This holiday is not fun at all :( The past three weeks have all been preoccupied by homework homework and more homework. I got so much chemistry homework that my typing skill improved. Dont know what got into Jesse's head, she wanted us to complete the whole o level syllabus. Answer all the 'candidates requirement' in front of every chapter. Like 140 questions! wtf. Plus 13 chem papers. Add that to 6 math papers, 1 geog paper, 1 SS sbq, 2 compres, 1 compo and the worst - chinese hw (which im totally not going to do). Then the 4th week of hols Jesse is giving us an online quiz.

The truth finally dawned upon me. I am in love with jesse.

However I did go out many times for LAN sessions! Got pretty much sucked into the whole CS thing. It is fun! Thurs shall probably be the last session (my 5th LOL) before the Os. These four months shall be pretty dull and stressful ones, and I sure hope i dont die of sudden cardiac arrest or something.

Went out with JO today to mug chemistry on laptop in library. Two days back we mugged at Je Library. Je lib is really a hard place to find powerpoints! The library opens at 10 and he went in at 10.15, only to find all seats taken?!! So after having brunch with Sheryl and 409 people at some western restaurant at Bukit Timah plaza. It has the best value for money stuff there! One pasta/baked rice + iced tea = $5.90! This is like 3 -5 bucks cheaper than pasta mania or pizza hut. After the wannabe-DSAers left to cab back to NJC for their test, we slacked around enjoying the ambience before going back to westmall library to mug, which thankfully has less people.

Mugged from like 12 to 4pm. Went home. Rested awhile then went out to jog 4.5km. Did it at leisurely pace this time, so obviously i didnt clock my pb of 22.21 min. Mugged after dinner, and here I am, complaining about chemistry. Left with the last chapter: organic chem!