Central Base

Information Control Tower

A digitized voice emanated from the in-built organic woofers of Ren Junior, indicating that the last section of the probe was completed. Corporal Ren stirred irritably from his uncomfortable position and rubbed sleep away from his eyes. The fluid-cooled swivel chair did not do any good to his back, which ached like a stubborn bruise. He continued his post-waking up rituals for a few seconds and then became immediately alert to the gently pulsating statistics on the plasma screen, vying for his attention.

“Oh my God, this is insane!” his mouth let out a whispered gasp as his analytical brain processed the data.

He typed some quick commands and his proton-dye printer came to life to undergo its task. A few seconds later, a stack of fresh printouts lay at the printer tray. Though terabytes of information is easily transmitted in this modern age, he still preferred to use carbon paper instead of its more advanced digital counterparts. It retained all the qualities of its wood-pulp paper ancestor, but can be entirely broken down into individual carbon strands and reconstructed to make new carbon paper easily. Ren grabbed them roughly and ran off in the direction of Lieutenant Nice’s office.

Nice was admiring his own reflection on his polished table top when Ren barged in wildly clutching a stack of paper as if it was gold. Nice jumped and his forehead impacted rather loudly against the table.

“Damnit Nice, look at these printouts! If these are accurate, which they should be given the fact that I am the one who patented and implemented the system, the S151-12 beings are welding an uncategorized electromagnetic force that isn’t part of the spectrum. And simply render all the past laws of physics seriously flawed!” Ren exclaimed and stared into Nice’s sky-blue eyes with his blood-shot ones.

“Hey quit gazing at me as if I’m your mummy, and how times must I say not to use my first name!” Nice roared, still piffed about getting caught red-handed in his embarrassing moment of vanity.

Ren ignored him, placing the printouts on his table. Nice picked them up, and glared at Ren for his impudence before leafing through them. His eyes bulged more prominently than usual as he read the statistics. By the time he was finished, you could expect from his expression there was a time bomb under him waiting to go off.

“Keep all of the instruments tracking similar energy traces just in case. The instruments that you ‘patented and implemented’” Nice sneered. “Send these to General Headquarters and the Defence Ministry. Heh, whatever happened to phantom images and hardware failure?”


Mountain peak KmpQ-752319,

Northern Hemisphere

(Nadicnish is translated into English for your reference)

“Gandalf would be happy to know the success of our mission and very soon would the Netherreals be able to enjoy the true land of Gaia without any hindrances” Molork’s fingers tingled with excitement at those thoughts. The twelve Neths formed an ellipse at the mountain’s peak at the northern hemisphere, the peak where earth’s magnetic forces were the strongest. As they bathed in the sun’s heat and earth’s attractive forces, they felt truly at one with Nature. After several silent moments with clasped hands, the Neths started glowing and vibrating with increasing agitation, until they turned into a band of pure white light and unleashed gigantic bolts of blue beams into the surroundings.

The Neths felt completely refreshed, with the essence of Gaia melded together with their souls inside them.

Haru, a member with long flowing hair, is the warrior of the group and has techniques of the sword as graceful as his fluid silver mane. “I hope every one here possesses equal will and fighting spirit to overcome these obstacles laid in front of us. Our enemies aren’t simple.”

“Pifle. They are as dense and weak as newborn babies. We will take them down easily. I do wonder why our forefathers did not do this earlier.” Balidnor snorted, eyeing a spark of blue crawling lazily along his forearm.

“No, never should we underestimate. We have already seen the might and power this advanced city has alone. Remember, we are fighting for the whole earth.” Loki cautioned.

“Enough said. Let us return from where we came, and bring our brothers into the coveted land that once belonged to us.” Molork silenced the Neths.

Once again, they joined hands in a pentagram. “Vish, Ree, Zu” the Neths said as one and disappeared in a blinding flash, leaving only an intricate scorch mark to tell of the tale twelve beings who were once there.


to be continued....