Hey ppl out there. so sorry i have not blogged for such a long period of time. my house Wireless LAN down la then NHSS LAN also cant connect. idiotic. they should spend more money on a better wireless network. after all, it is we, students, who bought the TPCs. the school sure got commission one.

Im in the home econs lesson now. there are three periods and we finished all the assignments for the semester. The teacher let us do anything we want! So shiok. Going Cultural Potpourri today. 6.30pm-9.30pm. wonder if my $16 was worth. To tell you the truth, I would prefer watching a decent movie, like A series of Unfortunate Events. I read the books and thought they were interesting.

One thing i bu shuang about is the TPC rules. we should be able to use our TPCs for our personal reasons when we are also doing something constructive at the same time. As in, listening to music while doing work, since a positive cancels out a negative. miss wong and her stupid rules. she is full of crap. without her rules, we would be able to use our TPCs during recess and lunch, like other classes. then she counters this by saying "What the other classes do is none of my business." since using ur TPC is a school rule, and she is a school teacher, it should be her business. she and her crap. if we cannot use, the others should not be able to do so too. then yue li is so committed to her. idiotic. think she is so important. and we have the right to give negative remarks about the class. without negative remarks, one would never improve. i think she is too thick-headed to think of these.

posting soon.