Initial D Again

Nothing much happened today. The stupid system is in operation for 3 days already. Every class chairman has to collect a key everyday to lock the classroom between recess, lunch and periods like art and PE, when the students will be out of the classroom. This is supposed to increase security so that our things would not mysteriously disappear. But isn't it a little too dumb? What kind of person would go into a classroom and steal super valuable books, paper, stationery, water bottles, bags and such. Like who does not bring with them their wallets/handphones etc. or use the lockers. The key must then be returned before 3. It is like a complete waste of time, resource, money and I am shouting myself off. And anyway, I have left my Tablet PC in class for who knows how many times, and Wang Jun's was left overnight but it too did not get stolen. You see, we are civilised and if we are to do crimes, we do not do so openly. Maybe piracy. But stealing? Why bother working yourself out and making yourself so nervous, and in the end you get caught. Seriously, I don't know what Mr Foo is thinking. Nobody absolutely would bother stealing a wallet with few dollars worth of coins, and get caught. If you want to do it, go the whole hog. Don't waste your time on small amount of money. Do big and quiet stuff like piracy distribution and retailing. This way both sides are happy. Isn't it better. So the whole lock and key system is totally useless. Anyway if you really are persistent, what is to stop a strong person from prying the door open.

And Chia Lek Ki was so extra. She told me to stand in a corner for laughing at Xiaotian's rolled up pants. Then I sat down on a empty chair nearby and spun my phone. I sent Xiaotian a SMS message "I am sian". Then the girls nearby became interested in my inbox's contents, so knowing girls, they took my phone and read the messages. Ok, so reading messages is normal, but they were clustered around one table, with one holding the phone on it, visible to anyone. Of course, my phone was confiscated.There were several failed attempts of getting my phone back. Joshua and Kenny tried to get the phone out of the plastic bag, but did not manage to. Once, Joshua got the phone and passed to me, and I hid it under the table, but it was noticed by Lek Ki. So it got confiscated again. I got it back today morning, when Chia asked to see me on the way up to class, and told me she would give me a chance and return me the phone. I acted sincere and promised her to be good. And since the key was with me, the 210 people all had to wait outside for me. Haha!

Today is the last lesson of Malay! Yeah! After school Joshua had to meet Mr Cheng for some Math thing. But Mr Cheng refused to let him go even though he finished. So we waited from 1.30 to 2. Then we took a cab to Jurong Point with Chiho. He wanted to buy some comics from Comic Connection. Xiaotian left us for the arcade while we went to eat KFC. OR Fillet rocks. Though a tad too small. Initial D was damn fun! My Mitsubishi Evo III rocks! Joshua bought the same car painted white. My Mitsu is fully upgraded now, so I went to buy Suzuki Cappuccino. Its a cute little car which looks similar to Mazda Miata, only half a size smaller. It is so small and qian bian. I will use it against beginners, kana trashed by small car, sure very angry. It pick up is slow though, so it is only suitable for beginner maps, with long and straight roads, as it has a extremely high top speed, even topping my fully upgraded Mitsu! (Mit = 200km/h Cappu = 215km/h) Xiaotian said my skill improved, though I felt no change. Taught Joshua a shift+brake technique which can be applied in one of the beginners map. So I trashed Xiaotian. He was also trashed last session. My Mitsu U-turned for his Toyota Trueno GT-Apex AE86 to get a 250meter+ advantage twice! - and I still managed to overtake him in the end, though I stopped right before the Finish, as I promised him. toyota is Pathetic! But once he gets his Racing Engine upgrade, we will die like hell.

Ok it is 10 now. Gota sleep