (For the less initated, they are scanned copies of japanese comics - manga, that are translated by the online communities) All this happened because something random that my old friend Ray had said popped up in my mind out of the blue: I went to Borders today and read some comics. Chobits. Its kinda weird with robots and all that.
I couldn't remember when he said that, but it must have been at least 2+ years ago. Anyway I was kind of bored at that time so I decided to go online just to download this manga, all 88 chapters of it.

This manga is a Clamp/xxx-holic series I believe, and its about a world(probably our near future) with mass-produced appliances called persocoms. These are humanoid computers, artificial intelligence, that interact with and serve humans and are also their companions. They are designed to be as human-looking as possible, so much so that some even fall in love or prefer them over humans. Its actually comprised of a lot of crap of one custom-made persocom falling in love with a human and vice versa, though the persocom has a powerful program that could shut down the entire computer systems and networks in the world(impossible) if she does not find her "person just for her", in other words her perfect lover. The plot is lame. What struck me is the purpose of living portrayed in this manga. The possibility of getting too attached to a machine is very real. Imagine one that looks, feels, behaves and speaks exactly like a normal person. Though equipped with the knowledge that the subject is made of semiconductors encased in silicon and plastic, the characters exclaim in the comic that their persocoms are not simply machines. They are simply what they are, and the characters like them for what they are. It seems that persocoms are programmed to assist and bring happiness to their masters. If you look into yourself, you notice that you would do your best to bring happiness to yourself. If not, you also bring happiness to others, indirectly also to yourself.

Our emotional(and indirectly, mental) wellbeing hinges on this chemical reaction alone, or endorphins that control the "blesssed state" you go into. Without joy, a person would either become miserable till he is pushed into mental instability or collapse totally in life. That is why it is only natural for people to seek happiness, even if doing so unconsciously. If, as shown in the manga, persocoms really are able to provide the user happiness, then I think it would be inevitable for users to become encased in the world involving only them and their persocoms. The persocom, in a sense, is the ultimate human, as it never errs or cause a negative impact on the user. That is why it is worse than the worst drug, increasing the dependency of the user on itself day by day, eventually leading the user to cut off from the outside world completely. Society would be restructured and everyone would simply be content staying at home together with the persocom they love. Is this the purpose of life? To be happy? If you say one cannot buy happiness, one can still purchase things that create happiness can they not? Society is what it is today because of interaction, no matter digital or person-to-person. Even now most of us already cannot live without the electronics and digital media we have today. What if one day your computer transforms into your ideal "human"? You will be able to do all that you are able to before and in addition, get to be with an imitation of a human, if not one that is even better.

Have you ever thought of the purpose of life? What is your purpose in life? By common sense, one's purpose in life would never be one that is to intentionally destroy oneself. Would you get up one day and decide that you should sneak into the army base and frag yourself down? Or put in your entire life's savings on sinking stocks and mess your financial status up? One would surely aim for a goal in life that would ultimately give oneself happiness. This statement does not conflict with either religion or business. For religious people (eg. christians), their purpose in life is to follow the Bible and spread the gospel. This is fulfilling God's will and they get satisfied or otherwise, happy. People whose goals are to climb the corporate ladder and gain success in life financially also aim to be happy. Even criminals act without regard of law as they feel that doing so would give them a better life/euphoria (drug trafficking etc)

Isnt the purpose in life tied strongly with personal happiness? So if you ask me the purpose of life, I'd say it is living the best you can.


Yesterday my dad walked back home and handed me an Olympus bag. He had gotten a tradein for our old Olympus with this brand new one! It is an average camera, priced at $400. The u 710 model that has 7.1 mega pixs, 3x optical zoom, anti-shake and brightcapture technology with All weather function. In addition, the lens is a 6.5 - 19.5mm, making it very wide angle. I have tested it out and the pictures were in good resolution(3072X2304) and the colours' richness was real-looking enough. No manual mode though. The only things you can change manually is the ISO, flash(duh) and focus (one point or smart point). 6.5 - 19.5mm would lead me to think that its macro focusing abilities are very good though it didn't turn out very well. I tested the Close up and Super closeup mode and the max it can focus up till is around 10cm away from the object. Not very optimum.

Sleek plastic design that looks like brushed metal from far with some chrome finishings and logo plate. The screen size is average, 2.5 inches across diagonally. Easy to use and weighs around the same as my handphone. Flash isn't so strong so I would prefer to tweak up the ISO and WB rather than flash the room.
Outdoor shots shouldn't be a problem. So folks, don't buy this camera as this isn't one with the best compromise between functionality and pricing and also because I already have it. Get one with manual focus.

I have finally managed to find a great pastime: watching commercials. No, seriously. Go and search Youtube, Metacafe or other video sites for 'commericial'. It will keep you entertained for a long time. I was for 2 hours yesterday. PSP going great. I am now able to play NES(eg.mario), Genesis(eg. Sonic), Neogeo(eg. Metal slug), homebrew(red alert) and normal PSP games. This piece of technology is a real steal, only 500 smackers for such a versatile portable gaming console. Thats around $150 more than my old and beat up iPod Nano.

Adding more stuff later if there are any happenings (I doubt). 2nd week going.


Didn't join the online community for a couple of days. Not that anyone missed. Previously I was crawling Google, Torrent and IRC for Kim Jung Hoon's past albums for my sister's birthday present. Minimal cost, maximum value. Bet no one can get any of those in Singapore. It took me two damned days to pluck out the 7 albums files from Korean forums and IRC search engines. But at the very least it still served its purpose as a distraction and it was something for me to do. Rested for two days as I really felt that I didn't want to see the google banner in my life ever again. I hardcore-d a series of books. Fearless by Francine pascal Book 1 - 5 and Chiho's Artemis Fowl The Lost Colony by Eoin Colfer. Hardly your dark corporate conglomerate/political novel or How to Hypnotize People self-help but children fiction usually have shaky facts that can be challenged, (eg. the redudancy of liquid metal present in a hand identity biometrics system, or the paradoxes of time travel even with magic involved) and that's fun.

Only started sleeping at 3am this morning after finishing the book. So now dynamic ip address is finally back after all that crazy book reading. And after exhausting my week's worth of reading material into 2 days, I am once more left idling without anything to do.

List of possible activities
1. Search for LuA player so as to play red alert homebrew on PSP
2. More emulators for PSP
3. Lunch
4. MSN
5. Crashing Google and Yahoo

Now which should I do first? Number 5?

In My dreams.

Holidays! or should I say holidays....

Aren't humans weird creatures? We are forever unable to be satisfied. When we under the stress of examinations and stuff, didn't we wish that the holidays were already there? Then we would start procrastinating and list down all the things we wish we are able to do. And now when finally all the bad mugging is over we start complaining we have nothing to do in the holidays. I am like just staring at the screen and thinking of Hmm what should I do. Option 1. Sleep 2. Stare at the ceiling 3. Watch Pokemon on Kidscentral 4. Play psp 5. Eat 6. Sleep

All of which are so pathetic. Really have nothing to do! You know the feeling, where you feel like doing something, but not too strenous and not too simple at the same time. Wa lao, anything also cannot. Want to watch tv, dont want to lift the remote. Want to sleep, wasting myself away. Die la...
Now only 1/8 of our holidays have passed by, so better start thinking of what to do! Going to church chalet only on the 20th and maybe other countries in December. Some people are so lucky, holidays first week immediately get to go overseas. Sian I want to go China buy cheap stuff eg 1. watch, software, bag, shoes. Malaysia products too lousy in quality. Chinamen are the best! With Audis and BMWscosting only S30k power...
The only good thing to look forward to currently is my damnit cheap 80Gb SATA harddisk! Only for $130! Yeah, finally able to throw the slow and failing IDE 40gb of mine.

In reply to Xiaotian, I shall describe him as a: Amiable, engaging and (very)smartass kind of person, one who talk lots of crap. And also about Sometings especially. XT you know what I mean la.. Smiles alot and also likes posing infront of mirrors. Great in the 3Cs, a very standard boy 1. Car 2. Cam 3. Com, although his priorties somewhat differ from mine. now enter special stream tamade. In contrast with me, if you take his sacred handphone away, it is akin to skinning him alive then dipping him in boiling oil. Oh and the numbers stored in his SIM card are rather valuable too. Likewise, I also felt that Sec 2 has been a very enjoyable year. It is the very last year we can enjoy ourselves. Hope everyone does the best in whatever you all do next year and onwards!


Update! Average for mid-year + end of year = 69.9
Class position : 13/39

Though this score is rather disappointing, but it has already met my expectations, so I should be satisfied. The only thing that im pissed off about now is mr ZHU XIAO TIAN!!!

He got a freaking 70.0!!!! WTH, TYCO shit la! 0.9 marks higher than me then 10 place in class. Special stream! I really have nothing to say to that guy. Tell me, how can such a dumb guy be so tyco?! May he burn in the hell of Special stream students. Wahahahaha.

Making a new blog template for this site. Black is getting kind of boring dont you think? It is time for a change!

Wireless adapter

Wireless adapter

Went to Jurong Point with XT to check out the prices of a Linksys wireless adapter (not PCI adapter hor). All thanks to my mother. She flung open my window and the wireless adapter thats taped on my window ledge dislodged and flew down 27 storeys. It still works, though the receiving isn't all that good without an antennae.

Only PCI network cards in PK com and Cyberactive but lucked out at Harvey Norman. There wasnt any stock the last time we went there before the exams. Bloddy $79 for one crap wireless adapter! Sian. Anyone knows whether the signal receiving parameters are stronger for PCI cards or external adapters??


This message is long due:

EOYs are over!

I haven't been blogging cause of EOYs but now followed suit after Wang Jun and Chi Ho has done so. This exam really doesn't only mean that its the final one of the year. It marks the final paper, final time some of us will be in the same class, final time we can enjoy ourselves without serious consequences. That's why the thing of utmost importance now is to enjoy ourselves! Really, starting from next year, it would not be wise to slack anymore due to the preparation of O levels and also the advanced syllabus we are going to study. Sec one and sec two really has been enjoyable, but it is inevitable that some of us will have to part in sec three. Actually I kind of feel a little regretful, of not really trying harder. Do you think that everyone's paths in life would be different from their current one they are walking on, if they had done differently in the past. Our lives have already been determined ever since the day we left P4. The environment that you are in affects you, and that is why those that goes into EM3 are seldom likely to succeed. The paths that we are to walk on have already been paved half-way at this current education level. Future milestones are left with only JC and University. If we had worked that bit harder in P6, we might not have even met each other in Nanhua. If you went for that extra mile and put in a little more effort, who knows, you might be the President's Scholar 4 years later? Everything in this world revolves around cause and effect. The present always has a past, the consequences always come from an action. Likewise, the things we do when we are in Primary school actually runs down a long chain. The phrase: The future is in your hands, really is not overstated. That is why so many people who understand this concept are striving so hard to find the motivation to do the best they can. But, you think, surely all this is rather out-of-reach? Hard goal to strive for? Simply talk? Actually, there is already a perfect real-life living example of the outcome of this concept in front of you: Lim Zhen Yu.

It is really not easy to acheive what he has already done this year. Remember the time when Limzapz was only a small average quiet person who gets average marks? The person who was extremely upset because of his EOY english last year? This very same person has gotten 8th in level in the Midyear and still going on. Now you question the difficult goal which does not seem so difficult anymore. What, you only have to put in more effort? Easy lah. No shit. Now ask yourself, how many times have you made a mental note to allocate 30 min or 1 hour just to study a particular subject on a day? And then how many times have you pushed it back to the next day ? It is because that is unimportant at the moment. Rather, you would spend your time pia-ing Maple, CS, Dota, Kongkong. Even the most mundane of things you would do such as surfing the net for songs or chatting online would preside over the chore of doing your revision of the paper that is one month away. YOU know that the best time is to start already, but even so you would tell yourself that you would simply allocate a bigger timeslot tomorrow to compensate, and so on. This has happened to me many times. It is actually not a question of will, but rather, one that lies on the motivation. Now, for example, your parents agree to give you $10 weekly, or give you allow you to go out with your friends more frequently, if you study half an hour daily. Would you chat your time away and watch TV? Or would you study? I know I would choose the latter. Everyone just needs that right motivation. Because of this, I have decided to reward myself if I worked harder next year. Self-appreciation and rewarding is very important. You would be surprised at how you would feel. Under normal circumstances, I would feel bad, or even guilty, for splurging and indulging myself, but in this case, I would argue that the spending is self-reward and then actually feel good spending. All the matters is the right motivation.

And also, why am I sharing all these to help everyone? Of course it is for the benefit of everyone, but it is also for myself. If the standard of the people around me increase, it is natural for me to strive and keep up with their pace. Competition between peers pressurizes everyone to strive. Always remember the success case of Lim Zhen Yu, but it would help if you did not proclaim to be a loser so much in front of everyone.

Problems that I am facing now

Inability to read off Sandisk Memory Stick Pro Duo 2GB on my laptop's in-built smart card reader slot. Computer detected the card, but the removable drive icon dont appear on My Computer. Buying an external MS-USB converter cardreader did not help. Worse still, it informed me that my card had an I/O error. That means it would be caused by either a software problem or hardware problem. Software is out of the question as I have already reformatted my computer and also reinstalled the drivers for PCMCIA drives. The faulty hardware would either lie on my card reader or memory card. The memory card is fully functioning so the card reader would probably be the faulty one. But, if this was the case, why an external reader could not help? The input/output problem could be caused by a incompatibility with the cardreader due to the storage space of my MS. Maybe 2gb is too huge? Assistance from anyone accepted.

And finally a trashy poem

Man, Im dead
The exams are over
Still I did enjoy myself never
People said

its already Time for joy and celebration
but I still get that sinking feeling
that really is heart-wrenching
Whenever I start straying to recreation

because of the truth that will only gripe
till the day my misgivings assuage
when the confusion the results cage
and the time is ripe

Man, Im dead
I can never enjoy a day
until the results bade
my worrysome brain away

IQ Test

Your IQ Is 120

Your Logical Intelligence is Below Average

Your Verbal Intelligence is Genius

Your Mathematical Intelligence is Genius

Your General Knowledge is Above Average

Wth how can my logical processes are below average. This is a lame IQ test that I just did out of boredom. Try it to relieve some stress from all that mugging!

Timetable once again

I have uploaded the timetable for the new term. I just realised that the timetables for term 3 and 4 are just 3 posts apart; I have not been blogging.

Please click here for the table. Downloads may fail due to server or bandwidth problems.


Short Live the Blog

Very sorry for my one month hiatus. I should not be posting till after the End of Year papers.

Didnt do much, except that I got back my (lousy) results.

Art: 65
English: 63
Geography: 100
H. Chinese: 40
History: 60
Literature: 62
Maths: 80
Science: 63

This makes my average a 67. omgwtfbbq. If only my damned Chinese passed. And my history+science sucked like hell; just above 60. I have no idea how I am going to score 70 average for EOY. To heaven those important people (eg MOE Mr Shammu) who say that marks are not important. Our society is so pathetic that the futures of each and every one of us are determined by a piece of paper. In fact, the paths that we are supposed to go were already paved when we were in Primary 4, thanks to the interesting amount of Streaming examinations Singapore students have to undergo. That means innocent little people like us who just want to enjoy our childhood will flunk and go sleep on the streets. And we cant even sleep on the streets because we will get caught and put in jail by some well-dressed blue men. But of course, the system is not there without reason. Given the extreme pressure of examinations, this little pool of potential more or less bloomed and thats how Singapore got its NTU into Top 20+ uni in the world and its successful entrepreneurs that made our well-known local brands.

Oh well, I gotta start mugging to get the nice figures on my little piece of paper.

9 August

Yesterday was 9 August! Our NDP has ended at long last. To tell you the truth, towards the end of it all, I was sort of hoping this thing to never end. Not sure of why, but it sure seemed nice gathering every week at the old grey Stadium. The fireworks displays were the best of all. We watched it like at least 5 times, through all those practices. And the whole Singapore held a birthday bash for me! I wish. Unusual experience though, performing on my birthday. Its gota be the first time for me.

And I received my first ever presents yesterday!

3-Pack Kinder Bueno and class photo from Fauzi!

Getting presents from people (other than relatives) is a rare treat for me. Im not a girl so we dont go mad and exchange presents for no reason. Anyway, it was a thoughtful gesture from our AI in Guards and Kaiwei probably received the same. Wonder how many other Singaporeans are born on the same day as us, 9 August 1992. Sorry for the lack of updates, but due to the oncoming tests, I shall have to refrain from spending too much time on the comp( my already-deteriorating typing skills is evident to that). Many Thanks for all the birthday wishes/presents! Onward Singapore! and me.

Time Table

Ok I have uploaded the new class timetable. Please click on this link if you want to download.

Teach Less = Learn More

Im really sick of Nanhua.

Enough with the NDP; its ending soon in August. Our over-worked sweat glands can finally rest. Whats wrong with NDP? Its doing a service to the country! It builds rapport and teamwork between students. It serves as a extra-curriculum activity to keep students healthy. It is fun!

Well I shake my head at the deluded people who think that way. Not only are we sacrificing our time and energy for this program (free of charge), we are now in danger of not getting anything for all this effort. And anyway, only Mr Foo is benefitting from this NDP, as it might give others the impression that Nanhua has holistic education and should enrol their sons/daughters here. Yeah, we are not performing very well (as pointed out by Mr Loh on several occasions). Face it, enthu people. What can you expect from freebies? We are doing labour with nothing in exchange. If you want to see a good performance, go pay for some concert through Sistic. Their ticketing hotline is 6348 5555.

Nothing? I thought there were 2 CCA points given for our efforts spent from March to August? The so-called 2 CCA points we are going to get are going to be null and void by the time we reach 2008, our sec 4 O levels. Our education system is going through a revision so CCA points would not be counted by the time we do our O levels. This year's Sec 3s are supposedly the last batch that includes CCA points into their O level results. Although this is not 100% confirmed, it is most likely true, and the school will never tell us students to prevent mass-quitting of CCAs. They are virtually useless. The revision is somewhat like the ones on the taxi fare/special school fee/electricity bill rises. And the goverment just can't accept the criticism. Well, if you get so high up there in the clouds you are bound to get a swollen head. Anyway they control the media so we cannot do anything, because the MICA might send us a letter for giving cynical remarks, non-constructive criticism that only hinders the "development" of Singapore. So much for freedom of speech and democracy.

Now lets talk about our Tablet PC programme from Sec 1. Our parents were told that their children are highly encouraged to join, as they will enjoy benefits that other kids don't. This "benefits" basically include enjoying a Tablet PC (which is paid by ourselves). Needless to say, I have also enjoyed other perks such as deteriorating eyesight. We have basically done nothing with the Tablet PC, except for the occasional jotting down of notes and downloading of revision notes from the school's online portal. It is used mainly for gaming in school and/or collecting dust at home. Well, at least the school tried to do something about it.

They introduced this brand new concept of Teach Less = Learn More, Problem Based Learning (PBL). Gosh, it sounds cool doesn't it. And and and then we learn more when the teachers teach less!!

This new concept of teaching was introduced recently in this later half of the year. Wow, it was implemented right when NDP is finishing. What a coincedence. Now we can experience all the new advantages of this cool programme. We have this PBL on Mondays and Tuesdays, the former for Science and latter for Maths. Each session would take up 7 periods (3.5 hours or half of the school day). During this extremely long period of time, the teacher would break us up into designated groups and we would be asked to solve a problem. By the end of the 3.5 hours, we would have to do a group presentation and explain the solution whether on whiteboard or PPT. For example, if we are learning the formula 1+1=2, we would organise information into three areas: What we know, what we don't know and what we need to find out. So if we know what is 1 we put it in its respective colomn. If we are not sure of what + means, we would use our Tablet PC to check it out on the web. Finally, after finding the solution, we would give a presentation to the class. After all presentations, the teacher would explain the solution. This is basically an extended version of Project Work.

This arrangement would give rise to some problems. Firstly, the groups are selected by the teachers to offer all-roundedness, a conducive environment for learning and to build rapport, it might
cause some students to be unable to communicate properly with other members, as they might not be very close or have no idea to break the ice due to different interests. This could lead to a negative attitude towards PBL and the student might not want to participate in the team. If that happens, it would not be very easy to change his thinking. Secondly, this programme takes up a lot of time in the daily curriculum and it would leave lesser time for other important subjects such as languages. Thirdly, this arrangement might not be very effective as some students do not learn as well in a group as compared to the conventional method of teaching, where the student listens to the teacher explain the facts.

In my opinion, this programme is a total waste of time. If I was the head of MOE, I would probably slap you in the face if you suggested this. The reason mainly is due to the undesirable groups. In my case, I have to be with those I am familiar with to be able to exercise peak performance. That aside, I find that teaching us facts and letting us practice is much more efficient than solving only one problem. If you listen in class and practice/revise at home, you would probably have a good understanding of the topic. The areas that you do not understand can be explained again by the teacher. In the PBL case, you simply solve one problem by searching for your own solution. This in itself is very unreliable as the student would not be sure of the solution and would often result in group to group discussion, which is not supposed to happen in the first place. PBL is also impractical as the student might grow to become comfortable with the long period of time given for solving and might perform slower in exams, which the student is given only a short period of time to finish. If you compare side by side, the conventional way of teaching is where the student absorb(2-3 periods) and practice, then ask questions. Whereas in PBL, the student spend a lot more time absorbing through discovery (7 periods), ask questions and then practice. As you can see, the conventional way spends way lesser amount of time for the student to familiarize with the topic than the PBL way. Furthermore in PBL, the student might understand the topic only to a certain extent as the work on finding the solution is splitted up among group members. This shows that PBL is completely inefficient and serves no purpose but to make education more interesting/relaxing, include Tablet PC into curriculum, and most importantly lessen the workload of teachers (they just serve as "invigilators" or "facilitators") for the same pay. Even if they had to test it, they should not test it on us Sec 2s, as we are having streaming this year. Furthermore, they implemented this programme with very bad timing, as it is already the second half of the year and we will never adapt fast enough for the end of years. In my opinion, the best candidates for all the evaluation are the sec 1s. They are free almost everyday and since they have nothing bettter to do, they can waste their time on these evaluations. If their grades drop significantly, they can still catch up on the starting of sec 2.

As you can see, our education system is really lacking. Maybe its just me, or maybe we are just unlucky to tio all these evaluation programmes that give us an "advantage". Seriously, there isnt an education system in the world that puts so much stress on their children at such a young age (previously P4 streaming, p6 PSLE, sec 2 streaming, sec 4 O levels, JC A levels). And knowing all that, they are still trying to cram every single thing they can into our already packed schedule (NDP, SYF) and change the system of teaching (PBL, nulling CCA points). I am almost certain that I have a doomed future. What a sad world.

Disclaimer: This post is absolutely fictitious, and any person or place described above that bears any similarity to that living, dead, demolished, undemolished is pure coincidence. I do not bear any responsibility for any influence of opinions the above has on anyone. Prone to grammar/spelling errors.


We had the SYF performance today. It was nothing much actually, seemed like the usual practice. Teresa was slacking. She was lip-synching the theme song which she was supposed to be singing and made up by waving her hands and smiling. And her dress+necklace seemed to be the same from last practice. He lip-synch sucked like hell. It was like she didnt know the lyrics at all. I know because the video cam zoomed straight onto her on the LCD screen. Didnt see Zhiyang at all. Maybe she read the script while singing for the record. And Nanhua really was the worst in all the performances. The whole thing was not in-synch and stuff. Very disgraceful.

Having NDP practice tomorrow.


NDP rocks.

Yes, it does. It it taking up the whole life out of us.

What is, in your view, NDP? Does it appeal to you being cheered by the adoring audience, your fellow Singaporeans, shouting "ONWARD SINGAPORE!!"? Well, under all that swaying bright red sea of flags and banners is actually a lot of sweat, blood and flesh. We, the people who are going to perform and entertain you on the big day, are actually almost worked to death during the gruellling practices. The very people about to have their streaming this year.

This damned NDP have taken every Wed or Fri since March and at least 1 week of our holidays. And now even our school curriculum. Every Saturday during June when most of the nation's secondary 2 students can sleep right up to noon, we are at the National Stadium, running to and fro on the green field raising flags high in the air for at least 2 hours. Don't make me talk about the full day rehearsals. Ok, I know that since this is NDP, there will surely be sweat. You might even say that the Army guards, instructors, teachers-in-charge are all sweating it out, helping us to run this program smoothly. Ah, but they are paid. Money is a very big form of inspiration. Dont shit about money being unimportant, and the pride for our country is more important. No money = no you. And earning money is helping Singapore's economy anyway. Now what about us? Two measly CCA points for running and training for 5 months, and then performing for the country twice, once SYF once NDP. What shit is this. And they dont even do much anyway (teachers can slack because they do not need to teach) , aside from the instructors (they are paid a hell lot more than teachers). So why did we even choose to do this in the first place? Oh no, we did not even have a choice. Mr Foo simply decided one day: "Ah! I shall have my school to be in NDP! It will bring glory to the school, country and even give the students a whole new experience!" and then we had to do it. Sort of like God saying "Let there be light!" and there was light.

This is simply taking too much of our time. This starting week of the new term already has Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat all booked up for full day NDP rehearsals. That means we go to school on these days and get chartered to the National Stadium just to practice, from 10am right up to 7pm. Can you imagine? On school days we instead of having classes, go and run about the field to celebrate the country's birthday. And I expect those elite schools like Hwa Chong and Raffles would have enrichment classes while we were training for NDP during the holidays. I suppose the sec 1s shouldnt mind NDP too much. It is both an enriching and fun experience for them, plus they get 2 CCA points. They have too much time on their hands anyway. We, on the other hand, have our streamings to worry about. Ah. Hopefully, just hopefully, we will have enough time for studying. We might just adapt quick enough to balance the activities and our studies at the same time. Yeah, and I might even enjoy performing and quit school to join Tan Ah Kow's Dancing Troupe and eat nothing but tofu everyday.

Disclaimer: This post is absolutely fictitious, and any person or place described above that bears any similarity to that living, dead, demolished, undemolished is pure coincidence. I do not bear any responsibility for any influence of opinions the above has on anyone. Prone to grammar/spelling errors.

Dopod 585

w00tZzZ! pH34r mY d0p0d 585!! 1t r4xX0RZz and pWnZ!

Wahaha! I finally got my Dopod 585!!

The given accessories in the box consisted of a charger, mini-usb cable, in-ear earphones, a white leather pouch and a small cloth bag which I do not know the reason for it. As promised by Dopod, it is an identical clone of the o2 xPhone IIm, albeit a cheaper one.

The Dopod 585 is clad in white plastic, an ever-growing trend setted by Apple for its iPods. It even has neat buttons dedicated to playing music. I am satisfied with its large 2.2" screen with 65k colours. Switching it on, the red Dopod logo greeted me with its fluttering butterflies and twinkling of sweet music. After around 3 seconds, the important part came in; Windows Mobile booted up with its trademark blue screen and Win Mobile in white. After waiting for 15+ seconds, the main screen appeared. The Menus and everything were quite clear cut and easy to use., though there was not a proper selection screen for apps. There is one screen which appears when you press the first round button on the phone. It shows some commonly used apps, and the 'Album ' file inside is basically a My Documents, but only view image files. If you wanted to search for other docs under my Documents, you had to use the File manager which will then show you all the files in the phone using a tree-branch format. The Bluetooth is a little puzzling, as you will need to switch on your Bluetooth and Beaming function. It does not have any problems receiving but I dont seem to have much success in sending files to my sisters.

The downsides of this phone is that the storage space of the Dopod is miniscule. It has an advertised 64mb, but after adding the Windows Mobile, it is left with around 24 mb. Furthermore Windows Mobile lags at startup just like its PC counterparts. Another badly designed part of Windows Mobile is that its applications dont close down, but gets pushed into the background instead, using up RAM. So the user will have to use the Task Manager to close down the apps. A pity this smartphone does not have Wifi capabilities, as that is the essential part of a smartphone: to be able to surf wireless.

The pros for this is that its sound quality simply rocks. Added with the in-ear earpieces, the music that blasts into your ear is guaranteed 100% good. There was also good support for synchronising files and Outlook information with the PC, through ActiveSync and mini-USB. The beauty of ActiveSync is that it allows you to drag-and-drop files directly into your Dopod. It does the rest of converting them for you. The keypads are soft for this phone, providing comfort when you message, though the T9 is a little slow. Last but not least, the Dopod comes with a 1.3 mp camera with X2 zoom and environment ambience (auto, daylight, flourescent, incadescent, night, grayscale, sepia and cool) and view options. (brightness, hue, saturation and gamma) The video function had the same capabilities. The pictures taken are rather sharp and good looking.

All in all, I have to say that the Dopod 585 is a cheap and good phone, though I would love it better if it had more clear-cut menus and came with WIFI.

It rained while it was sunny today so there was a rainbow.

Church Camp

Ok. I am back from the Church camp in Malaysia. We went to a place called Kuala Rompin by bus. It was ok, but the trip to and fro takes a lot of time (around 8-9 hours there and back). The facilities at the hotel (Summerset) sucks. They had AVPs which are buggies that have motorbike handles for us to rent. It cost RM40 for one car, 30 mins, RM80, one hour. There were only 5 AVPs, and one had to be taken up for the guide who brings us around the track. And they had a place for canoeing. It is totally run down. The paddles were the only things kept under the shade. The canoes were stacked on a bench outside. They do not wash them at all, so they are all sandy and the paddles were chipped. Furthermore, the 'place' we were supposed to canoe is a lagoon. Basically it is just a small river with an end. The whole stretch of it was filled with floating decaying matter and it was very smelly. The guide explained that since the lagoon had an end, there isn't any outlet for all the dead stuff, so it just accumulated.

But the hotel itself was not bad. They had a nice meeting room (The Duke) and the rooms were well furnished, except for a badly scratched floor. Plus they serve good food. The whole package was RM140 per person, so its very good in fact. Using only $70 and we were able to get this. Try it in Singapore. So based on the economic pricing, I would rate it 7.5/10. When the coach brought us back to Singapore, I felt truly at home. Malaysia looked very run down as compared to Singapore. Im saying the general look of Malaysia, not the big cities. Even the Customs at Tuas look so much more futuristic than Malaysia's. And then I saw the many HDBs in the nucleated settlements, and the shopping malls. Even the busy road junctions were of contrast with Malaysia. At Malaysia, I saw only Proton, Proton and Proton. Thats the worst car we can see in Singapore. But its probably of very good standard there. I think their main mode of transport is on motorbikes.

Its really Home Sweet Home.


Oh darn it! I dropped my 6610i in the toilet bowl yesterday! Damnit! When I retrieved it from the toilet bowl, it was emitting visible radioactive particles and looked as if it was going to blow up and create a nuclear disaster.

Nah, the screen blanked out. I quickly opened up the casing and removed the separate parts: battery, sim card, keypad, casing and wiped them dry with my uniform then dumped them all in my bag. I took out my nano and walked home as if nothing happened. When I reached home, the parts were relatively dry, and the screen's backlight started flickering like a beacon. The phone would automatically switch itself on for a few seconds and then off, if a powersource is present. So I just left them to dry on my table and went to sleep. I woke up for dinner and then went to sleep after that.

This morning, my handphone has miraculously recovered all of its functions, except receiving signals. The antenna probably shorted out. I have already checked my SIM card if it was working on my sister's phone. Now I hope that the antenna would work again, so I can trade off the phone for a cheaper Dopod. So unlucky. But its good anough if you think about it. Have you ever seen a phone which was dropped into the toilet and still could do everything normally, except calling?

Spot the difference

The o2 xPhone IIm

The Dopod 585

Spot any difference? Taiwanese and Chiense are really the best pirates on Earth.

The Dopod

It has already been 21 months since I bought my old Nokia 6610i. And now, it is time to change! I have finally found a perfect candidate for my new phone, the Dopod 585.

This little beauty comes in white, is futuristic, plays MP3, MIDI, WAV, WMA, AVI, MPEG4, WMV, has a 1.3 mp camera and can do almost anything your PC can with its integrated memory(90mb mini-SD, upgradable to 1GB) and Windows Mobile operating system. The O2 wanabe is worth a mind-boggling $138, subscribable to any M1 plan! SO I would just subscribe to the Suntalk 150, which gives 150min outgoing , 500 sms. And M1 gives students and NS-men an extra bonus, which is an extra 500 sms and you can have absolutely 100%-no-catch-pure free calls to other M1 subscribers. This plan charges you only $13 a month. That means this phone with its plan would cost you only $18.75 a month. Damn cool! Furthermore, my Nokia 6610i can fetch about $100 trade-in, so the whole thing would cost me only $14.5 a month! I decided not to buy the caller ID, which would cost an additional $5 a month. Shiok. Can't wait for this. Wahah. New Phone!!

But since I am switching from Singtel to M1, my phone number would change. Would notify you all for the changes. Probably going to buy next month or August. Shiok!!

June Holidays Poem

Its the end of school, hip hip hip hooray
Sounds of laugher fill the air, its all fun and play

The teacher gives us work to do, but no one cares
Not now, not today

But its the end of school, what can you expect
The mood of enjoyment is back

As the clock struck two, the gates open
Freedom rushing to meet us so sudden

Vanishing all the burden
This does not happen very often

Holiday season is here
No restrain,
For us to hold it dear

Boys whoop, girls giggle
As we packed out in a trickle

Its the end of school, hip hip hip hooray
And its definitely not hearsay

June Holidays

Wahahahaahaha! Today marks the end of the term! June holidays are finally here! It was pouring when school ended, but due to some mysterious influence, we (xiaotian, chiho and me) ran madly in the rain from Nanhua to the MRT. I was like, "WOOOOO END OF SCHOOL" with arms spread out like wings and running.

Like this.

Xiaotian ran very fast, but got a serious stitch and had difficulty walking. When we reached San Hu Cafe which reopened recently, we saw other 210nors (jemimah, yanling, cheryl, joshua i think) . They were hiding in the shelter, but after seeing us walking in the rain as if it was nothing, they followed. We were all really drenched right through. A very interesting way of celebrating.

Good news! I am ranked no. 12 in class in terms of overall Mid year marks. I am thankful that failing Chinese does not affect my overall fail/pass, unlike english, which pushes you right to the back if you fail. My overall is (a tad disappointing) 68.5! That means that if I did not have any calculation errors, my Literature is a Stunning 68.5! WTH!

Sorry for not posting anymore funny captions. I dont have anymore pictures, and I dont think I have any ideas anymore.

>Good morning sir. We would like to ask for your opinion in having the topic Sex in Biology

Oh ahloh. I am Chihi ah. You can also call me Hoho. veli nice day you know.

In my opinion, the topics covered in Sex in Biology is simply too simple. And there isnt any graphical content at all!

For example in masturbation, they should show us how to do it. Like this.

So I really disapprove of the current syllabus. The things I know are so much more advanced.


Sorry for the utter lack of updates. I had no time preparing for the numerous tests this week. We had NAPFA and geog. From the way I performed, I should probably get Silver. Hopefully. I was Bronze last year.

Mid-year Results (so far)

Bio : 77/100
Math: 66/100
History: 77/100
Art&Design: 70/100
Chinese: 43/100

My marks are all quite good except for Chinese, which pulled my average down horribly. I dont know what Chia Lek Ki is doing. She tells us that the way she gives our marks is by percentage: Class test 1 & 2: 55%
Class Compositions: 35%
Book reports:20%
Shi Yong Wen: 20%

Cool , a 130 percentage? And where does our Common Test marks come in? Unless she is telling us that we did our common test for nothing last term and could have failed it without affecting our Midyear Marks?? This is exactly what was written on the board. I got 43 because I did not hand in the class compos/shi yong wens, and in the end it caused me to fail.

Sigh so now I am stuck with a 66+ average. That is very very very very low. By the way, we do not have Midyear exams, so normally teachers just take 50% from the first common test and 25% each from two class tests. Which is not what Chia chia do at all. Why in the hell do they take what crap marks from book reports, class compositions? Arent they supposed to be class exercises for us to practice? In the end the common tests marks are thrown away and those crap stuff are being given to us. WTH. When she asked us to go up one by one to sign for certifying that our marks are counted correctly, she does not let us see the marks for the individual components. Instead she shows us only the total score and tells us "Ok one la. I tabulate for you. You just sign." ?! So we just didnt sign. Maybe then she cant key in the marks to finalize.

Hope that very wonderful teacher gets fired at the end of the year. Even if her marking scheme was correct, her work attitude sucks. Totally. She comes to class without fail everyday. But always late for at least 10 mins. Very diligent. Just have to see if I can survive getting triple science with her around.

Note: All things I have written here are true, so probably I would not be able to be sued. Sorry for any grammatical errors made, as I just wrote this "in one breath" and published.


Yo people. I have gotten new photos! Enjoy!

Hey dog come here, we shall play together

Come here lah. very fun one.



Aren't I da fashion

Back of the class

Hmm wonder what is my scrotum's temperature

Ehh, why so cold one??

Sigh, why so cold...depressed nia. Cheryl wont be happy.

Hey Josh cheer up! Why not sing a song!

Ok. Here comes.




Thank you thank you. Amitaba.

Super Hair Stylist

Im going to transform Yueli into Chun Li!


Hee Im Chun Li. Do not underestimate me!

Supersonic attack!!!


Wahaha Im, like, so powerful loh.




Haha ok this time quite lame la, but it is the best I can come up with. If these mini-photoskits fail to amuse you, I am very sorry.

Short update:
I got a freaking 78/100 for Science total for Mid Year! Wahaha. I rock! Zhen Yu who still claims that he is stupid, tops me by 3 marks. Sigh. But cant compare, he prepares for tests 3 weeks in advance. Lots of tests coming up, everyone work hard to get a better average for the class! And another good news, Xiaotian has recovered from his viral attack! No need to pity him any longer! He is back to his normal crap/pervertic/despo old self. I hope you all have enjoyed my pictures, shall try to make better ones in the future!

Sports day

Since I have not been posting for so long, I shall post some pictures. Sorry for the delay. I jsut did not feel like blogging for this week.

This is me. Today went to Junneng' Aunt's Hairdresser shop, Micheal&Cindy at 4th storey of Shaw Towers. Bad hair day? Go there for a haircut today!

Junneng must thank me for advertising loh. It even rhymes.

Are these guys handsome?

No la, this one more handsome.

In the classroom

Confucius say, We must listen to teacher.


Wa sian why so itchy one ah.

Sports day!

Congrats to people who participated in the finals. Kenny, who ran in the relay with other powerhouses like Jason and Kian An. Xiaotian, you must train your leg muscles more. I know you like your chest to bulge la, but you are Skyline GTR BNR-32, if you have no horsepower, you cannot move your heavy body. And Yanling is sick. Her legs are damn long. Her body is so much shorter than her legs. She said her legs are 39 inches long while her body only 18 inches or something. No wonder she and Jeraldine could lead our class to win the girls relay.

Our Sports Day 210 Banner: credits to Vanessa, Amanda and all others who contributed. (I only saw those two doing it, so I only know them)

And how grandly it flies in the wind!

The stands

Oi Zhen Yu!


Whats your problem la, call me for what.

My name is holy. Dont mess with me ok, or I will get you !

With my FANGS! Fssst!

Haha hope you all enjoyed my post. Blogging more later. Bye