school was boring today. hada math test. i tabulated my marks. i would fail, but only slightly. this is a big improvment, as i had failed my algebra stuff previously. i found out my major mistake. i always ignored the '-' sign in front of a number, as in 3-4(3X2). i would think it is
3-12X8 but it should be 3-12X(-8).

aft school, i went to the libary to ask the Student VC installation ppl whether if they could give me the installation files in their thumbdrives, as i would be reformatting my computer, which would wipe out my whole hard drive and its partitions. the guy misunderstood and helped my install back the whole package, which i had done so yesterday. so i let him go on, and after he had done so, i asked him again clearly. then, he understood, and told me that he could not do so. i suppose that is because the program costs money and their company is probably scared that ppl like me would copy and burn for friends and relatives.

it was raining moderately heavily. i did not have an umbrella, so i walked to the bus-stop. keno accompanied me. watched the day after tomorrow on the bus on my Tablet. ate a delicious lunch of spaghetti and carried on watching. it was nice man, i can tell you. although there were a couple of factual mistakes of the movie.

The first mistake i spotted is this:
when the climatologist and his colleague were walking to downtown DC, they saw several ships stuck in the frozen sea, pointing out at different angles. according to the movie, there had been a huge tidal wave and caused sea levels to rise by hundreds of meters, then the sea was frozen. ships would either get crushed under the pressure of the sudden tidal wave, or sink to the bottom as the rushing water would have forced all the air in the ships out. none would be at the top. and even if the ships managed to reach the top again, they would have been either lying flat, sideways, and not sticking out of the water.

Second mistake:
When the helicopters are flying over Scotland and through the eye of the storm, the temperature is cold enough to freeze fuel in the pipes and tanks. Yet the pilot takes a good five seconds to open the window, and then freezes. Logically, anything cold enough to freeze fuel should not have given him that long. Fuel has a much lower freezing point than the human body, that means humans would freeze long time before fuel does so. Even with the added padding of a coat, a body just could NOT have taken longer than fuel to freeze. The pilot should not even have had time to reach for the window before freezing, let alone to open it and then wait a good five seconds to do so.

but all in all, it was quite a nice movie, althouh it did not make a lot of sense. just sit back watch it without thinking logically and you would find it quite enjoyable.