damn. saturaday, which was yesterday, was the day that the sec 1 boys brigade went canoeing. i went school by MRT, as i had to top-up my card. then reached school at 8.45pm. Shuttle bus came at 9.00am. went to kallang SEA sports club. We paired up and paddled in double canoes. at approximately 1.00pm we had chicken/duck rice as lunch. then canoed again. it was quite fun. we learnt how to accelerate, stop, turn and go side-ways. at about 4.30pm, we stopped and helped to carry the canoes back after the staff there washed them. i had a mild sunburn. lame leh. from 10am-4.30pm. tts about 6hrs, assuming that lunch took 30mins. sianz.

today, i cut my hair, so now i look like a retard. and washed my dirty shoes. kallang SEA soprts club's toilets were the worst i have ever seen in my life.

now have to do the idiotic art. wana drop it. dun see the use of it.