Carefree life is getting alittle boring for this long weekend..i cant imagine how i will spend the whole two months of holiday. I cant find my wallet all of a sudden, though i distinctly remember it being in the house. dont know why i cant find it now! Sian can cry.

JO said that Mr ng said that i got A2 for my emath! cool the results are great, but ill kill JO if he is fibbing. JO said he got 74.4 or something that is ridiculously close to A1. HAH SADed

If only i have some tracking device on my belongings, or i could just brandish a wand and shout ACCIO WALLET then my wallet will come flying back :( I read reader's digest and it said that 68% of the world population honestly gave back mobile phones to their owners when they found them lying around. I hope that if my wallet is really lost a kind soul will give it back to me ><

ah crap