The World is Unfair

dang it. today was a bad day(again). i seem to have more than my fair share of bad days.

i started the day by revising chemistry test. i forgot to bring home the file and had to study then. so unlucky. then i revised chinese spelling during geography lesson. i forgot to study at home. talk about bad memory. then eng lesson we had spelling. it was very easy. i expected to get 10/10 again. lin lao shi was supposed to come at recess to test us. but she did not. that shortie, cannot be trusted. so in the end, recess is dedicated to revising chinese spelling. li min and i tested each other. i turned out to rememeber lots of words. very good.

then chemistry test was quite hard. then literature i did not do finish the worksheet! i did not know that there were two sides! dang. ms wong asked does who copied; did not do; did not finish; lost; did not bring the worksheet to meet her aft sch. aft assembly.

assembly: yue li and some girls did not want to go to the front of the queue. the girls are supposed to. but they jus dun want to. then yue li dun listen argue with junneng. then yang yi come and side yue li. then other councillors come and ask them to move then they move. talk about stubborn. last week also like tt, yue li should be sitting in fron while jie min behind, but yue li decided not to. idiotic.

aft sch: miss wong told us to copy" i will not forget to bring and do my work at all times." on all the lines on a piece of foolscap. wang jun and chiho both very pissed off at xiaotian, cos he copied but did not get caught. then jia xin also. i was not angry with xiaotian, cos if i were in his shoes, i would not have owned up too :P. aft i copied finish, i handed it in to miss wong and went back to class to play some songs. then xiaotian and i went back home.

i think yue li should set a good example for the class to follow. she should do what she is supposed to. and if this is considered a negative comment, nobody should say" If you so smart, you be chairman la" to me. anyone who says this is very irresponsible. imagine this scenario: a pissed of customer is unhappy with a product as it was defective. she called the producer, but the producer said" If you are not happy, you so smart come and make product la!"

given the above scenario, do u think what i have typed is true? and do not come asking me to be chairman. i am a lazy person.