Test Marathon

This week is a total disaster. I had chinese spelling and geography test today. Chinese test for tomorrow. There would be the NAPFA test too after school. The test of fitness, if you will. I think the participation of the teachers below 50 should be compulsory. Many of them are so obese and inactive. I think taking Physical Education and NAPFA tests would do them some good. Especially teachers like Ms Yeo. When she sits down, her whole meaty body would shake and layers of fat are very visable. Her humongous ass spreads out over the chair. You could swear the chair would buckle and collapse. No wonder she is not married.

The good news is that there would be Speech Day on Friday, whatever that is. Sec ones would be let off at 11.00am. Very early. Us Boy Brigaders will be going canoeing at Satuday.

And i got 16.5/25 for Chemistry test! I think im in the Top 10 in the class. Sadly, my Maths still needs improving. At least I found out my main mistakes for the papers.

Miss Wong was idiotic during Literature today. She seems to have a talent for it. The moment she came into class, she let us stand for few minutes before greeting her and sitting down. Then, she gave us 5 seconds to take out our Literature worksheet. She threatened that if we did not do so, she would force those people to copy out the crappy story in the Textbook. That is so unreasonable. So I took mine out and placed them on my lap, and arranged my file's contents. She patrolled around, and soon the usual people were standing. Joshua and some others. Miss Wong came to my table and thought that I did not bring/do and told me to stand, so i showed her mine. The moment she turned away, I was tempted to point the middle finger at her back. But of course I am not so uncivilised. So i curled my fingers into the shape of a gun and fired an imaginary bullet at her head. Immature, I know. But Xiaotian laughed at Miss Wong anyway.
The poor souls who had to copy out the story. Sigh...what more harm could the torturer do more?

After school, Xiaotian and I walked to McDonald's to play Gunbound with our TPCs. the wireless network there is not bad. Xiaotian's PC turned out to refuse to connect to the network, so I was the only one playing. Soon, Yanling and Jemimah came too. Yanling ate a chicken wing meal. Then I lost interest playing as no one from 110 wanted to play with me, so i logged out and played Stickdeath's Escape from Greenville. It is quite violent, with blood, guns and all. I strongly discourage all people below the age of 10 to play the game. As soon as I completed the game, we all boarded the MRT and went back to our respective homes.

Now, I am going to revise chinese and do some last minute training for the NAPFA test. You know, sit-ups, push-ups and all. 110 All the best for tomorrow.