Mindless Banters

I am now very satisfied with my current skin. Although it is only a minor facelift from the previous one, and there were quite little improvements, I am proud to say that it is my best achievement so far. The only problem now is that the traffic on my blog is almost nil. 1.4 tags per day to be specific. And my sister Joy scored 6 per day. That shows that I am very unpopular and am a loser. Agree? But what am I complaining for, since no one will patronise this particular blog so actually there isn't a point in posting now. My sister suggested on shortening my posts, as people will be long bored before reading to the end of them. I may heed her advice, but most likely not. I see even lesser point in posting short posts.

To top it off, my father's wireless is malfunctioning. That means I have to bring my laptop all the way into his study and connect by cable(local area network, LAN). Many people in my class called Xiaotian, Wang and me as computer pros. I disagree. Upon reflection, I think my knowledge on IT and computers is actually very shallow. I do not understand C++(programming lang) how the registry works and do not know how to use Photoshop to its best, unlike Wang. But then, when compared to Yi hua, I once again think I am not too bad either. She is a complete electronic idiot(dian zi bai chi).

I wait in anticipation of the electronic vers. of Harry Potter and the Half-blood prince. My church friend promised to send me via G-mail ! Actually it is illegal to possess or 'share' electronic vers. of Harry Potter, as they are an infringement of copyrights. JK Rowling specifically turned down offers to make electronic copies of her books, as she is well aware of the rampant piracy business going on around the globe. One article stated that a group of chinese translated it into chinese, compiled the whole thing into an eBook within 24 hrs of its release! Several arrests have been made on this issue alone, but apparently people cannot resist the lure of getting something for free(eg. illegal music downloads) or at a much cheaper price. Well, I can't too.

Sian. My father is still at his office. He went there to backup some files and also to bring home a Win2000 PC for me! Yes!! Shiok sia! I can have two comps of my own!! Ah the bliss of technology..

Ok, I realised I have been a little too long-winded and shall end this post here. Till another day.