Jurong Point

Yesterday was the Sports Heats. I kana sabo-ed by the class to be in shot put. But since Jason, Kenny, Kian Ann, Joshua, Yanling, Jeraldine and many more are already participating, I can't turn down. I went to the field at 3, with Xiaotian to support me. They gave a short briefing and the throwing began. When it was my first shot to throw, it went a good 6-7 metres, but my foot hit the starting line, so it was counted as a foul throw. Wth. Some of the Sec 1s were pro. There was one who was about the same height as me and arm with muscles like Xiaotian. Its like, omg, how to win. Anyway that guy threw 7+ metres. My arm ached because I exerted too much strength. Actually I am very weak, so don't blame me. Lagged around and watched people playing basketball. There was one damn tall girl. What's her problem. When it was my second turn to throw, I did not foul, but it was just 6.4 metres. Third throw about the same. So I did not get into the Finals 8. Sad la, but can't help it.

After this, it was only like 4+, so Xiaotian treated Cab to Clementi then we took the MRt to Jurong Point. No, we did not play Initial D. We browsed through the stores such as Harvey Norman, Courts, PK Computer. We have not browsed leisurely like that for a very long time, since going to Jurong Point meant playing Initial D. I looked at some nice SLR cameras. The damnit "slim and chic" cameras were pathetic. I don't know why girls love them so much. Bigger camera = better quality. I am not very attracted to cameras, but somehow, my subconcious pieced together bits of my memory to form a dream, which I dreamt the day before. It happened like this:

You know those metal crates in departmental stores, where they use to put assorted items on sale such as clothing, shoes and such in? And there will be a sign sticking out of it saying " sale 50% etc"? Yeah, my dream was about those crates, but instead of the normal items, there were cameras dumped in there. Siao right? It was a model of the Canon SLR, which are very good SLR cameras, normally getting a pricing of 2k+ or more. A sign stuck on the crate saying "Sale: $500 only". I almost fainted in joy and paid gleefully for it. The dream ended of me taking pictures using the camera like there was no tomorrow.

Dumb right? Ok anyway back to yesterday. So we were browsing through the stores, then we were in Cyberactive. I looked at the normal things: Sony DVD-RW burners, computer fans and audio signal splitters. Then suddenly, a low and scary voice sounded: Boy, please tuck in your shirt. I was thinking like, weird, who would say such things, so I turned around to ask Xiaotian if he had heard someone, when I noticed the person behind him..

*lightning crackles, thunder booms and sounds from organ pipes drifted*

It was MR NG!!! *shrieks!*

Actually I was more surprised than scared. Wtf is this discipline master doing here in Jurong Point, Cyberactive and looking at PC GAMES?!

What is the meaning of this? Looking at PC Games huh? Discipline master huh? I urged Xiaotian to take shots at my angle, as those did not show his face, but he was too scared and said something like getting sued or something. We went to Sportslink next doors and I exclaimed rather loudly while walking around the store, and asked why didn't Xiaotian take nicer pictures of Mr Ng, as it probably would be the only chance in a life time, when you would meet your discipline master in a shopping centre, in the same shop, at the same time, purely by coincidence, and stuff like that. I was outraged, and said that if I had a camera or a proper camera phone, I would have taken it, unlike Xiaotian, who thought he would be sued. Xiaotian did not say anything, so I continued scolding him. Then, he whispered to me: Hey look behind. I looked behind and it was Mr Ng again! OMG! I did not know when did he come in. It was like he Apparated or teleported or something. Power sia! Wth. He was just behind us looking at some bags casually, while I was there complaining and scolding. It was like so sian diao. Anyway, we went away and after that, he did not appear infront of us again. Thankfully. I told Xiaotian that I should probably keep my mouth shut and not say anything, in case of a third happening of the coincidence of a lifetime. I think if it happened again, I would have died from a heart attack.

Today we had some dance practice for NDP again. Mrs xyz(not actual name. I can't risk putting the real name, with the teachers on watchout nowadays) go kao bei us, and forced 209 in the special formation group. See, 2 practices previously, the boys were playing soccer when it was about time for us to be in the hall. Xiaotian and I were leaning on the railings next to the hall looking at them play. Ms xyz scolded them and then one person, who she assumed to be from 210, because she recognised Joshua whose mother is a HOD, there. The person talked back to her when she said it was time to go up, so she somehow, became very biased to our class. The person is supposed to be from 209. She is this fatass who does not know what she is talking about and makes assumptions and thinks she is always right. I do not see how she got to her position, given her "capabilities". This mrs xyz was not very happy for our class 210 to be in the group of special formation, so she went and told the coach about us. The coach, being fair and all that, compared our attitude to 209, so since our class were united against mrs xyz, we got the position. Apparantly, xyz was not very happy about this and forced 209 in the group this session, although 212,211 and 210 were in the group and everything was set. We even learnt the steps. Then she forced 209 in, causing the coach to change all the plans. What crap. Anyway, the special formation was very simple. Basicially, we just had to form a big square around the normal formation and run around them with flags. The normal formation have to remember the dance steps and do those funny formations you can see from the top view. After only 2 sessions, the coach told us we have already learnt half of the whole thing. So damn slack! Waha.

I will post the pictures of the NTU Motor Fest as soon as I can. I need a long time uploading the pics, as I do not like Hello! Picasa. Your patience is kindly appreciated. And thanks too, for the people who have been tagging my blog and urging my to update, eg. cheryl, junneng, xiaotian and more. Plsplsplsplsplsplspls tag more, I know my blog is not as picutre-ful as Xiaotian's but since I dont have a cam phone, what can I do? So I need as many supporters as possible. Every tag is like gold to me.

Note: Any similarities in the characters described to actual persons living or dead, fat or thin, is very unfortunate. The offensive words such as "fatass" that relates to mrs xyz could be figurative as well as literal, so do not make assumptions and post it on my tagboard, as it could get me into trouble.