What a Sian World it is Out There

Recently, I have adopted a 'sian-sian' attitude. I have no particular goal in mind, indulge in only the television and computer games and do not do any homework. Seriously, the only homework I accomplished was 3 pages of Maths! OMG! Still play Gunbound and surf the Net everyday! But I just can't bear to do homework, or even READ! Sigh..

Went to West Mall to return and borrow books. The library is so boring now. No good books at all. I borrowed some books about UFOs and similar crap. Also borrowed Asterix and Obelix comics! Only that was interesting enough for me to read without falling asleep. Then the library do not even have Artemis Fowl files or Dan Brown books. Sian lah.

After I finished borrowing, I went down to Bread Talk and bought a ham and cheese bun. Then went to B1 to buy chips and a can of Pepsi. Also saw Jocelyn Chew(not sure if spelling correct)with supposedly her mother in Bossini(i think. some clothes shop anyway.)

When I reached home, it was already 6.25pm. Surfed the Net(again!) and showered. Ate dinner afterwards while watching Tong Xing Yuan, followed by Hai Tun Wan and Zero to Hero.

Sigh, why do I feel so sian..? I almost want to be back at school...