English : 63 (second highest in class)
Chinese : 56
Maths : 64
General Science : 63
Geography : 76 (top in class)
History : 54
Literature : 53
Art : 53
Home Econs. : 51 (not including practical)

These are my EOY results. Not exactly your dream marks right? The average of these is a lousy 59.2222....(recurring decimal). I expected myself to get at least 60, and I had to go and get a 59.2. What shit.

Anyway, my parents grudgingly agreed to let me use MY own money to buy a iPod Nano. Isn't this weird, first getting permission to use my own savings? You might say that the money is theirs, as they gave me as pocket money. But it is I who managed my income and expenditure so as to allow the possibility of having enough money to buy a Nano.

But that is not my point. I am supposed to blog about my Nano, and got carried away as usual. Today I woke up early to get ready for going out to Xiaotian's house. I wore a White tee and long jeans there to see if there was any stock of Nano 2GB there, as they were selling at a cheap price of $328 while Apple's official pricing is $348. We have visited there one month earlier but to no avail. I expected them to have stock today, but it turned out to be a great disappointment.

We then went to Simlim Square again to look for a $340 Nano which we saw during the last visit. In the end we found out that almost the entire stock of all the stalls there were wiped out! There were only the more-ex ones left. Sigh. And we walked up and down twice to look for a cheap Nano. So in the end, we had to settle for a $348 Nano. Next Xiaotian lent me his money to buy a $15 silicon case for my Nano, which cover is very fragile and scratch very easily. But not to worry, it is extremely durable. (It was tested by some crazy dudes and its controls can work even though a Volkswagon ran over it twice. URL :

Then we rode back to Jurong Point and met up with Joshua to watch Transporter 2. It was a relatively short movie with simple plot and lots of action(extreme violence). And if you like cars burning rubber, you will like this movie, as Xiaotian and I did.

After the movie, Xiaotian bought Battefield 2 with his POSB card(its balance is almost zero now, going to be frozen). Personally I think he want to keep slashing it in cardreaders till it melts. Oh and his 4 other cards have been frozen.

We went home. Joshua and I took the MRT while Xiaotian took bus 199.

And now I am blasting music from my Newly bought Nano into my ears. Sigh..the wonder of technology...