argh Im SUPER depressed now, cos my results like totally sucked and I really feel as if I have failed myself. I am pathetic.

A math: 28/80 O.O
E math: 52/80 okay..
Chem: 48.5/100 omg
Physics: 51/100 OMG
Biology: 80/100 finally one A
English: 68/100 also happy
Chinese: 57/100 very happy! cos its CHINESE (oh the horror)
Geography: 71/100 not bad but under expectations
SS: 32/50 not bad also under expectations

damnit i know there are some out there with worse results than me and i just sound like some arrogant person but I really had better expectations. Guess i didnt study much this time round thus the results. And many have already heard me whining more than once and maybe i seem moody (or moodier than normal) as observed by amanda.

ah nevermind...

ive been watching this really silly anime called ouran high school recently and it cracks me up. though it gets less funny as you progress down the episodes, cos they consist of mostly the same jokes. it has no plot at all, only jokes so I wouldnt exactly call it a nice anime, but at least it makes me laugh

chiho if you are reading this and smirking to yourself at my stupidity behind that tablet(if you can call it one, its more like some metal jumbled together) please LEND me .Hack volume 2! or ill punch you cos i said please already

! havent updated yesterday's stuff due to me slitting my wrists out of depression in the toilet lol of course actually blasting nice music

Yesterday we had the very BEST assembly ever in whole history of Nanhua high. we had a group of 5 singaporeans to sing chinese songs on stage, and though i do not especially like chinese songs or their vocals (the black guy sucks totally) it 100% beats sitting there and enriching ourselves of the EAGLES award through EXCITING powerpoint slides. isnt listening to strained voices trying to pull off songs much better than listening to ms yo's drone??

no actually on second thought she is much better. i mean, she has that perfect hour glass figure and sweet melodious voice, the chinese pop band simply cant compare!

i like the pianist! she(looks like he) improvised on the melody (albeit with some mistouching) nicely and well. if only there were guitarists there too.

ok thats it i think, cos i didnt really care about things happening around me lately. glad that xt is back; now i have someone to annoy

to sheryl and judith: NO i am not moody (or esp. quiet) because i miss XT!