Cultural Pot.

The weather is very wet today. Lots of wind and rain. Im stuck at home, reduced to scrubbing dirty shoes.
Yesterday went to NanHua Cultural Potpourri. One ticket for $16. A real steal, so as to speak. The show itself was very entertaining and appealing. I liked the first drama and all the musicals(choir, harp ensemble, band etc.). Jason and Kenny both used their Sony Ericssons and recorded the musicals. Very good. They will send to my com thru infrared. If you wanted to know, to view the Sony Ericsson media files on com, use Quicktime player. Windows Media player sux. Apple - Best computer technology in the world. Pity they only have quality but not quantity.

During the interlude, someone managed to snatch Kaiwei's handphone. Jason and I read all his messages which concerns Vanessa. We found out that a number of messages which Vanessa sent to Kaiwei contained the word 'muackx' after each message. Furthermore, some had mroe passion than the others, as in 'muackxxx'! Vanessa sent Kaiwei 6 such messages in total. Not only that, Kaiwei replied several messages with 'muackx' and 'muackxxx' too! Kaiwei sent 5 such messages. OMG! I never knew. It is all right if the girl sent the boy such messages. But the boy replying the girl! Wow. Kaiwei and Vanessa most likely would advance to the 'Pahtuo-ing' stage...

The show ended at 9.28pm. Kaiwei, Kian Ann, Wang Jun, Zhen Yu and I walked to the bus stop and took bus no. 183. Then took MRT home. When i reached home, it was already 10! I took a bath and fell to sleep immediately.

Now I dunno what to do. So boring. If you were wondering how i got online, I disconnected the cable which connects the broadband modem to the Wireless adapter and inserted it into my LAN dock. Instant access to the Net! Then now my sisters complaining to my mother. Idiotic. Must unplug liao. Cos they are using their PC which uses Wireless. so cyaz.