Start of EOY

Whoo hoo! Great start to the EOYs! Blasted chem right through. Hard work pays off i guess. I hope english will get at least a b3, cos i always screw up in my summary...

Rather worried for the rest of the papers (esp heavy content-based subjects ie. Geo and Bio) as I have not really touched them. :(


im dead. ive only finished chem and half of amath. geog is killer!! 200 pages. how to finish.

im worried for my eng compo cos i wrote my first argumentative for exam. chinese was unexpectedly easy though, im quite sure i wont go below fourty. great!

why must nanhua be so cruel to us students by putting two exam papers in one day?! sadistic you know. sigh die liao die liao, some more hand still itching to play, of all things, gunbound. good thing is ever since their stupid update for their lame event, my com has been having blue screen of deaths probably due to some glitch in the graphics rendering. so i will be discouraged to play.

wah...think of eoy really wanna die liao. monday blues tomorrow



Freaking tiring days

WAH I hate CIP!!!!! I did a full 7.5 hours at Junction8, Bishan, and I had to get up so early in the morning, when most of the student population was still sleeping in their nice warm comfy beds. Two weeks in a row, can you believe it?? Last week was Flag Day, the first and the last for me EVER in my LIFE. yes. I had to like walk on the streets, smile, ask politely for MONEY from people holding a tin can in front of them, as if I am a beggar, and smile even more and give thanks when they shake their head. The disgust is so obvious in their faces. I dont think there is anything in this world more demeaning. In the end I collected like less than half can, the contents which would probably amount to less than $10. And that was from 11am to 5pm, 6 hours. From City hall all the way to somerset and orchard. I could only watch peppy girls in almost-nonexistant FBTs and oversized tshirts prance around asking for donations from people, as if giving to these angels is the most beautiful thing on earth. This is why I hate flag day. Cos im not a girl, and men dont flock to me like lost sheep

So I had to choose this sunday as my CIP project, instead of saturday, which was another flag day. But the job this time round was great. My job was to give out balloons and flyers with jason to little kids and their parents, informing them about the charity fiesta at level 3. Those kids of age 2-4 are super adorable, with their small hands reaching out to grasp the balloon's stick. Then saying thank you! with a super big grin. Wah these people can really melt your heart, so thats why the hours were so worth it. Oh yea i had to walk around with a balloon bent into a shape of a dog on my head.

reached home at around 8 after having dinner with jeremy, Jyap and Charmaine. Yoshinoya is not worth it really. A small bowl of rice, some beef and soup costs $5.80! Ridiculous! But the beef was indeed tender and it tasted great. Crapped some funny stuff to each other in the restaurant and mrt until everyone went off.

Then today was ugh. Some Drug awareness program. So we learnt that drugs are bad, and we were told to tell others that too. Hmm...really nice. I so didnt know that before this? Its such amazing and useful information! Omg, i must really thank Boys Brigade for making me attend this super informative course that will help us greatly in our life's journey! Especially since our holiday is only one week long, and we have our EOYs round the corner. Great timing! I really dont know how our officers work such wonders. Mainly for the course we just sat there and listened to a long lecture, then after that broke into groups to create skits. The skits were funny, but that was the only good part today :\

Shall do some chemistry or math hw today or i wouldnt have enough time for revision due to and equally enthralling geography project about coastal protection and real estate, and chinese remedial tomorrow.

Bye, to watch tv and have dinner!

Mr Jay Chou

Today i am going to pay homage to jay chou, by dedicating this entire post to him. Have you all watched Secret? Ive not, but Ive seen the piano battle scenes on youtube.

watch here

They (yu hao and Jay) are simply phenomenal! Especially for the third song. So currently im learning all of the battle songs. cant believe that ive recognized his talent only after so many years. his singing isnt the best to say the least, but his piano is awesome! i was like O.O omgwtfbbqkaninacheebyecrazyasshole stunned literally for some time after finishing the video, then proceeding to replay after snapping out. ive watched the piano battle scene for around 10 times now.

here is the link to the score sheets of all music regarding Secret, even those pieces outside the battle scene

ive roughly learnt battle 2 (yuhao version first, cos jay's is a little gay) , which is the improvised chopin waltz. everyone should go try!

this movie was self directed by him and he even acted in it. i wonder how o.O