After Exams

Ahh the exams are ALMOST over. Still got Art and Home Econs left. So shitty. How can Nanhua count them as subjects. Do you know that St Joseph's count art as Extra curricular subs. Sigh..the unfairness of all.

Anyway, after the Math paper I went to Jurong Point to eat with XT. The Math was damn hard la. I really hope I'll pass. We went to eat at the foodcourt there as all the shops have not opened yet, including Pizza Hut and others. I ate the Xiao Wan Mian(mini-wok noodles) and Xiaotian ate the stupid laksa and a big Ice Kachang. I scolded him for eating such plain food, but he disagreed and said it was very nice. But when he tasted my soup, he changed his mind and wanted to throw away his laksa and buy a bowl of Xiao Wan Mian. Wa that guy is so crap. I stopped him of course.

After the meal, as we walked around the just-opening-for-business Shopping Centre, Xiaotian came up with a suggestion to go Simlim Square. So since it was still 12.30 I agreed and we sat the MRT there. We browsed around for the shop selling the cheapest Ipod Nanos, bargaining on the basis that we were buying two. Thebest discount we got was from the original $348 to $330, at an Indian Shop. Not bad la. Xiaotian was still not satisfied. He wanted to get one at $300. Told you that he is crap. Then Xiaotian bought a 30gb PC harddrive for $89.

He then wanted me to go back to his house with him, so I had to call my mother to ask for permission. She was not pleased and scolded me for not studying and going out instead. But in the end she agreed la. But he told me that his mother was in chatting with a neighbour. I was very scared that she would chase me out, but she turned out to be a very warm individual. Xiaotian showed me his homemade PC and began ripping the plastic cover off the harddrive he bought. Then he plugged in several wires from the Powerbox to the harddrive. He bought it because his old harddrive was not able to function. The old computer was given to him by his parent's friends and many components were not working, so he took some components out and mixed with newer components of his own. Pity that the Nvidia graphic card could not function. It is quite a good brand. So after he plugged in the harddrive he turned on the power and a Compaq logo appeared on the screen. Then he inserted the Fujitsu reformat disc into the DVD combo drive and began installing Windows XP Tablet PC edition. But of course it failed, as i expected because it is a normal PC and should not be able to use Tablet PC software. Furthermore the components were old and might not be able to meet with the requirements of the OS.

He wanted to go to a computer mart in NTU and wanted me to change clothes. He gave me a crappy shirt and long track pants. He said that the staff there do not entertain secondary students, as they would not buy anything from there. And we looked like undergrads when we wore long pants. Well thats what he said. We went down and boarded the bus going on the A route. Then we sat for one whole round and ended up back at his house. He is so crap. He did not know the bus routes around NTU. And he lived there. We got down and walked to a map of the A, B, C routes. He told me that the routes were newly implemented on 1st of October so he was not familiar. Then we took the C route and walked for a short distance and went into the computer mart. The electronics they were selling there were all like $20 off from prices outside, including ipod nano. They were selling at $329! Wow. But too bad they had no stock.

Then we looked around and then went to the canteen to buy a soursop drink of 30cents. We took route C back and in the end it did not go to Xiaotian's house. Wa lao I was damn angry with him. But in the end we took another bus and reached his house. I ate some instant noodles and pistachios. Oh he also gave me some old speakers, as he had bought a new Harman Kardon Speaker System. Crap la he so rich. So I went home, as his dad was coming home soon and took 199 to Jurong Point and sat the MRT back to Bukit Gombak.

I met my mom at the lift lobby. Talk about suay. If I were 1 min earlier, she would not have known. As I promised her that I would reach home at 5, but i eached home at 6 instead. She had gone to Causeway Point to buy some stuff. Upon reaching home, I stacked all the Sec 1 textbooks into a cupboard and made space for my "new" speakers. It included one bass and two subwoofers. I plugged them in and played my iTunes. Wa really not bad quality. Strong bass and music which do not have static when the max volume was turned on. Very good. The only bad thing is that the fabric covering the subwoofers have mould growing on them. Aiya, but nevermind one la. Can play is good enough.

Ah the bliss of the exams being ALMOST over. Doing art tomorrow and Sunday. Shit la.