Gossip is a Horrifying Thing

I do not think I would be playing Gunz anymore, not until much later. Xiaotian lent me Need for Speed Underground. Wah, that game is 'shiok'. In the game, there are two options which you can choose: Underground and Quick Race. As the name suggests, Underground is the game itself. In the beginning, you have a small choice of cars to choose from. Their performance levels are very low, but that is the main point. You are supposed to use that car to race. By winning races, you unlock Performance Packs, Visual Packs, many decals and vinyls, and most importantly, cars. Nitrous Oxide is a new feature in the Need for Speed series. The previous versions like NFS 3 Hot pursuit does not have any nitrous Boost or whatsoever. All that you can count on was your car, skill and luck. If you do not know what is nitrous boost, it is an injection of nitrous oxide into you car's fuel system. It will then be combusted with the fuel and increases your speed significantly. After unlocking the packs, you must go to the Customize option. There, you are able to buy visual and performance add-ons, or even trade your car in for another one. Your car can be improved by adding on theses Performance Packs and Visual Packs. Visuals improve how your car looks. For example adding side-skirts, bumpers and spoilers. You may think that these are not important, but these parts adds on to your Reputation Gauge. Your reputation must be at a certain level befor you can participate on further races. Buying all these parts need money, and you get these money buy winning races. So in general, it is actually a vicious cycle. Quick Race is where you can choose any car you like, and use it to race immediately on any map you prefer. You do not use any money in this option.

I hope you people out there can share the same interest in cars.

Now, I must ask you a question. Why on Earth does Art and Literature have to exist on this earth. I say we will be perfectly happy without it, if not happier than before. Literature is a waste of time and space. You do not need literatary skills in the future, nor do you need to understand and comprehend poems in you job, unless you want to be a poet, and let me tell you poets rarely make a fortune or become famous. Even if you do, you will most likely be only after you are dead. And Art is plain dumb. The Ministry of Education should let us choose our own choice of subjects of Humanities after the first-half of Sec One, since Humanities are not important subjects. By forcing us, we will be more prone to stress, mental breakdowns, depression and these can eventually lead to death or a fate worse than that(committing suicide/admitting into asylum) In other words, the MOE is indirectly killing us. For those who do not mind taking Literature/Art, you would be less stressed with two subjects off the schedule would you not?

Anyone in 110, Nanhua Secondary: Those who possess an Adobe Photoshop CD please lend one to me; I want to burn it.

I do not know why my post title is so. It just popped out of my mind when i was thinking of a title for this post. I think it was from a drama serial or book. I forgot which, or maybe both. Anyway, it is more or less true.