English: 19/30 (63.3%)
E Math: 27/35 (77.1%)
A Math: 13/35 (37.1%)
Chemistry: 27/50 (54%)
Physics: 24/45 (53.3%)
Chinese: 39/70 (55.7%)
Biology: 78/100 (78%)
Combined humanities - 81.6% (Geog 11/15, SS 9/10)

Total average: 62.5

sadsadsad but at least ive gotten a b4, so it isnt too bad. and anyway its only a 15% of the total year score, so who cares. wangjun will only get 10/15 and my 62.5 will in the end be 9/15.

one mark diff -.-

anyway after bb training today went with Joshua to meet up with Xiaotian. We took MRT to City Hall and along the way we saw this really interesting toddler. His mother was like playing games with him

"Where are we going?"






he shouted with a grin

"do you want SWEETS?"


he is quite adorable, as he has that constant pout on his face and that curious look in his eyes. I think im going mad because im being like a girl now. Joshua did this to me

Xiaotian and Joshua bought their (expensive) earpieces after about 45 min of going around Simlim. Xiaotian got an EX Sony in ear monitor earpiece ($80), and Joshua got a pretty headphone: Audio technica ATH-ES5 SV with aluminium housing ($98). I've tested both earpieces and both has got very good quality for a below-$100 pricing, though Joshua's ES5 could do with more bass.

Now I shall make a tedious trip to westmall to return my overdue library books or they might kill my cashcard

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