Initial D

Went to watch Initial D with Junneng, Joshua, Kenny, Brandon, Xiaotian, Cheryl, April and Yue Li today. The movie was quite nice, especially the races. But the plot itself is simple and predictable. Jay Chou acted as the main character and is a pro in street racing. Xiaotian and I shared the cost of a snack combo. It includes large popcorn and two Pepsi. The popcorn was really big, so big that Junneng gave us half of his share as he can't finish. The ending was quite sudden and not fun at all. After the movie, we checked out the arcade. We did decided not to play there, as we needed a card to play. Then we left the girls behind. They probably were taking neoprints. So lame.

After that, we went to West Mall, except Brandon, who went home. One token costs 50 cents at the arcade there. We played a racing game for several times. I mostly lost, because I did not know how to drift, but got 1st once. Then after Xiaotian and I finished our tokens, we went to Burger King to eat lunch. Juneng, Joshua and Kenny continued to play.

The meal was quite good. I had to buy my sister a pen, so we went to Popular and bought one, while Xiaotian browsed through some books. Then we went to the MRT station to go home. I met Joshua there, and he was taking the same train as me.

I think I had gotten fat. Expect that I gained at least 1kg. Sian. But that is the payment of eatng too much junk food. Sigh..