MRT Crapiness

Today's just another bleak, wet and dismal day. Landslides are still occurring all over Singapore. I was taking the MRT to Dover when at Jurong East the announcement blared, saying there will not be any train service to Clementi onwards. wtfknn. Just when I was thinking "hm so many landslides now, scarly mrt get accident today" too. Sometimes I really am psychic. The poor child who jumped onto the MRT tracks lost a leg, I think. I heard it from Daniel. Seriously, we are having more than our fair shares of track accidents this year. Due to that child(and many other victims)I dont know to what extent it had disrupted life in Singapore. Hundreds of people did not manage to get to their destination on time. Taxi queues were crazily long. I bet all of them were cursing the cause of the accident. Really, can't people be more well-behaved and STAND BEHIND THE YELLOW LINE!

JT picked us (me and chiho. i met up with him)up at the main road near IMM in his nissan sylphy. He drives faster than the normal singaporean, though I would have liked it better if he drove faster. Had swimmming training at his house then went up to his apartment and watched some soccer. It was a match between Thailand and Vietnam. The Thais loved to out a lot, and the Vietnamese liked to push people down. It was almost comedy. Then had lunch with the other bb boys at some ghim moh hawker center. Also bought a RamLY burger in the Pasar Malam there. Mr Ng cut some slack for us this weekend and gave us only 4 questions to do. Song bo.