WAHAHAHA Ive finally bought my headphones! After a gruelling week of intense research and internal debate, Ive chosen the Koss Portapro! And bought it yesterday!

Isnt it beautiful? Retro design with just the right amount of simplicity and sophistication. Its not looks only though with this headphone. The sound reproduction is truely awesome! Bass is punchy, not covering the mid tones and treble highs, furthermore its an open-type headphone, meaning sound will not reveberate throughout the internal driver but escape to the surrounding (lesser noise cancellation, but more precise tones). Of course it costs a hefty $90, but I DONT MIND! Really, you guys who havent done so should really stop using the cheap phones that came with your music player and hear some decent music, the way it was meant to be heard.

Also, it can fold neatly into the size of your palm/mouse. True portaprobility! And a free pouch came with the box, made of synthetic leather.

Hope you people out there can also buy better soundgear and hear the difference! Once you do, you are never going back. >:)

To Kenoriga: Owning headphones 100% beat owning kitties. Headphones dont have electric poop.


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