Social Studies....


Was almost late due to a traffic jam and an early entrance of students into the examination hall. But I made it and didnt die. When I was running up the steps of the back gate, I met Sathi and she said in a hearty booming voice " GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR SOCIALSTUDIES JONATHAN!" That brought an immediate smile on my face, however in the next instant I was at the class door, getting ushered in by some girls, while the rest of the people in the room were looking intently at me. Some probably wanted me to be late cough*jo*cough LOL no lah. He gave me a handslap and I sat down, jittery with nerves.

The exam was a breeze! I cannot believe governance came out, which is the first ever chapter Sathi taught us for SS. It kind of sucks to think that you could have studied just one chapter (and the first chapter at that) and score well. Being the stupid mugger that I am to ensure I scored well for SS I studied ALL of sec 3 + iraq-kuwait, so that what Ive studied would for 100% come out. I was freaking scared of chapter 6 coming, which was all about diplomacy and relations with ASEAN and UN. Not to say they are useless, but they do take up a whole lot of space in the brain.

For those who in any case didnt do well in this paper, dont fall into despair. Ive diligently checked Sgforums, and some people who did the Iraq-kuwait SEQ forgot the names of Bubiyan and Warbah. Some didnt complete the paper, while others spent 1 hour on SEQ, leaving a meagre 30 min for SBQ, which is totally too short a period of time to complete such a long question.

Bad news though, it is a general consensus that EM, AM and Chemistry were breeze-throughs. Physics was deemed impossible/hard/crazy. Those who are confident of A1/A2 (not me, im taking biochem) should be happy out of their wits.

SO now ive been slacking for the past 5 hours or so, enjoying my time till tomorrow morning when ill be mugging for HCL. What a chore, that the government had to have bilingualism implemented in 1966. Bah.