The Tyrant

miss wong is so idiotic. she is unfair and also biased against boys. firstly, yesterday. lunch lin lao shi let us off late for lunch. then she gave some of us spelling retest. aft the retest, it is already 12.20pm. some boys ran down to play soccer, while i did my corrections. aft i did the corrections, it is already 12.30pm. i handed in to lin lao shi and then she marked and gave me back to file in the CHI folder.

it is my turn to do duty that day. but i had no time to do, as lunch was already over. my duty was to arrange the tables and chairs. then Miss wong came into class and told those who did not do duty to stand up. i had no choice but to do so. she said all the responsibilites of us cos it is our class then told us to move our tables and chairs outside classroom tomorrow, and sit there. it is completely not my fault! so i went outside and told her everything. not only she did not listen, she jus said " you could have done your duty before i came into class" how could i? almost everyone was already sitting down at their seats! idiotic.

then today, after flag-raising ceremony, she walked and checked our queue. we were supposed to sit in index number order. all the boys did, but the girls did not. and she did not even care or scold them. when the boys did not, she would scold them and told them to move to their places. what kind of treatment is this? and this is not the first time. it had happened several times. miss wong is totally biased against boys.

based on theses evidences, i have concluded that miss wong is biased and unfair, as you can see. so no one could ever accuse me of slandering miss wong with groundless accusations.