The REAL After-exams

Arrhghhhhhh!!!!! Exams are over! Hooray! Let's pop some champagne! Home econs and art is shit.

After the 1hr paper of Home econs(which was very easy) Xiaotian and I went to Clementi MRT(No he did not go on a date with Haoting.) Chiho treated us taxi and bubble tea. Nice. But I discovered that I should never drink bubble again in the morning. It made my teeth and mouth numb. Anyway, we sat the MRT to Dhoby Gaut. We chatted to Dhoby Gaut and did not feel like getting off so we sat till Serangoon and then alighted and rode back to Dhoby Gaut. Xiaotian told me about the process of internal combustion in the engine of a Car. But even he does not know the exact whole process. Like when the fuel is pumped into the combustion chamber, he did not know where does the oxygen come from to have the chemical reaction when fuel combusts with oxygen and explodes. But we assumed that the oxygen comes from the surroundings and goes into the car through the grille-like thing between the headlights.

Anyway we went to the Starhub Store. Xiaotian needed to buy a new sim-card. He fiddled with the Sim-lock function of his HP and in the end it locked. And he was so stupid not to guess the default combination of 1234. He only thought of 1111 2222 3333 and so on. Stupid la. Now need to spend $30. Haha. When we went in after the store opened for business, the service was very good. The lady at the reception greeted Xiaotian with warm smiles and said "Very good dear!" when he said he got the authorisation letter to activate a new sim-card. I laughed when she called him that, and she also turned and smiled at me(I was standing beside the queue beside XT, as I had no business to do with Starhub). Later on I settled into one of the several flat-cushioned chairs in Starhub and watched Mr Bean on the TV, while XT settled his Sim-card affair. When I started watching Mr Bean, I saw him exchanging his pants and underwear with another guy in a locked cubicle. After he got his pants and underwear, Mr Bean threw the guy's pants and underwear over the locked door of the cubicle. The guy managed to catch the pants, but the underwear dunked into the toilet bowl. Cool. Oh and Mr Bean's Mini got crushed by a tank at a fair.

After 10min, XT was ready and he was impressed by their service. We went down and rode the MRT again to Jurong Point. Went to PK Computer like what we did yesterday. The guy was not very pleased when XT asked about PC stuff again, as we go in and do not buy anything. So later on XT bought Windows XP Home for $155 and went we went home.

On the MRT, I met Ee Hui, my ex-classmate. Pity we only exchanged greetings. I only said hey ee hui! and did not say anything else. I could not think of anything to say. He was talking with a bunch of friends about Gunbound.

Upon reaching home, my mother scolded me as she thought I ate outside. So she had to prepare lunch for me. I was puzzled at her getting angry at this small thing. She said like, Wa you think im your maid ah, anytime go home must fix food for you blablabla etc. Sigh. She seem to get cranky over small matters recently. She also said that I could not buy iPod Nano unless I got good results, EVEN THOUGH IM USING MY OWN SAVINGS. What Shit is this. My hard-saved money cannot be used freely ah. Shit la.

Later I still have to practice piano. Crap. And I thought I was supposed to be happy after exams.

Ah who cares. Just settle for blog-surfing now..


Going to sim-lim with XT tomorrow to buy PC components and casing. Together we will make a high-end desktop PC which is Intel 3.2 GHz Processor, Integrated 3D graphics, 1GB DDR RAM, 420v Powersupply box. Cool.