todays topic is a pupil in Nanhua sec, 110. He is short and wear specs, and likes soccer. i guess most of u all out there noe who he is. he is zhen yu.

he is a noob in GB. sort of. i am a noob too. but i win and lose fairly. well, every morning, we sit down and play GB. he always run to the stronger team (team with wang jun) and refuses to 1v1 anyone pro-er than him. that is unlike me. i have lost to wang jun 10-3 before. he trashed me. but zhen yu does not even dare to play, unless he has a backer.

i am often irritated by his behavior. he also lets wangjun take over his com to play his acc too. that means virtually my team is fighting wangjun who gets two turns everytime. naturally we lose. i cannot stand zhen yu's behavior. he is severly cheapskate. a guy who earns easy money.

ok enough talk about him.

we had PE today. we did shuttle runs. when the whistle went, i ran to the other end and when i turned, junneng's body was infront of me. i and chiho beside me crashed into him and then ran another lap.
then when i turned, i and chi ho crashed into juneng again. seriously, how could this guy have such a fat body. he must be running in a curve. after i completed, i had a bleeding finger. some flesh was cut right off. i duno how it happened.

then 2nd time i ran, it was quite good. i threw my weight to the front, so i was almost falling over. this gave me moe momentum. then i reached the line, turned back and ran, i lost my balance as i had too much weight in the front, and fell foward in the end. so idiotic. i even lost to junneng because of tt. i had a graze on the knee and elbow then, plus my bleeding finger.

3rd time. i ran like crazy and followed all the PE teacher's advice. i clocked 15 secs. not bad for a guy like me.

aft recess, we had physics and eng. we learnt clauses in eng. i got the hang of it at the end of the lesson. sianz ah.

aft sch, xiaotian and i boarded MRT together. i went home and ate lunch then went to west mall to return my library books, and borrowed 2 books about crytography and malicious virus codes. i secretely bought a new set of ear phones. it is a philips $11.90 earphone, complete with a wind-up case. its sensitivity is 106 decibels. not bad. by the way, for brainless people, the lower the decibals, the more sensitive it is. there is a cool looking sony for $21. sensitivity is 100 dec. so i thought the philips one was more worth it and bought it. i fiddled with the wind-up case fro 10min in the library. i have nvr used those kind of wind-up cases.

so this is my day today. seeya