Spidey 3

Day two of my long weekend: Went to watch spiderman 3 today with 310 boys at JEC! Sad thing is i lost 10 bucks there. May the person who took it die of a horrible death! People who went:


Stupid keith didnt tell me they were going to play soccer after the movie so I wore JEANS and a long-sleeved shirt! But anyway I didnt join them after all because Joshua begged me (sms-ed) to go bowling with him. The movie was ok, it is what i expect from a regular superhero movie: powerful bad guys owned by good guys. It lacks the material to really captivate moviegoers and it isn't the kind of movie that will be remembered down the years. I liked the Sandman, because he really is invincible and can shapeshift, almost like terminator. In reality, scientists will never say "oh the silicon mass has changed" and still go ahead with the experiment or whatever. Venom is weak (scared of reverbs) and the green goblin is technologically advanced (cool!). Spiderman is still the old nerd who can shoot webs.Peter cried in this movie though, which is the first for me. I dont think the movie is rushed or anything like that, unlike what some people said. Overall, superb CGI graphics, such as the cute little symbiote (little blob of Venom Parker's lecturer took for experimentation), sandman and the crane scene. Ill give this movie 6.5/10. To know my standard, day after tomorrow is a 7.5 and AI an 8.

Right after the movie we had some time to burn so we went to zoneX in JEC. I topped up 2 bucks in my tapZ and wanted to pit my rusty initial d skills against the regulars there. Mind you, I have been out of service for half a year due to bowling! Initially I wanted to trash a noob Ive been observing (and laughing at), but when I sat down infront of the console, he switched places with another guy! Presumably better (or PRO).

What came afterwards was surprising. I chose the ci4 cheng4 map(or akagi, for ID fans out there :D ) to test waters, since it is a little technical and requires intermediate skill, and I lost to him barely. Haha, this guy is noob. regular vs rusty pro, i thought

Then since i lost I got to choose maps again, so I chose my best map tu2 ban3 (Tsuchisaka), HAHA and i trashed him TOTALLY! Was 200m in front of him when i finished.

Then he challenged me again in (probably his best map), Irohazaka - I dont know the chinese pronunciation cos its all a bunch of swirly jap. Dang and he is using Mitsu Evo IV, which is good on that map, and Im using GC8V (subaru imprezza wrx). Sian and I got pwN3d! he was 200m ahead of me when he finished. -.- if only i had more money....though Im still satisfied, given my skills have deteriorated, I still have the ability t trash noobs and not-so-noob noobs. AND if only XT was there, he would have trashed him (Iro is his best map too) So sad...

But Im glad now, cos I managed to find my Fender pick! It was almost like excavating through a thousand-year-old historical ruins (my desk)! Lots of dust and rubbish and candy/biscuit wrappers that helped me stay awake through the night(!). All the books that were so essential and important to me during the mugging period of midyears suddenly turned from gold to trash.

And it was worse than THIS during the exam period!

ok bye now ive got to go watch hai3 tun2 wan1 (dolphin bay) on channel u