Post-common test Syndrome

Hey people. I shall not be blogging until the common tests are over. Bio, Math and Art to go. Thanks to all supporters who visit my blog frequently/occasionally/rarely/once in a lifetime/zilch.

Switched over to Mozilla firefox 1.5. Can't stand IE 7 Beta 2. Microsoft sure is taking a long time to make a decent browser

Valentines and Total Defence

Now, both Valentine's Day and Total Defence are over. I shall discuss my thoughts on them. What is your view towards Valentine's day? In my opinion, Valentine's day should not be created at all. After that day, your wallet would feel unusually a lot lighter, but you did not remember spending money on anything at all. Sadly, the only thing that retained in your memory is your spouse/girlfriend. The boutiques all over the world would also earn huge profits from males buying flowers for their girlfriend/spouse at exorbitant prices. Not that they noticed. They were obviously thinking of the plan of activities they would be engaged together during the day. Well, and maybe the night.

Talking about spending money, I recall reading a newspaper article accusing Singapore girls cheapskates, for they always expect the guy to pay for everything. Of course, if the male bought a gift for the female, you obviously could not tell the female to pay for a gift meant to her. But things like eating. A woman in an online forum posted something like: The male should always pay as it is the male who initiated the relationship and if he could not afford to support the female, he has no rights in being involved in a relationship with the female. That comment spurred many angry responses from males which I would not further elaborate on. In an aspect, I agree with the woman. If you had no means of supporting her and a family, then you should not get into a relationship in the first place and should go work for a more stable income.

But shouldn't the female also contribute to the relationship? And since the man initiated, the woman could have a choice of rejecting. Why should it be one-sided? Does it always have to be the men giving and women receiving? Are the women incapable of supporting themselves so that the men must support themselves and also the women?

I am not pointing that women should pay, but they should occasionally give a little contribution. Anyway, if the man and woman married, there would probably be a period when they have not started having children. Since the man would have means of supporting both of them, the woman might go shopping everyday, meaning spending the man's money frequently. After having children, the women must care for them, while the man would continue working as usual. As you can see, women "owe" men. Not to mention the amount of money spent on "woo-ing" her. Have you forgotten the movies, flowers, cards, dinners? What about the ring, wedding, house and car? Of course, being men, they have a sense of chivalry and would pay for the women at all costs but contributing a little wouldn't hurt either right? And it could act doubly as a surprise too.

Now we shall talk about Total Defence. Heard recently about the Danish cartoons insulting the Prophet Mohammad of Islam? I think it is a bad idea about being a racist. Although there are Muslims going around with guns and bombs and planes, shooting down Christians and crashing into buildings, there are bound to be these kinds of people in every religion. Maybe not to that extreme. But in Christianity, there is also its fair share of hypocrites. Look at Singapore, a multi-racial country. We depend on that trait that many countries don’t have. That is why the racist bloggers were punished so severely. If Singapore turned a blind eye on racists, Singapore might very well collapse. Many of our talents are also from other races. We should be responsible for what we say, as it would affect others. Do not just judge others by their skin colour. Although some religions require followers to apply some form of perfume or oil on their, or other forms of requirements that might offend you, so that you would detest or make fun of their religion or race. We should respect religions of other races and especially their skin colour. They are born with it, so how can you scorn them? Only by doing this we could gain respect from others.

Sian the common tests are coming. Gona fail chinese

My Dream of money

As you all know, I am very obsessed with money. Xiaotian and I have dreamt up together of a future business. Firstly, after we graduated from our respective universities, we shall meet together in Singapore and discuss about a business with Joshua Sim, who will then be a very sucessful businessman, given his talents and looks. We will ask Joshua to be our sponsor. He shall give us a cheque of S$100, 000. Then we will setup a small shop in the HDB area of Ang Mo Kio, named Hyper-Tech. Why have we chosen Ang Mo Kio? There are few or no IT/Computer retail outlets there, so potential computer buyers with a budget, or quality product consumer would have to travel all the way to IT malls like Sim Lim Square or Funan. Ang Mo Kio is also the busiest HDB area so chosing Ang Mo Kio could cause our business to prosper. After using the S$100,000 to get stock from companies such as nVidia, Intel, Asus, Maxtor, Kingston, Microsoft, Apple etc. and furnished the shop, we will officially open our door to start business. Xiaotian's proposed strategy stated that we will first ask the customer about a few things when he steps into the store

1. Budget
2. Needs

We shall sell him a computer which meets his budget and needs, in other words, tailormade. While we converse about that, we will also equip him with some computer knowledge he needs to know about the products. If the patron is simply a person browsing through, or upgrading his current computer, we shall treat him the same as the first, no matter if we earn money or not. The customer, if buying a computer, will have a choice of buying operating systems from either Microsoft or Apple. This would increase our flexibility in sales and gain patrons from supporters from either OSes. For people buying computers, we will give a free 1-year warranty, which if the computer purchased within the time period stated breaks down or becomes faulty, we will troubleshoot the problem, and at most, put together a new one for him. A free delivery service would also be catered to computer buyers. An upgraded Citroen van driven by Xiaotian would bring the computer and the patron to his doorstep, which would probably be the wildest ride of his life.

Through this strategy, we would hope to get much business. All profits will be split between Joshua, Xiaotian and I. When we have profitted enough, we will open another shop next to Hyper-Tech. A car repair and upgrade centre with the name Hyper-Tune. With another source of income, we shall profit even more.

Sadly, this dream is not very likely to happen. Because Xiaotian is going overseas for university, so he has a low chance of coming back to singapore, since he has no property or car here.

Anyway at the very least we shall send the whole class (210) our unfinished script/play we have composed during sec 1/2 at the end of sec 2, as our class would be dispersed.

And yes, IE7 Beta 2 sucks. GUI is slick, complete with tabs and Phishing filter, but posting in Blogger totally sucks. Backspace lag and occasional blanking out of words.

Getting into the schooling life

This is the start of Febuary. Yea by now I am starting to get used to waking up early in the morning and doing homework. But actually, we do not have much homework. Only the occasional worksheet. I want to request for more homework from important subjects. If only the useless subs would go away, to make time for study and play(well mostly play). Useless subs like Art, literature, thinking skills, moral education etc.

And I got 780 dollars in my savings after this chinese new year. Another step nearer to my goal. 920 bucks more to go. Tests are coming up so I better study. But before that I might join Gunbound again. Not going to eat in school. Come to think of it, without money, you will have nothing in this world. Money is the most important, in this world(Im not talking about heaven or hell. Hell probably needs more water and fire extinguishers). You need money to get clothes, you need money to get food, you need money to get house, you need money to get transport. So in other words, without money, you have NOTHING. Unless you are planning to eat rubbish, drink toilet water, live under bridges and walk around naked. So please do not say I am very money-minded. And before you say money cannot buy happiness, shut up.Only very poor, very rich or very stupid people would say that. Sure you cant buy happiness in a bottle, but you can buy things which makes you happy. Will you be happy without food, water, toilet paper, daily necessities etc.? So I conclude money makes the world go round. If only I had the riches Bill Gates have, then the only problem I would have is thinking how to spend that money. Whether to throw 1 million bucks on the road or buy SBS Transit/SMRT/Mcdonald/Microsoft/Ferrari/Apple/ every possible combination in 4D or stuff some stacks of notes under the couch and pretend that you have never earned that money. That would be the life. Sigh.

But actually I do not need that much money. If I can pick up 3 million dollars, I would spend it on a car and a house and save the remainder in the bank to collect interest. That would probably make me very happy.

To this point, I am very sorry for having you to listen to my ravings, if you thought that I am being extremely lame/crazy etc. I shall now end my post here on money and shall post more crap in the future.