Nano-ing Again

Today is the first day of the EOY holiday, and I have also owned my Nano for a week. That means I have not blogged for a week! I am generally satisfied with Apple's Nano, as it plays punk rock songs very well and is extremely portable. It is even sold the same price as a 4GB Mini. The colour LCD display screen definitely makes it a higher class than all the previous iPods. (I really cannot think how people managed with black and white screens.)

But the catch is that it scratches VERY easily. It sustained a few scratches after a day's usage, so I hope Apple can manufacture future iPods with a toughened coating, though the backing made of chrome is considerably durable.

There are also some things in the area of functionality which I am not pleased with. Sure, it comes with a stopwatch complete with lap splitting, a screen lock and international clock, but I think Apple should really bundle in a 5-band custom EQ(Equalizer) option and FM tuner at the very least. Sound recording is not a must-have, but it is good to have it in iPods.

The audio support with files should be improved on too, not being compatible only with AAC, MP3, WAV, AIFF, but also with WMA files. This will do away with the need to convert the file format from WindowsMediaAudio to M4A in iTunes. Lastly, iPod should be able to transfer files through 1394 port(aka FireWire) to enable transfer rate to be increased, while currently UniversalSerialBus(USB) 1.1 or 2.0 is supported. 1.1 is the older version(duh) which is even slower.

This is why iPods are best-sellers, but not the best mp3 players on the market. I forsee even greater sales of iPods if the above are bundled in iPods. Maybe Apple could release a Service Pack(SP) for us iPod users to buy and download to upgrade the software in iPods. And they could also release a trial version of the SP1 for iPods, and then I could crack it. Haha.

And I got back my report book. 62.1 Average, 19th in class and 259th out of 360 in level. Sorry because this post must be very dull for electronic idiots out there. With that, I conclude this short post and now I must go downstairs to ta pow lunch for my family. Bye