wahahahahahah exams are finally OVER! the long week of gruelling torture has ended!

i fear for my a maths though, i think ill fail it again. other papers hopefully will score above 60...

but now with tons of time on my hands i cannot seem to find anything to do other than playing guitar and then super smash bros after my fingers hurt too much.

my favourite smash bros character: kirby. it can suck people in and steal powers, turn into rock and also float

went to xt's house today to play as duet for songs like hotel california and stairway to heaven. it was rather fun but i had to leave at 3 cos his plane to hk is at 5. sian as i type he is in a cathay pacific business class plane, albeit one experiencing technical difficulties (haha). his plane is still grounded now, time is 6pm.

tomorrow i shall go out (first time as group of 310 classmates) with keith JO kenny jason and other boys to watch spiderman 3. though ive heard it sucks and such other spirit-dampening comments on the movie i will still go ahead and splash my 8 dollars (!!) worth to catch the friendly neighbourhood building-leaping, web-slinging, red-turning-black vigilante.

and im so heartbroken! my psp is suffering now with a bricked firmware!! after flashing a new custom firmware for my psp, i action go try and replace default theme files with a mac theme's...it ended up with my psp unable to boot...wtf. super sad, cos i have to do mind-boggling dull and stupid stuff tonight like recovery booting and reflashing of the firmware to save my dead psp. if not it will remain as it is, as useful as a brick :(

hope i will have fun tomorrow, and im glad elaine chng said i did ok for english! hahaha finally a load of my mind! xt called mr ng and he said he is (evil) giving back papers on tues. wtf we know he is a super workmaniac but he dont have to show off his marking abilities now right! cant he spend the long weekend on something meaningful??? like adding a turbocharger to his beat up sunny or test out how long it will take for him to reach terminal velocity by jumping off the madeira (kidding!) or something

hope everyone has a great time before we get back the papers!