Didn't join the online community for a couple of days. Not that anyone missed. Previously I was crawling Google, Torrent and IRC for Kim Jung Hoon's past albums for my sister's birthday present. Minimal cost, maximum value. Bet no one can get any of those in Singapore. It took me two damned days to pluck out the 7 albums files from Korean forums and IRC search engines. But at the very least it still served its purpose as a distraction and it was something for me to do. Rested for two days as I really felt that I didn't want to see the google banner in my life ever again. I hardcore-d a series of books. Fearless by Francine pascal Book 1 - 5 and Chiho's Artemis Fowl The Lost Colony by Eoin Colfer. Hardly your dark corporate conglomerate/political novel or How to Hypnotize People self-help but children fiction usually have shaky facts that can be challenged, (eg. the redudancy of liquid metal present in a hand identity biometrics system, or the paradoxes of time travel even with magic involved) and that's fun.

Only started sleeping at 3am this morning after finishing the book. So now dynamic ip address is finally back after all that crazy book reading. And after exhausting my week's worth of reading material into 2 days, I am once more left idling without anything to do.

List of possible activities
1. Search for LuA player so as to play red alert homebrew on PSP
2. More emulators for PSP
3. Lunch
4. MSN
5. Crashing Google and Yahoo

Now which should I do first? Number 5?

In My dreams.