so if u had read yesterday's post, you would have known today some of us had to sit outside the class room. i think we do not deserve this punishment, even though we did not do duty. she said that she punished us because we did not do. but they are so many girls who had not done their duty for the past weeks, and even months! and she just had to pop in yesterday and punish those who did not do on that day. dang her. and anyway, she does not even contribute to the class cleaniness or decoration whatsoever. she jus comes into class, boss here and there, fuss here and there, not happy then punish. we get D grade get punished. we get A grade no reward. so what gives her the right to leave us back after school for cleaning the class and punishing those who did not do duty?

so why and who are we working for? if she says for ourselves and the class, then i would say that we are perfectly happy with a dirty class.

but it is she who is grading us and punishing us. that means we are only working for her. we do all the work and get nothing. we do not work we get punishment. and i do not want that.

She also says that those classes who play Tablet pcs during school are none of her business. but it is a school rule, and if the classes play TPC, so shall we. i think it is very unfair as they can play, while we could not, and they still would not get punished. i would only be satisfied if the TPC gaming is banned during school curriculum FOR ALL TPC CLASSES.
so if she claims to be impartial and fair, she has to fulfil all these.

after so much talk do u agree with my statements? well you should.