OMG im so high

Im as of now feeling very elated/exuberant/ecstatic/overwhelmed for some reason. I cant keep still to start studying, and even if i settle down on the spot, my legs' skeletal muscles will start undergoing vigorous muscular contractions. Ive been walking around the house for quite some time now and my muscles have started fatiguing so I sat down to type this blog post out. See, even my fingers cant rest. And this is the second post in 3 hours.

Time: 9.44pm. Alleged time to start: 9am. Progress: 0%

I can almost hear Sathi's voice screaming away in my head "Don't you DARE slack, you birdbrains! And how many times must I STRESS, PEE~! Always link back to the issue! Wake up your ideas people!"


2nd week

2nd is up! I can finally let off a BIG sigh of relief. Biology was one constant worry in my head, because of its volume and wide variety of questioning style. I jumped right into the essay questions at the start in fear of running out of time, but my worries melted away once I laid my eyes on the first question. An ace subject for sure.

However, I probably wont get higher than a b3 in physics. IM SO GLAD I TAKE TRIPLE SCIENCE MWAHA!

Time to mug SS, time to please Ms Sathi!


Ive just gone through the first week of hell-on-earth. It really has been a harrowing experience, what with going to bed without being able to sleep, waking up with headaches and going into the examination hall with your head racked with thoughts of doom. I believe our first week to be the most hectic one among the candidates throughout singapore. 7 papers in 5 days omg

Hopefully ill get an A1 for chem ><, unless jesse was right and i screwed my spa.

Finished Maximum Ride after the AMath paper. The feeling was sooonnnnnnng, to finally get my hands on a book and read it, and not stupid textbooks o level guides pastyearpapers and whatnot.

now its time to mug for bio and physics -.- damn sian


lol didnt expect to get 8 points for l1r5, due to moderation and using chinese. the last week to o levels is here, As come unto me! Mugging bio now. Wonder how ill fare for the test that really matters. All the past 3 years of school life are for these three weeks of exams. All the best to everyone