Sports day

Today was sports day, my first ever sports day which i competed in. The feeling was utterly horrible, as ive never been part of any physical competition in my WHOLE FREAKING LIFE! I was like a fat puiba in primary school. No one wanted me to join anything other than shot put. But this year i could run at least somewhat decently, so participating in the track events wasnt a bad idea.

Sheryl's father is great and noble man! He coached us, gave us running strategies and tips, and supplied us with 100 plus and bananas. LOL! He is Mr Nice Guy, giving his precious time to puny students like us. I bet he has flights to catch and destinations to go to in his bluetooth-controlled-silver-lexus-gs300. But he chose to accompany us for two training lessons, teaching us the basics of baton passing and such. I hope his company out-profitises Osim.

Many thanks to sheryl and her dad, cheryl alyssa hannqian amanda jason yonghui zixin junneng keith kenny kian ann plus others(if there are still) for spurring me on during my events. It was my maiden competition (LOL if it can be used like that) and i was having the jitters. in addition to feeling really low after my first 400m, because i thought i did badly as i didnt have any power in my legs during the run. They felt soft and jelly-like. Actually on hindsight it was quite ok, cos i clinched 6th place with a 63 sec time (cited from Sheryls dad).
We owned 4X400m, bagging first place! Jason, kenny and kian ann were all awesome in running. Its a wonder how Kian ann doesnt tire from his 100m and 4X100 and kenny from his 800m event.
Got last place in my 400m finals, but heck, it was back-to-back with the previous 4X400m. I knew i would get last place from the start; i was already tired out.

After all the events, my legs totally malfunctioned and felt like sleeping in the stadium for the night.

The girls also shone in relay, getting 1st due to disqualification of 412. Im sure 412 would have owned 410 due to the insanely fast and long-legged yanling plus jeraldine wee and suxiang.

Lets hope 410 does well in finals on sports day and all the best to kenny for his 1.5km and high jump, both of which are also back-to-back events.